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Transcript of COMPANY PROFILE - SCCA Advisory ¢©â€IoT B2B solutions primarily focusing on...


  • Table of contents

    • History-establishment

    • Core building blocks ( R.kyioshaki’s Β-Ι triangle)

    • Our Mission

    • Strategy

    • Lines of Business – Sectors – Partnerships

    • Customers

    • Offices

    • Looking in to the future-opportunities

  • The IoT (Internet Of Things) is a fairly new and dynamic field in IT business. There are tremendous opportunities arising that have to do with dynamic business transformation and a totally new end customer experience across various business segments. This is a new and “disruptive “ technology that changes the way business is done.

    SCCA Advisory Ltd was established in January of 2018 by a group of dynamic executive consultants who joint forces to walk along to business success and to explore the new IoT opportunities that arise constantly in various vertical business environments.

    Company was established in Cyprus and explores various IoT opportunities across the EMEA region.

    In parallel company has certified instructors is an established Certified Training Center for the largest vendors in IT industry and offers a broad range of courses and certification path training through classroom or e-learing services.

    History – Establishment

  • The Robert Kyioshaki Β-Ι triangle on building a strong company

    Core building blocks

  • Our Commitment

    We commit ourselves to be a leader in:

    ☑ IoT vertical solutions implementation focusing on beacon technology proximity marketing and analytics -closed as well as open networks

    ☑ Implementation of large scale analytics solutions based on NODES technology –closed as well as open networks

    ☑ Professional and education and training Services in IoT and PrAAS (Proximity As A Service) as well as application development sectors

    ☑ ICT Training & Certification in the IT industry

    Through our established strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, we are dedicated to offering our customers a wide range of solutions, services and channel enablement backed by knowledgeable support, competitive pricing and superior service.

    Our Mission

  • Strategy

    Our strategy is based in a simple principle:

    We work with leading suppliers and we serve our customer needs and deliver tangible value to their business

    With a focus on pure value-added distribution and solutions provision/implementation, SCCA Advisory Ltd has the global backup and local experience to deliver a superior level of service, support, logistics and competitive pricing to the marketplace.

  • *Daily, weekly, monthly, monitoring KPIs

    The Strategy (9P two fold strategy, Behavior and execution)*

    Strategy Continued – Company Business DNA





    Plan before Pledge

    Perform as Planned

    Prioritize company first

    Practice improving every dayPIONNER

  • ☑ IoT B2B solutions primarily focusing on beacon technology. Delivering tested and established IoT solutions in various business sectors. This enables our customers to see tangible value in their line of business immediately.

    ☑ Large scale Analytics and Proximity marketing technology solutions based on NODES technology. We deliver this through B2B RTM.

    ☑ ICT Training & Certification for the largest IT vendors in the industry.

    ☑ Professional services in IoT and Analytics and PrAAS (Proximity As A Service) as well as application development sectors. We enhance our solutions with professional services (IoT, ITS, beacon fleet management services, Education and training services on PrAAS platform and Data Analytics and reporting , Content management services, Mobile workforce services, Hardware Maintenance services, warranty expansion and deployment services) thus we provide our customer with a total end to end solution so that they remain immediately and constantly productive. We offer application development services with a group of certified professionals and software engineers of the company. This includes Java &.Net development, application development & hosting, Azure & Microsoft BI / Dynamics .

    Lines Of Business – Sectors – Partnerships

    Vertical IoT


    Large scale analytics


    ICT Training & Certification

    Largest IT vendors in the industry

    Professional services

  • Vertical IoT ICT Training & CertificationLarge scale analytics



  • ☑ Telcos

    ☑ Media shops

    ☑ Retail chains

    ☑ Super Markets and retail food & beverages sector , clothing shops

    ☑ Shopping malls with various kinds of stores

    ☑ Smart cities ,districts

    ☑ Taxi unions

    ☑ Contextual Digital Signage

    ☑ Museums , Events, Tourism industry

    ☑ Mobile workforce management for various companies ( facility companies, fleet management , security companies etc )

    Prospective Customers

  • Offices


    S C C A A d v i s o r y L t d Synchronous Consulting Customer Analytics Advisory

    18 Kyriakou Matsi St. 2nd floor  Engomi 2408, Nicosia, Cyprus 

  • ☑ Expand business operations in broad EMEA region

    ☑ Open network development

    ☑ Expand in various IoT projects apart from beacon/nodes technology

    Looking Into The Future Goals

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