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Place Branding - Istanbul: The most Inspiring City San Fransisco - The Paris of the West

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  • 1. CITY BRANDING The case of Istanbul & San Francisco

2. City branding branding. : perception () . city branding , . city branding. . . . . . . 3. Istanbul The most Inspiring City of the World 4. "Istanbul is a Muse" , , . 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. : ) ( , ), ) , ) , ) , ) , ) . 10. CITY BRANDING 2008 & (Globalization and World Rankings Research Institute) Alpha World City . 2010 . brand . city brand . 11. Banner & Logo of European Capital of Culture 2010 The most Inspiring City of the World Istanbul is a Muse 12. 2010, , branding , . . 13. Logos 14. ISTANBUL CONSTANTLY IN PROGRESS (Knowledge Metropolis). , (logistics) , , . , . , , media, Maslak Taxim Axis Kadikoy Pendik Axis. 15. Istanbul Constantly in Progress (Istanbul Constantly in Progress). branding (green goals) 2013 9 Forum on Forests . smart city 2013, (Smart Grid) (ICSG Istanbul 2013) : , , R&D, // , software , .. 16. Europes Leading Destination . Europes Leading Destination World Travel Awards, Oscar . 2/3 2012 2013, . 23,8% 2012 . branding . 17. , city branding , . . brand . , , ( , , ). 18. ISTANBUL A BRAND-NAME CITY IN ENTERTAINMENT Live , . 500% 10 . 85-90% . . , . 2 5.000 . 6.500 Ayazaa. 2014. 19. 19th Istanbul Jazz Festival 2012 U2 at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, 2010. Efes Pilsen One Love Festival 20. Promo Video 2010: : 2020: 21. SAN FRANCISCO The City by the Bay 22. "The Paris of the West" A place unique from the ground up because of its geography, landmarks, originality, traditions, cultures, tolerance, and diverse inhabitants. 23. Golden Gate Bridge 24. Cable Cars 25. Alcatraz 26. Golden Gate Park 27. China Town 28. The Valleys 29. The Silicon Valley 30. Logos San Franciscos seal reminds us of the citys beginnings as a port town which brought gold-hungry miners to the shores of California from all over the world. The Latin inscription reads: Gold in Peace, Iron in War 31. Official Logos and Visual Signs 32. Unofficial Logos 33. Transportation 34. City History through Street Art Keeping the hippie vibe alive and free in SF, by Megan Wilson (left); Looks like Tuppence a bag, but also paints a stunning portrait of something that San Franciscans see daily as part of the citys homeless culture, by Daniel Doherty (center-left); Americas gay capital does it right by Unknown Artist (center-right). 35. The Mayor Ed Lee 36. "Only In San Francisco" In June of 2004, the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau launched a new branding campaign developed by Eleven, an integrated brand marketing agency that came up with the tagline Only in San Francisco to try reestablish a new and improved brand identity. 37. North America's Greenest City Reuses 80% Of Its Waste In 2009 an ordinance mandating city-wide composting at all businesses and residences was passed. First-in-the-nation 2007 ban on non-compostable plastic bags to include almost all retailers in the city. In 2011 San Francisco voters were given the option to eliminate the monopoly Recology has held on virtually all aspects of the city's waste stream for the better part of a century and open up the system to competition. Office Market Conditions Investment Outlook Green Adoption & Implementation Local Mandates & Incentives State Energy Initiatives Green Culture 38. Here are the areas in which San Francisco was evaluated: 39. Smart City successful green initiatives, entrepreneurship, and healthy technology-based economy Smart phone penetration 70% Smart metering SFpark Electric Vehicles Urban EcoMap Paris and San Francisco signed a partnership in the field of Smart and Digital Cities. They have respectively chosen to support Inria (The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) and the CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society, UC Berkeley) to carry out joint research on the smart and sustainable city. 40. StartUpsThe downtown San Francisco neighbourhood South of Market, or Soma, and help the city climb out of the recession. Soma has become home to some of the most important companies in the new economy, such as Twitter and Dropbox, and many small startups hoping to challenge them. AngelList, a networking site for investors, now lists 5,249 tech startups in San Francisco, each worth $4.6m on average and offering an average salary of $105,000. The unemployment rate is just 4.8%, compared to 8.3% for California as a whole. Unemployment 41. 10.000-7.000 homeless people due to: IT industry // high house-prices cash payments, // Care not cash plan. mentally-ill homeless people // Deinstitutionalization movement in the 1950s // community-based treatment industrial crises of the 1970s and 80s mild climate redevelopment veterans natural disasters Negative Aspects: "The Homeless Capital" 42. "Is San Francisco losing its soul?" Zo Corbyn The Guardian Major galleries are closing due to high rents Gentrification (The restoration and upgrading of deteriorated urban property by middle-class or affluent people, often resulting in displacement of lower-income people. Displacement of lower-income residents in a neighborhood by higher-income residents, generally occurring when an older neighborhood is revitalized.) Silicon Valley is taking over the city hype- and capital-fuelled epicentre of America's technology industry VS artistic, bohemian place with a history of flowering counter-cultures In 2011, Mayor Ed Lee introduced tax breaks for Twitter and other tech companies to encourage them to settle in and revitalise the downtown San Francisco and help the city climb out of the recession San Francisco has become a bedroom city for people who work in Silicon Valley (median monthly rent is already the highest in the country ) Critics say that San Francisco's communities of alternative culture, ethnic or otherwise the soil of its creative mojo and legendary social movements are being turned into playgrounds for rich people If San Francisco's soul is its social and economic diversity and status as a refuge for those outside the mainstream, then it is being lost