Cosmetic sodium hyaluronate

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KUMAR ORGANIC PRODUCTS LIMITED Ingredients for us BIO/002/2012-13 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18 th Sep 2012

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  • 1. KUMAR ORGANIC PRODUCTS LIMITEDIngredients for usBIO/002/2012-13 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18th Sep 2012

2. SODIUM HYALURONATE (KOPURON) Cosmetic gradeBIO/002/2012-13 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18th Sep 2012 3. Sodium Hyaluronate - Identification INCI name: Sodium hyaluronate CAS No. 9057-32-7 Product name: Poly-(sodium-b-D-glucuronate-[1-3}- N-acetyl-D-glucosamine-[1-4]Other names: Hyaluronic acid, Hyaluron, Hyaluronan EINECS/ELNICS: 232-678-0 BIO/002/2012-13Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar18th Sep 2012 4. Sodium Hyaluronate - StructureSodium hyaluronate Is a linear chain muco-polysaccharide composed ofdisaccharide units formed from D-glucuronic acid & N acetylglucosamineheld together by 1,3 linkagesBIO/002/2012-13 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18th Sep 2012 5. Source Fermentation: Streptococcus equi, subsp.Bacterial strain, non-haemolytic Non-GMONo animal products used during the manufacturing processBIO/001/2012-13 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18th Sep 2012 6. Process Flow DiagramBIO/001/2012-13 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18th Sep 2012 7. Sodium Hyaluronate - specificationS.No.TestsSpecification1.Appearance White powder or granulesTransparency of 0.1% aqueous NLT 99.5%2.solution3.Loss on drying NMT 20%4.Residue on IgnitionNMT 20%5.pH (0.1% aqueous solution) 5.0 8.06.Protein contentNMT 0.1%7.Glucuronic acid44 50 %8.Sodium Hyaluronate 93 103 %9.Molecular weight 1.0 1.6 MDa10. Total bacterial countNMT 100 cfu/g BIO/001/2012-13Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar18th Sep 2012 8. Sodium hyaluronate in the body Hyaluronic acid significant constituent of human skin,connective tissue, lubricant in joints, vitreous humor of the eyeBIO/002/2012-13 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18th Sep 2012 9. Sodium Hyaluronate Skin has 10 to 20 % water As we age, water is lost & the skin appears dry & wrinkled Great ability to hold water 1000 times its weight Forms a film on the surface of skin to moisturize Smoothens the skin anti-wrinkle effects 0.025% Kopuron Max: Skin Moisturizing Effect2520 15 105 0 % H n o d s e c a y rBIO/002/2012-13 t I i 15 3060 120 180 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 240 300 Time (mins) 360 18th Sep 2012 10. Sodium Hyaluronate Comparison between Sodium hyaluronate & other moisturizers under identical conditions Kopuron MaxSorbitol GlycerineSodium pyrrolidone cyboxylate 0 5 1015 20 2530 35 40Hydration Increase % BIO/002/2012-13Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar18th Sep 2012 11. Sodium Hyaluronate Moisturizing property used in cosmetics for sun care, skin care,repair, lipsticks, pre & after shave, cleansers, hair care, etc. BIO/002/2012-13Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar18th Sep 2012 12. Sodium hyaluronateTransparency of 1 % aqueous solution of Sodium hyaluronatewas measured at 660 nm transparency of 99.99 % was measured very transparent ideal for cosmetic applications 100806040 20 % A n o b e c a s r 0 400 nm600 nm BIO/002/2012-13Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar18th Sep 2012 13. Sodium HyaluronateHeat Stability Aqueous solution of Sodium hyaluronate wasincubated at different temperatures for different times.Corresponding changes in kinematic viscosity were measured.Sodium hyaluronate is stable at temperatures lower than 80 CKopuron Max: Heat Stability 60 50 4060 deg C 3080 deg C 90 deg C 20 10 m K V n o e y s c a t i 00 15 3045 60 75 90BIO/002/2012-13Time (mins)Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18th Sep 2012 14. Sodium Hyaluronate Sodium hyaluronates moisturizing property demonstrated inlip sticks using corneum hydration measurements. Hydrationincreases with Kopuron Max BIO/002/2012-13Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar18th Sep 2012 15. Sodium Hyaluronate Sodium hyaluronate in lipsticks decreases trans epidermalwater loss (TEWL). Kopuron reduces TEWL. BIO/002/2012-13Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar18th Sep 2012 16. SODIUM HYALURONATEBiodegradable & eco-friendlySodium hyaluronate is completely naturalProduced by bacterial fermentationGreen technologyBIO/002/2012-13 Dr. Lakshmi Sridhar 18th Sep 2012