Calligraphy Calligraphy (from Ancient Greek: ¬»»‚ kallAncient Greek...

download Calligraphy Calligraphy (from Ancient Greek: ¬»»‚ kallAncient Greek ¬»»‚ os "beauty" + ³±†® graph ½ "writing") ³±†®

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Transcript of Calligraphy Calligraphy (from Ancient Greek: ¬»»‚ kallAncient Greek...

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  • Calligraphy Calligraphy (from Ancient Greek: kallAncient Greek os "beauty" + graph "writing")
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  • It is a type of visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering. Modern calligraphy ranges from functional hand-lettered inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the abstract expression of the handwritten mark may or may not compromise the legibility of the letters.
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  • Where can you find calligraphy? Invitations Announcements Awards Tattoos Stationary Baked Goods Graphic Design Graffiti Clothing & Accessories Signs & Labels Jewelry Wall Hangings, Graphics
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  • Rubber stamps Sandblasting Scarves Scrapbooking Scroll-cutting Scrolls Sidewalk chalk drawings Signature board Signs Silver engraving Stained glass Stationery Stone carving/inscriptions Table numbers Table runners Tableware Tattoos Tea cups Titles Tributes Trinket boxes T-shirts TV Shows Typography Vows Wall graphics Wall hangings Web design Window painting Wine labels Woodburning Address books Address stamps Animation Anniversary signs Announcements Art Art books Art gallery art signs Awards Baby/Birth Announcements Baby trees Badges Banners Batik Beads Birthday cards Birthday signs Body calligraphy Bookbinding Book covers Bookmarks Bookplates Books Bottles Bracelet - metal Broaches Broadsides Buffet signs Bulletins Business cards Buttons Cake topper Calendars Calligraffiti Calligrams Canvas Cards Certificates Chalkboard menus Chocolate Bar wrappers Christmas cards Christmas ornaments Citations Clutch or handbag Coasters Collage Cookbooks Cookies Cushions Custom Transcription Diplomas Embossed paper Embroidery designs Engraved Wine bottles Envelopes Envelope seals Fabric Printing Family trees Favor wraps Flower cards or tags Gift cards Gift tags Glass etching Glass stones - etched, engraved Goodie bags Gourds - painted or incised Graffiti Graphic design Greeting Cards Guest book inscription Handbag Headlines Illustrations Invitations Jewelry Journals Keepsake boxes Letterhead Logos Love letters Magnets Manuscripts Memorial documents Menus Monograms Movies Nametags Napkin rings Napkins Painted or stitched Paper cutting Paper embossing Paste paper Pewter engraving Photo signs Place cards Placemats Plaques Poetry Porcelain tiles Pottery Prints Product labels Programs Quilt blocks Ribbons Rings
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  • Calligrams A calligram is a poem, phrase, or words in which the calligraphy is arranged to create a visual image.
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  • Handwritten Signs
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  • Diplomas & Invitations
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  • Logo Design
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  • The earliest forms of calligraphy date back to cave-man paintings. Up until roughly 1440 AD, before the printing press was around, calligraphy was the way books and other publications were made. A scribe had to handwrite every individual copy of every book or publication. The handwriting was done with a quill and ink onto materials such as parchment or vellum. The lettering styles used throughout the ages include Rustic, Carolingian, Blackletter, etc. There are three main styles of calligraphy: Western or Roman Arabic Chinese or Oriental
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  • Japanese & Mongolian Calligraphy
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  • Japanese Calligraphy
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  • Islamic Calligraphy
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  • Leaf from Quran Page from an Oblong Tenth-Century Qur an Qur an leaf, in Arabic. Origin unknown, tenth Century. On vellum. This is a typical vellum page from an oblong Qur an.
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  • Roman Rustic Capitols Gothic
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  • Choosing a Font Create your own font Use Microsoft Word Free Font Download website HOMEWORK: Bring in a calligraphy style/font to work in. Must include entire capitol and lowercase alphabet, as well as, numbers 0-9