BPix CO 2 Cooling

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BPix CO 2 Cooling João Noite PH-CMX-DS

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BPix CO 2 Cooling. BPix Layer #4 Mockup. BPix Layer #4 Mockup Modification and Single-Phase Δ P at 15°C Operation. TT16. TT14. TT15. TT13. TT00. TT12. TT11. TT10. BPix Evaporator L = 4.52m ID = 1.62mm. CCU1 L = 2.18m ID = 1.82mm. V.A. V.A. +. +. -. -. Inlet. Outlet. MF00 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BPix CO2 CoolingJoo Noite PH-CMX-DS

BPix Layer #4 MockupJoo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 2

2BPix Layer #4 Mockup Modification and Single-Phase P at 15C OperationJoo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 3

Inlet CapillaryL = 1.86m ID = 0.73mmDC-DC EvaporatorL = 2.18m ID = 1.82mmOutlet LineL = 1.7m ID = 2.63mmCCU2L = 0.7m ID = 1.82mmCCU1L = 2.18m ID = 1.82mmBPix EvaporatorL = 4.52m ID = 1.62mmTT14TT15TT16TT13TT10TT11V.A-+V.A-+PT50MF00PT00TT00PT10InletOutletTT12

TT13 added for detectors inlet HTC measurement.

Single phase P tests for test setup validation.

Comparison shows very good agreement between measured and calculated.

Test setup fully validated.3+15C | NSB = 160W | 1.5g/sJoo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 4

-20C | IHL = 193W | 1.5g/sJoo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 5

Data Acquisition Nominal FlowJoo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 6

Data Acquisition Dryout FlowJoo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 7

HTC Comparison -20C vs +15CJoo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 8

Layer #4 | Flow Distribution 15C vs -20C Joo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 9

This exercise needs to be done for the remaining pixel layersB. Verlaat, J. Noite, Design Considerations of Long Length Evaporative CO2 Cooling Lines, 10th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants, Delft, The Netherlands, 2012.

Inlet Capillary SizingJoo Noite PH-CMX-DSSlide 10

First theoretical approximation of inlet capillary sizing for all the BPix cooling loops.

Optional 5 to 15bar total pressure drop in the circuit under nominal flow conditions.

Capillary ID and Length can be selected according to the available space at PP0.

Experimental results on Layer #4 indicate that theres a flow variation of 20% with 6bar pressure drop across the loop.

Extra pressure drop margin needs to be kept for flow balance at the manifolds level.

Due to manufacturing tolerances, capillary sizing must be tuned using experimental data.