Cat.No. Name Synonyms Size ... Cat.No. Name Synonyms Size CD0001 Recombinant Dermatophagoides P1...

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Transcript of Cat.No. Name Synonyms Size ... Cat.No. Name Synonyms Size CD0001 Recombinant Dermatophagoides P1...

  • Cat.No. Name Synonyms Size

    CD0001 Recombinant Dermatophagoides

    P1 Protein (Der-p1) Der-p1, Recombinant 100ug


    Recombinant Bovine

    Enterokinase Light Chain, Yeast-


    EK, Recombinant, Yeast-

    derived 100u

    CD0003 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    1 alpha IL-1α, Human 2ug

    CD0004 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    1 beta IL-1b, Human 2ug

    CD0005 Recombinant Human Thymic

    Stromal Lymphopoietin TSLP, Human 2ug

    CD0006 Recombinant Human Pigment

    Epithelium-derived Factor PEDF, Human 2ug

    CD0007 Recombinant Human Tumor

    Necrosis Factor-alpha TNF-α, Human 10ug

    CD0008 Recombinant Human B Cell

    Activating Factor Receptor BAFF Receptor, Human 10ug

    CD0009 Recombinant Human soluble

    CD40 Ligand sCD40 Ligand, Human 10ug

    CD0010 Recombinant Human Angiostatin Angiostatin, Human 10ug

    CD0011 Recombinant Human Acidic

    Fibroblast Growth Factor FGF-acidic, Human 10ug


    Recombinant Human

    Keratinocyte Growth Factor-


    FGF-7/KGF-1, Human 2ug

    CD0013 Recombinant Human LR3 Insulin-

    like Growth Factor-1

    LR3 IGF-1, Media Grade,

    Human 1mg

    CD0014 Recombinant Human Interferon-

    alpha1b IFN-α1b, Human 2ug

    CD0015 Interferon-α2b; human IFN-α2b

    (E. coli-derived)

    IFN-α2b, Human, E.coli-

    derived 20ug

    CD0016 Recombinant Human Interferon-

    alpha2b, Yeast

    IFN-α2b, Human, Yeast-

    derived 20ug

    CD0017 Interferon-Beta1b, humanIFN-

    beta1b IFN-β1b, Human 2ug

    CD0018 Recombinant Human Interferon-

    gamma IFN-γ, Human 20ug

    CD0019 Recombinant Human Glia

    Maturation Factor beta GMF-β, Human 2ug

  • CD0020 Recombinant Human Ciliary

    Neurotrophic Factor CNTF, Human 5ug

    CD0021 Recombinant Human Brain

    Natriuretic Peptide BNP, Human 20ug

    CD0022 Recombinant Human Neuregulin

    1-beta2 EGF-like domain NRG1-β2, Human 10ug


    Recombinant Human Receptor

    Tyrosine-protein Kinase ErbB-3


    ErbB3-f, Human 5ug

    CD0024 Recombinant Human Bone

    Morphogenetic Protein 2 BMP-2, Human 2ug

    CD0025 Recombinant Human

    Osteoprotegerin OPG, Human 10ug

    CD0026 Recombinant Human Beta-

    defensin 2 BD-2, Human 5ug

    CD0027 Recombinant Murine Interleukin-4 IL-4, Murine 5ug

    CD0028 Recombinant Murine Interleukin-

    10 IL-10, Murine 2ug

    CD0029 Recombinant Murine Tumor

    Necrosis Factor-alpha TNF-α, Murine 5ug

    CD0030 Recombinant Murine Basic

    Fibroblast Growth Factor FGF-basic, Murine 10ug

    CD0031 Recombinant Murine Epidermal

    Growth Factor EGF, Murine 100ug

    CD0032 Recombinant Murine Vascular

    Endothelial Growth Factor120 VEGF120, Murine 2ug

    CD0033 Recombinant Murine Vascular

    Endothelial Growth Factor165 VEGF165, Murine 2ug

    CD0034 Recombinant Murine Interferon-

    gamma IFN-γ, Murine 20ug

    CD0035 Recombinant Bovine Basic

    Fibroblast FGF-basic, Bovine 10ug

    CD0036 Recombinant Ovine Interferon-tau IFN-τ, Ovine 2ug

    CD0037 Recombinant Human Growth

    Regulated Protein/CXCL1 GRO-α/CXCL1, Human 5ug

    CD0038 Recombinant Human Growth

    Regulated Protein-beta/CXCL2 GRO-β/CXCL2, Human 2ug


    Recombinant Human Epithelial

    Derived Neutrophil Activating

    Protein 78, 5-78a.a./CXCL5

    ENA-78, 5-78 a.a./CXCL5,

    Human 5ug

    CD0040 Recombinant Human Neutrophil

    Activating Protein-2/CXCL7 NAP-2/CXCL7, Human 2ug


    Recombinant Human Monokine

    Induced by Interferon-


    MIG/CXCL9, Human 5ug

  • CD0042

    Recombinant Human gamma-

    Interferon Inducible Protein


    IP-10/CXCL10, Human 5ug

    CD0043 Recombinant Human I-

    TAC/CXCL11 I-TAC/CXCL11, Human 5ug

    CD0044 Recombinant Human Monocyte

    Chemotactic Protein 2/CCL8 MCP-2/CCL8, Human 2ug

    CD0045 Recombinant Human Monocyte

    Chemotactic Protein-4/CCL13 MCP-4/CCL13, Human 5ug


    Recombinant Human

    Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-


    MIP-5/CCL15, Human 5ug

    CD0047 Recombinant Human Liver-

    Expressed Chemokine/CCL16 LEC/CCL16, Human 5ug


    Recombinant Human

    Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-


    MIP-4/CCL18, Human 2ug


    Recombinant Human

    Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-

    3 alpha/CCL20

    MIP-3α/CCL20, Human 5ug

    CD0050 Recombinant Human Parathyroid

    Hormone 1-34 PTH1-34, Human 20ug

    CD0051 Recombinant Human Parathyroid

    Hormone 7-34 PTH7-34, Human 20ug

    CD0052 Recombinant Human Parathyroid

    Hormone 1-84 PTH1-84, Human 20ug


    Recombinant Murine Granulocyte-

    Macrophage Colony Stimulating


    GM-CSF, Murine 5ug

    CD0054 Recombinant Human

    Erythropoietin-alpha EPOα, Lyophilized, Human 500IU

    CD0055 Recombinant Canine Interleukin-3 IL-3, Canine 2ug

    CD0056 Recombinant Human B-Cell

    Maturation Antigen BCMA, Human 5ug

    CD0057 Recombinant Human Beta-

    defensin 3 BD-3, Human 5ug

    CD0058 Recombinant Human Beta-

    defensin 4 BD-4, Human 5ug

    CD0059 Recombinant Human Betacellulin Betacellulin, Human 5ug

    CD0060 Recombinant Murine Betacellulin Betacellulin, Murine 5ug

    CD0061 Recombinant Human Bone

    Morphogenetic Protein 7 BMP-7, Human 2ug

    CD0062 Recombinant Human DES1-3

    Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 DES1-3 IGF-1, Human 20ug

  • CD0063 Recombinant Rat Epidermal

    Growth Factor EGF, Rat 20ug


    Recombinant Human Endothelial-

    Monocyte Activating Polypeptide


    EMAP-II, Human 5ug

    CD0065 Recombinant Human Epigen Epigen, Human 5ug

    CD0066 Recombinant Human Epiregulin Epiregulin, Human 5ug

    CD0067 Recombinant Human

    Erythropoietin-Fc Chimera EPOα-Fc, Human 2ug

    CD0068 Recombinant Rat Basic Fibroblast

    Growth Factor FGF-basic, Rat 10ug

    CD0069 Recombinant Murine Keratinocyte

    Growth Factor-1/FGF-7 FGF-7/KGF-1, Murine 2ug

    CD0070 Recombinant Murine Fibroblast

    Growth Factor-8 FGF-8, Murine 5ug

    CD0071 Recombinant Human Fibroblast

    Growth Factor-9 FGF-9, Human 5ug

    CD0072 Recombinant Human Fibroblast

    Growth Factor-19 FGF-19, Human 5ug

    CD0073 Recombinant Human Fibroblast

    Growth Factor-21 FGF-21, Human 5ug


    Recombinant Rhesus Macaque

    Fms-related Tyrosine Kinase 3


    Flt-3 Ligand, Monkey 2ug


    Recombinant Rhesus Macaque

    Granulocyte Colony Stimulating


    G-CSF, Monkey 2ug


    Recombinant Rat Granulocyte-

    Macrophage Colony Stimulating


    GM-CSF, Rat 5ug


    Recombinant Canine Granulocyte-

    Macrophage Colony Stimulating


    GM-CSF, Canine 5ug


    Recombinant Rhesus Macaque

    Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony

    Stimulating Factor

    GM-CSF, Monkey 2ug

    CD0079 Recombinant Murine Glia

    Maturation Factor beta GMF-β, Murine 2ug

    CD0080 Recombinant Human Interferon-

    alpha2a IFN-α2a, Human 20ug

    CD0081 Recombinant Human Interferon-

    lambda1/Interleukin-29 IFN-λ1/IL-29, Human 5ug

    CD0082 Recombinant Human Insulin-like

    Growth Factor-1 IGF-1, Human 100ug

  • CD0083 Recombinant Rat Insulin-like

    Growth Factor 1 IGF-1, Rat 10ug

    CD0084 Recombinant Human Insulin-like

    Growth Factor-Binding Protein 3 IGF-BP3, Human 5ug

    CD0085 Recombinant Murine Interleukin-1

    Alpha IL-1α, Murine 2ug

    CD0086 Recombinant Murine Interleukin-1

    beta IL-1β, Murine 2ug

    CD0087 Recombinant Rat Interleukin-1

    beta IL-1β, Rat 2ug

    CD0088 Recombinant Rhesus macaque

    Interleukin 1 beta IL-1β, Monkey 2ug

    CD0089 Recombinant Murine Interleukin-2 IL-2, Murine 5ug

    CD0090 Recombinant Murine Interleukin-3 IL-3, Murine 2ug

    CD0091 Recombinant Rat Interleukin-3

    beta IL-3β, Rat 5ug

    CD0092 Recombinant Murine Interleukin-6 IL-6, Murine 2ug

    CD0093 Recombinant Rat Interleukin-6 IL-6, Rat 2ug

    CD0094 Recombinant Rhesus Macaque

    Interleukin-6 IL-6, Monkey 2ug

    CD0095 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    7 IL-7, Human 2ug

    CD0096 Recombinant Murine Interleukin-

    11 IL-11, Murine 2ug

    CD0097 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    12 IL-12, Human 2ug

    CD0098 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    13, Variant IL-13, Variant, Human 2ug

    CD0099 Recombinant Rat Interleukin 13 IL-13, Rat 2ug

    CD0100 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    17F IL-17F, Human 5ug

    CD0101 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    20 IL-20, Human 2ug

    CD0102 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    21 IL-21, Human 2ug

    CD0103 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    22 IL-22, Human 2ug

    CD0104 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    31 IL-31, Human 2ug

    CD0105 Recombinant Human Interleukin-

    33 IL-33, Human 2ug

    CD0106 Recombinant Human Leukemia

    Inhibitory Factor LIF, Human 5ug


    Recombinant Human