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COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Stakeholders, channels, UR, Tracking

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  • 1. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Stakeholders, channels, UR, Tracking

2. Stakeholders Students Customers Promoters Professors Promoters University Promoters NGOs Customers Promoters Companies Customers Promoters recruitment ! 3. CHANNELS Simulation: Describe a person that came in the office what is AIESEC Try again by just telling me your story and your why. 4. Physical Online Events AIESEC site YouTube channel external newsletters Facebook page UNI NGOs 5. Famous channels 6. Lets go one by one Events Check the event reports to take insights. Generally they should be promoted at least 1,5-2 weeks before and be well organized and attractive. The more events you have, the more visibility you gain. You can engage partners, professors, DASTA and anything that can be appealing to your students market. Give them a reason to come. Flyers / Magazines Important promotion material! Order enough from the MC, its a good investment. Persuade the VP Finance to take as much as possible! Give it out to students, leave some at classrooms, have some in events, spread them in the university! *GCP: Aristotelis Posters Put them around in the university. Take a walk to the focus departments, find the strategic spots and put the damn posters there! Make sure that people will see them and notice them! Be careful of Cleaners! :p Uni NGOs Find ALL the NGOs that run in the university. Their members are active volunteers and potential members/EPs. Plus, you want partnerships with them. You can participate in their events and gain visibility 7. Lets go one by one Secretaries Can become a great partner! You must have a great relationship with them. Usually they can promote your message through: 1.anartisi in announcement board, 2.uni site publication, to dept. students, 4.announcement to portal grads. Keep in mind that for some things (or maybe all) you should have permission from Kosmiteia. Classrooms All about innovation, new ideas. People are board from the transitional way. We should get over it, we are boring. Forget the old school way! Its time to do something different. Let yourself free and innovate. Maybe share your personal story! Think of activities you can do in classrooms to get their attention, to make them find the relevance from what they study. Professors have a key role, make them your partner! *Check the flow of a visit with professor file. *GCP: Marketing Plan Stands Again you should find something smart to take their attention. I would suggest you to make aisthiti tin parousia sas, not just stand there with a small poster. Put on your smile and talk about your experience. 8. Lets go one by one Facebook page A strong and important channel. You have to be careful on how to use it. Since many people see you through Facebook, its your chance to build your image or ruin it. Be always globally aligned (Brand Refreshment) on what you post, try to engage people. You WANT to cause interaction. You want comments/likes/shares, that will bring you visibility. Experiment things and dont waste this important channel. *Check the Facebook pages of all LCs, of @Greece and AIESEC International, what they post, how many likes/comments/shares their posts have. Try to take the good case practises and implement them! Facebook groups Another important channel. A bit different though. Here you should be really careful of spamming, dont overdo it, try to make few quality posts that will engage people. Expect trolling and try to keep a clever distance and reaction to it.*You can share there the posts of your page. Though, dont forget to use the unique selling points for each dept. Twitter page Can be proved useful tool, though its not that much used in AIESEC Greece. Check the potentiality and run it pilot! 9. Lets go one by one UNI Facebook page Its good to be used! Find who makes the posts and cooperate! You gain students trust and visibility if the university post something for you! External Newsletters Big power and nice example of legacy. Store all your databases into email lists (old applicants, interested people). If possible store them by program of interest. Then shoot them with newsletters. They will bite! Once per 1,5-2 weeks usually is okay. Try not to spam them, but keep them updated and engaged with the new opportunities. Portal Grads Usually all departments (even the whole university) has portal grads. There announcements for opportunities are posted, in order the department and university to keep in touch with their graduates and give them some opportunities to continue. AIESEC is definitely one! Trace them all! 10. Lets go one by one YouTube Channel Its good to have a YouTube channel as LC where you post all your videos. They can be stories from EP or interns, or promo videos, or whatever concerns your LC! University email This is something that is different in each university. Anyway, you should find and partner the person that is handling the what is sent to all students (announcements from Dean, opportunities etc) Then, you can send him AIESEC Opportunities and he can promote it with an email to all students of your university. University sites Strong and nice channel! Its having a publication in the departments website. Try to catch the student attention through the unique selling points you have for them. Dont try to explain AIESEC in a short announcement. Sell them the product and let them come to you. 11. Lets go one by one Media Many media (blogs, students sites) are handled by MC. But still, you should find local media, that appeal people from your area and make a publication there. Make partnerships like that, helps a lot in visibility which eventually bring more customers. AIESEC Site Crucial thing. You HAVE to keep it beautiful, attractive, informative and UPDATED! Adapt MCs information and be always aligned. Promote whatever you have locally. Its useful tool, with many visitors that you should find a way to convert them into applicants. University services S-t-r-a-t-e-g-i-c partnerships. You MUST find and cooperate with all of them. They are your buddies. They can be proved amazingly helpful. DASTA, MOKE are two beautiful examples. Create a strong partnership and be in contact! Use them of course to promote your products both online but also physically to students that come to their office. *GCP: In DASTA there is Grafeio Praktikis Askisis. This segment MUST know that you are offering an internship abroad so as them to inform the students that pass by there about your opportunity. Leave in their office some materials for them to spread to the students that pass by. 12. What is more attractive? Usually people want to know details. So, you have to provide them with details. Find what they like. Find truly Unique Selling Points! Catch their attention, dont just post a nice picture with nice view. There are already many of them on FB. Edit it! In order to be attractive you need for sure to know perfectly the national products and understand as well as possible the university reality! You have to tell them what they want to hear, but firstly you have to know what they want to hear! USP Details Urgency ! : 2 ! : 19 Call for action 13. Things to remember General Points In anything that you are posting, in any channel, after any discussion, dont forget to include a call for action. Lead the people that will read your post/announcement to the next step. Provide them a link with more information (from your site). Always be brand aligned. Always be careful of brand alerts. Always watch out for your image. Always keep in mind new visuals, logos. Before any recruitment, its good to gather all the team and brainstorm about promotion (what you will do). CRUCIAL: Put them into timeline together and set responsible. Use Mailchimp for newsletters (internal & external) Shape the PODIO Apps at your comfort. Dont forget to change the deadlines in your website. Do backwards planning. Watch the video to take an example. Do a PODIO training to all the teams that use it Always take pictures of your activities (LCM, Events, Office moments). You will need them! 14. UNIVERSITY RELATIONS Your field, your pool, your ace! 15. Change yo UR mind ELKE RecognitionProfessors Other NGOs Uni Services Kosmiteia Presidents Dean Team Key Uni people Cleaners! Free rooms Secretaries Uni mail Classrooms Endorsements Events Support 16. Having a strong .. Means Positioning in the university (You are the BOSS!) Things are more simple Effective and fast promotion Recognition (AIESECers have a stand) Having people to solve your problems Having people even fund your projects! (gatakia ERs!) A strong basis where you can stand, grow and ensure that things will go better & better Who doesnt want these? 17. Lets go one by one ELKE Study files about ELKE, in order to understand what it is. Find it in the university and try to partner with them. Get to know them, tell them your plan, let them guide you through the process. *Study the success of LC Athens in order to base upon that! Recognition Study the Student Guides of the departments you are interested in. Find the connection between your programs and their internship. Base upon them to make your recognition. *There are very helpful files, guides and examples you can study. Endorsements They may be simple, but they have the power to gain a prestige and trust. Ask for endorsements from professors, Uni services(DASTA), everyone! *You can see some examples that LCs did already! 18. Lets go one by one Professors Study files about how to approach a professor. They can be surprizing helpful to you, so keep a good partnership management. You cant imagine where they can seem useful! Kosmiteia They have the power! You should be careful with them. Try to establish a good cooperation. If they like you, you are a king! Upon their request you have many open doors! Approach as many of them as you can! Presidents They also have the power to open you easily many doors. They have to like you, persuade them that you are offering something extremely helpful and great for his/her students. Make and keep a strategic partnership. 19. Lets go one by one Secretaries Dude they are gold! Depending on how each department works, but usually they can offer you a lot of promotion channels (portal grads, announcement, emails, department site) plus you can book classrooms for your LCM, events or whatever. You have to find the secretaries that like you and take advantage of these partnerships! Cleaners! Dont laugh! They may also seem important! Except from cleaning your office, if they like you, they may let your posters untouched! Think of it ;) Key UNI people They are truly your buddy. They may or may not have a high position in the university but they have knowledge regarding how this university works. They can solve you any question you may have and boost you a lot. Still here? Go and find them! 20. Talking about UR Things are simple. You have to explore regarding UR.