CESR: the 1 st “B factory”

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CESR: the 1 st “B factory”. CLEO. Christmas 1979. New years 1979-80. B  m X. Spring 1980. CDC-muon chamber matching. Electron detection at CLEO . Electron event. Pb-gas Shower ctr. Cerenkov ctr mirror. TOF ctr. Electron Scan Sheet. maybe ”. Inclusive e’s at the ϒ (4S). Belle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of CESR: the 1 st “B factory”

  • CESR: the 1st B factory

  • CLEO

  • Christmas1979

  • New years 1979-80

  • Bm XSpring 1980

  • CDC-muon chamber matching

  • Electron detection at CLEO

  • ElectroneventCerenkovctr mirrorTOF ctrPb-gasShower ctr

  • Electron Scan Sheetmaybe

  • Inclusive es at the (4S)

  • emK

  • Electron PRLet al.,

  • Muon PRLMuonPRLet al.,

  • Tony, are you nuts? Look at this.We need millions of B and use them to search for mixing and CP violationThis took us six months!

  • Death ValleyTRISTAN

  • Lots of great colleagues

  • Many of whom joined Belle

  • And the rest, is history as they say,