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Company’s Profile Regional Development Company of Parnonas Leonidion Arcadia, P.O. 22300 Τel. 2757022807 Fax. 2757023230 Site: Email: [email protected]

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  • Company’s Profile

    Regional Development Company of Parnonas

    Leonidion Arcadia, P.O. 22300

    Τel. 2757022807

    Fax. 2757023230


    Email: [email protected][email protected]



    The Regional Development Company of Parnonas (PARNONAS S.A.) was established on 26.9.1995

    (Government Gazette 5854/10.11.95) and took the form of a Company whose main purpose is the

    economic and cultural development of Parnonas area.


    The company is a local agreement of regional bodies for the strategy and the content of integrated

    development, through a vibrant partnership. This is achieved operationally through the

    establishment of a scientific mechanism which designs and implements the Company’s activities and

    projects. The resources for the implementation of the design come from co-financed projects and

    programs and also from the development of the sector which provides services and conducts studies

    for the Company’s shareholders.

    The aims of the company are:

    The scientific and technical support of local authorities and their associations and also the

    support of decentralized state administration.

    The promotion of entrepreneurial, economic and sustainable development of the Local

    Authorities as well as of the wider area

    The development of environmental protection activities

    The participation in programs and the implementation of relevant policies at inter-municipal

    level or in a wider geographic area.

    The main sectors of the company’s activity are related to the planning, designing, implementation

    and maturation of Programs financed from ESI (European Structural and Investment) funds,

    integrated rural development, protection and management of the natural environment, and the

    implementation of social policy actions and the display of promotion measures.


    The company operates throughout in the Region of Peloponnese and for the integrated rural

    development programs in East Peloponnese at 12 Municipalities and 3 Counties.

    The region of Εastern Peloponnese is characterized by an interesting landscape, which is

    characterized by a temperate climate, a significant number of rural regions of production

    (agriculture, fisheries), a large number of statutory protected areas, land and sea areas NATURA

    2000, remarkable flora - fauna, accessible caves - canyons, rich history, great cultural heritage,

    extensive network of traditional settlements and culture-information centers.

    Picture 1: Intervention area of Regional Development Company of Parnonas and Boundaries of protected areas

    in Southeastern Peloponnese


    The Company's income is derived from:

    The implementation and management of National and Community Programs.

    The provision of technical support services for local authorities and regional bodies.

    Studies, development projects and service projects in local government and other public


    Today the Company's share capital amounts to 1.250.427, 40 € and is divided into 42.604 equities

    with a nominal value of 29, 35€ each. The Company's turnover on average the last three years,

    exceeds the 1.100.000€ per year.

    The shareholders of the company are: The District of Peloponnese, Municipalities of the area,

    Champers, Associations, Agricultural Cooperatives and Regional Association of Peloponnese’s




    The Development Company of Region Parnon S.A. has a basic staff of 38 people, 22 permanent and

    16 external partners in various specializations such as engineers, environmentalists, geologists-

    environmentalists etc., in order to provide advice, transfer the knowledge and prepare specialized

    studies for the Technical Support of Local Authorities.

    22 permanent staff 16 external partners

    2 Environmentalists, 1 Agriculturist, 4 Economists, 1 Financial Advisor, 2 Civil Engineers, 1 Mechanical Engineer, 1 Chemical Engineer, 2 Engineers of Technological Education, 1 Physicist, 1 Lawyer, 1 Management Employee of Technological Education, 2 Management Employees, 2 Employees, 1 Cleaner

    3 Civil Engineers, 3 Mechanical Engineers, 2 Rural & Surveying Engineers, 1 Chemical Engineer, 2 Architects, 1 Environmental Engineer, 3 Geologists-Environmentalists, 1 Technical Consultant


    Since 2003 the Company has implemented a Quality Management System

    (ISO) 9001:2008, which contributes to the continuous improvement of the

    level of the Company’s provisions of services, the improvement of its

    internal organization, the improvement and upgrading of its human

    resources both in organizational matters and matters of knowledge and

    finally the improvement of its image both in its inside and outside environment. For the

    programming period 2014-2020, the Company meets the requirements of potential beneficiaries of

    the management capacity NSRF 2014 - 2020 and in particular the requirements for administrative

    capacity through the ISO 9001 certification.


    The Regional Development Company of Parnonas has implemented programs with objectives

    focused on the unique characteristics value, on the wide range of sectors processing agricultural

    products, on the environment, culture and history. Through its activities, the Company contributes to

    local development, in cooperation with local socio-economic factors in rural areas, in tourism, in

    public administration on the interface level and on promotion of the environment and culture.

    A. Programs/ Projects implemented during the period 1994-2001

    The company during the second programming period implemented the Community Initiative

    LEADER II with budget of 7.174.869,00 €. The aim of the project was the integrated rural

    development of the region of Parnonas, through the development of complementary and alternative

    economic activities associated with agriculture. Also, it aimed at the qualitative upgrading of the

    character of the region (cultural tradition, the natural environment and architectural heritage).

  • B. Programs/ Projects implemented during the period 2000-2006

    The Company, during the third programming period implemented projects and programs on rural

    development, environment, social cohesion and employment with a total budget of 23.557.696,83 €.

    More specific implemented the Community Initiative LEADER+ entitled “Eco-development of

    Southeastern Peloponnese” with budget of 7.398.006,00 €.

    Other programs/ projects were financed from European Social Funds (ESF) such as “Home Care”,

    Community Programmes EQUAL and Technical & Scientific support of Local Authorities.

    C. Fourth Programming Period 2007-2013

    The Development Company of Parnonas during the Fourth Programming Period (2007-2013) actively

    participated in working meetings in the framework of the National Strategic Development Plan 2007-

    2013 and also in development conferences at regional and national level. Furthermore the

    executives of the Company participated in consultations with local government bodies of the local

    economy. The company implemented projects on agricultural development such as the Local

    LEADER Program entitled “Eastern Peloponnese: From Eco-development to Innovation”, with

    budget of 10.607.000,00 €, and other programs/ projects related to the promotion of employment,

    tourism, culture and technical support to the local authorities.

    C.1 Network for Employment in East Peloponnese

    The Development Company of Parnonas was the coordinating partner of the

    Development Partnership "Network for Employment in East Peloponnese".

    The Development Partnership implemented integrated intervention actions

    for the region of East Peloponnese, focused on supporting the beneficiaries

    on the supply and demand of a labor. The project aimed to boost the employment, combat the

    unemployment, to integrate the vulnerable social groups, to the local development and social

    cohesion. The total budget of these actions 440.000,00€ and the funding source is the European

    Social Fund (ESF). More Information:

    C.2 Local Network for Employment in East Peloponnese

    The Development Company of Parnonas is the coordinating partner of the

    Development Partnership "Social Network for Employment in East

    Peloponnese". The partners of this network implemented individual

    actions such as training programs for beneficiaries, electronic and physical

    networking between actors, counseling of beneficiaries and enterprises

    and preparation of business plans with the ultimate aim of ensuring job

    creation. The total budget of these programs is 315.000, 00€ and the funding source is the European

    Social Fund (ESF). More Information:


    A. Cooperation projects

    The company, working with National Rural Networks and participating in transnational and inter-

    territorial cooperation, has implemented the following projects:

  • Under Measure 421 "Inter-territorial and Transnational Cooperation", of the local LEADER

    Programme, the LAG Parnon has designed, submit funding folder and coordinate four cooperation

    projects, two of which have been completed.

    1. Inter-regional cooperation "Finest Greek Tastes" (LEADER)

    The cooperation has been designed and coordinated by Parnonas S.A. and

    funded by the LEADER program. The above plan concerns the nomination of fine

    cuisine with recognized certified (PDO, PGI) and fine products from every region

    of Greece, in order to elevate the culinary tradition for the benefit of the rural

    economy and tourism. A long-term planning implementation tool will be the

    Network "Fine Greek Tastes", which will set the TABs and productive institutions

    of Greece. More Information:

    2. Inter-regional cooperation "ISLAND PELOPONNESE" (LEADER)

    The project aims at highlighting the identity of the single

    geographical Peloponnese Region as European economic, social and

    cultural development. Five Development Companies of Peloponnese

    participated in the project.

    The objectives of the project are:

    The utilization of assets of three representative areas of Peloponnese (wine sector, olive and

    olive oil sector and culture sector) and their interconnection with the geographical


    The use and promotion of existing relevant infrastructure, events, alternative forms of

    tourism and other resources,

    The support of the promotional effort and the branding of Regions of Peloponnese and

    Western Greece.

    3. Transnational Cooperation Project “PARKS PROTECTION II: Management, Protection and

    Economic Development in Protected Areas" (LEADER)

    The transnational cooperation project had as its main objective

    the development of economic activities through educational

    tourism in important protected natural environment zones. The

    strategy to achieve the main goal of the Project primarily related

    to actions, was the implementation of a training week in each area, the creation of training

    material and implementation of educational tour. Also the program could be viewed through a

    website and e-brochure and the results of the Plan were disseminated and evaluated through the

    implementation of the Plan presentation event. Project partners were: Parnonas S.A., "Dobele

    District Rural Partnership" (LAG Latvia) and "Northumberland Coast and Lowlands" (LAG


    More Information:

  • 4. Transnational Cooperation Project "Short Mediterranean Stories (SMS): Action of culture,

    gastronomy and art in the Mediterranean" (LEADER)

    The transnational cooperation plan, aimed at creating a common cultural

    action for the peoples of the Mediterranean, through the emergence of areas

    that have important cultural and gastronomic stock and interesting natural

    and social environment. The ultimate goal was the establishment of

    institutions and events in the participating regions and the effective

    networking of regions through the development of partnerships and

    exchanges. The main tool for the implementation of these was the establishment of the Network

    "Short Mediterranean Stories", which were members of the project partners, whose actions

    aimed at highlighting the areas involved in the project and therefore contributed to the

    promotion of tourism, gastronomy and culture of each region.

    The Project partners were: Parnonas S.A., Dimosynetairistiki Company Evros S.A., Gal Valle Del

    Crocchio (LAG Italy). More Information:

    Transnational Cooperation Project “Eurovillages - Network of European


    The aim of this project is the development of an authentic, high-quality

    tourism in Europe, in terms of sustainability and with respect to the

    environment. Special emphasis is given in order to develop an integrated

    package which includes the accommodation and the local gastronomy combined with the use of

    local, pure traditional products and generally discovering the values of life in the countryside.

    More Information:

    B. Enhancement of Cultural Heritage projects

    The company has organized actions that enhance and promote the Cultural Heritage of the area

    or general. Indicatively:

    1. Melitzazz festival

    Melitzazz festival is a colorful, multi-national gathering of cultures, in

    the capital of Tsakonia, Leonidio. Invited artists and chefs convey the

    atmosphere of their homeland, contributing to the celebration with

    music, dance, culture and tastes. Different events take place in the

    streets, at squares and in the chateaus of the picturesque traditional village of Leonidio.

    Numerous open stages are set up throughout the city of Leonidio, the streets are transformed

    into open air bars and street food reaches a new dimension, where music and dances tangle with

    scents and flavors of local and international gastronomy.The festival is dedicated to the

    famous PDO Tsakonian eggplant of Leonidio. Leonidio and Tsakonia celebrate, highlighting their

    rare qualities, the Tsakonian language with its foundations in the Doric dialect, the Tsakonian

    dance with its roots being in the myths of Apollo, the local tradition, hospitality and excellent

    natural environment. The theme of the festival, inspired by hosted cultures, includes dances and

    music from rebetiko, oriental, flamenco and Serbian brass, to gypsy swing, jazz, Balkan, Cyprus,

    tarantella, operetta and many more. More Information:

  • 2. Festival of Peloponnese

    The festival of Peloponnese had as its object the organization and realization of a

    Festival with the aim to establish an institution that creates cultural events at local,

    regional, national and international level in the region of Peloponnese. It concerns

    the support of local culture structures as well as the preparation of a program with

    culture events ranging from the level of municipality to the Regional Unit of the

    Region, making Peloponnese a place of culture production with a national and international scope.

    3. Estella Festival

    The Estella festival has been included as part of events in archaeological sites and

    museums in Greece of the Central Archaeological Council and the Ministry of Culture,

    Education & Religious Affairs. The festival is funded by the local LEADER program of

    Parnonas S.A. and takes place in Astros (North Kynouria) and its old castle named

    “Estella”. More Information:


    Under submission of the Local Strategic CLLD / LEADER 2014-2020 of the Ministry of Rural

    Development and Food, it was approved the Local Program of LAG Parnonas entitled “Eastern

    Peloponnese. Biosphere Reserve and Business Innovation Zones”, total public expenditure budget

    11.700.000 €. The program will include activities of private and public interest, financed by the

    European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and European Maritime and Fisheries

    Fund (EMFF).

    Aims of the Local Program

    1. The emergence of local identity with the identification, management and development of

    "Biosphere Reserve", to improve the quality of life and the creation of tourism destination


    2. The promotion of local entrepreneurship with the cooperation, transfer of knowledge and

    strengthening of innovation and extroversion.

    The vision of Parnonas S.A. reflected briefly as follows: "We create biosphere reserve and business

    innovation zones in East Peloponnese - Facing the economic crisis by investing in knowledge and

    create jobs and collective social goods"

    Proposed Biosphere Reserve Mount Parnonas – Cape Malea

    From 1997 until now, interventions have been carried out as an initiative of local communities for

    the period 1997-2000 while in the course, the design is molded into a six-year time horizon with

    central aim: the period 2000-2006 the eco-development of the South Peloponnese, the period 2007

    – 2013 the eco-development and innovation in the Eastern Peloponnese. Today in an attempt to

    promote the relationship between man and biosphere, a new program designed until 2020, with

    central axis the Biosphere Reserves target in the eastern Peloponnese.

  • The region of Eastern Peloponnese including valuable nature elements, culture and productive

    activities in the area of intervention, may be a new Biosphere Reserve in Greece.

    Combined with the management and conservation of the landscape of the Protected areas and the

    preservation of diachronic Cultural wealth (local dialect, customs, local products etc.) this

    coexistence of human culture and nature is ready to receive international recognition and become

    part of a network of similar important regions. The proposed Biosphere Reserve covers approximately

    320000 ha and has about 45000 inhabitants.

    Proposed Biosphere Reserve

    For more information about our region (products, archeological sites, NATURA 2000 sites,

    wildlife refuges, traditional settlements, and etc), view the map here or follow the link:

    View 3 alternative projects that were implemented by the LAG Parnonas here or follow the