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  • Building a Solid Social Media Strategy Caroline Devereaux, AIABaltimore Katie Hitt, Assoc. AIA, AIA Dallas Sybil Walker Barnes, AIA National

  • Why create a social media strategy?

  • Without clear direction, social media can pull you in many different directions.

  • Clear goals and objectives can help your chapter avoid

    Wasted time Wasted effort Social media fatigue Missed opportunities

  • How do we decide what channels to use, or what people to engage, and what conversations to join?

  • social media strategy

  • Like all conversations, the key to effective social media use begins and ends with listening.

  • From . . .To . . .Back to . . .

  • Listen to yourself

  • What channels do you currently use?

  • What tone do these channels convey? Who is your intended target audience? Do these channels reach your targeted audience?

  • More important, Where do these channels fall short? Are there people you should be targeting but arent?

  • Who are you trying to reach?

    Social Technographics Ladder,TM Forrester Research Group, 2009

  • Asking questions Reminds you who you are and who you want to be

    Shows how social media can complement your overall mission

  • Listen to others

  • Start listening to

    Mentions of your chapter namePopular architectural sites Blog commentsOther AIA chapters Affiliate groups

  • Free Listening Tools

    Google AlertsPipesSocial MentionTwilertHootsuite

    Paid Listening Tools

    Radian6ScoutLabs (Lithium)Sprout SocialuberVUHootsuite

  • Youll discover

    Better understanding of your chapters online presenceOnline communities to joinTargeted members to engageValues you should promoteAttitudes you should change

  • Question 1:

    What do you want to achieve?

  • Do you want to

    Build better relationships?Raise awareness?Increase website traffic?Increase membership?

  • NotBecause every AIA chapter isWe need a Facebook pageIts cheap

  • Can you distill your social media down to one sentence?

  • Putting people before products.

  • Humanize the Ford brand and put consumers in touch with Ford employees.

  • Instill trust in the brand and highlight that the people behind the brand are parents too.

  • To make people happy.

  • Enhancing its service to members and heightening its visibility and impact in the region.

  • Connecting member and industry voices to inform, engage, and influence.

  • Engage with our members and create real relationships in a virtual world.

  • Thats your message.

    Have all your social media reflect it.

  • Question 2:What will success look like?

  • What can be measured?Blog postsReader commentsTwitter mentionsTwitter followersRetweetsFacebook friendsFacebook likes

    LinksInbound trafficClickthroughsVideo viewsApp downloadsSearch resultsRSS subscriptions

  • Whos Talking About It?

  • User Demographics

  • Question 3:Who will be responsible for reaching your goals?

  • Social media will never be a real part of your organization until its included in job descriptions and expectations.

  • But . . .

  • Ooops happen . . .

  • Question 4:Whats in it for your members?

  • Provide your members with

    InsightSneak peeksDiscountsSupportA good laugh

  • Question 5:Where do you go from here?

  • Key Principles

    Be transparentBe conversationalBuild trustDont ignore negativity

  • Questions for the presenters?

    Caroline Devereaux | 410.625.2585

    Katie Hitt, Assoc. AIA | 214.880.1506

    Sybil Walker Barnes | 202.626.7331

    Will add info about tools changing, not your social media message. Stay ahead of the curve. *