Chapter 33 Alternating Current Circuits CHAPTER OUTLINE 33.1 AC Sources 33.2 Resistors in an AC...

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Transcript of Chapter 33 Alternating Current Circuits CHAPTER OUTLINE 33.1 AC Sources 33.2 Resistors in an AC...

  • Chapter 33Alternating Current Circuits

    CHAPTER OUTLINE33.1 AC Sources33.2 Resistors in an AC Circuit33.3 Inductors in an AC Circuit33.4 Capacitors in an AC Circuit33.5 The RLC Series Circuit33.6 Power in an AC Circuit33.7 Resonance in a Series RLC Circuit

  • 33.1 AC Sourceswhere Vmax is the maximum output voltage of the AC source, or the voltage amplitude.The angular frequency of the AC voltage is

  • 33.2 Resistors in an AC Circuit

  • The instantaneous voltage across the resistor isfor a sinusoidal applied voltage, the current in a resistor is always in phase with the voltage across the resistor.

  • The rms current is

  • The average power delivered to a resistor that carries an alternating current is

  • Example 33.1 What Is the rms Current?

  • 33.3 Inductors in an AC Circuit

  • we define L as the inductive reactance:so

  • the instantaneous voltage across the inductor is

  • Example 33.2 A Purely Inductive AC CircuitIn a purely inductive AC circuit, L = 25.0 mH and the rms voltage is 150 V. Calculate the inductive reactance and rms current in the circuit if the frequency is 60.0 Hz.

  • 33.4 Capacitors in an AC CircuitThe voltage across the capacitor:The instantaneous current in thecircuit:

  • The maximum currentcapacitive reactancethe instantaneous voltage across the capacitor

  • Example 33.3 A Purely Capacitive AC Circuit=2 f =377 s-1

  • The maximum voltage values across the elements:the current at all points in a series AC circuit has the same amplitude and phase.The instantaneous applied voltage is33.5 The RLC Series Circuit

  • The phase angle between the current and the voltage isimpedance

  • Example 33.5 Analyzing a Series RLC Circuit

  • The instantaneous voltages across the three elements as

  • 1- A 10-F capacitor is plugged into a 110 V-rms 60-Hz voltage source, with anammeter in series. What is the rms value of the current through the capacitor?a. 0.202 A (rms)b. 0.415 A (rms)c. 0.626 A (rms)d. 0.838 A (rms)e. 0.066 A (rms)2- If an R = 1-k resistor, a C = 1-F capacitor, and an L = 0.2-H inductor are connected in series with a V = 150 sin (377t) volts source, what is the maximum current delivered by the source?a. 0.007 Ab. 27 mAc. 54 mAd. 0.308 Ae. 0.34 A

  • 33.6 Power in an AC CircuitThe instantaneous power PThe average power delivered by the source is converted to internalenergy in the resistorNo power losses are associated with pure capacitors and pureinductors in an AC circuitIf

  • Example 33.6 Average Power in an RLC Series CircuitCalculate the average power delivered to the series RLCcircuit described in Example 33.5.

  • 33.7 Resonance in a Series RLC Circuit

  • Example 33.7 A Resonating Series RLC Circuit