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Oncecompleted,theKellerFountainwas famously pronouncedbyAdaLouiseHuxtable,the New York Timesarchitecturecricas,“themost important urbanspacesinceTheRenaissance.” Cars Buses StreetCar MAX SouthParkBlocks HalprinSequence WaterfrontPark PlazaBlocks CurrentStreets HighwayI-405 CurrentCityGrid VehicleTraffic

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Once completed, the Keller Fountain was famously pronounced by Ada Louise Huxtable, the New York Times architecture cric as, “the most important urban space since The Renaissance.”

The South Auditorium district in the 1950’s was a vibrant but poor immigrant neighborhood. By 1961 the newly formed Portland Development Commission was able to label the area as “blighted”. This cleared the way to tear down the exisng structures in the name of Urban Renewal. By 1963 all 110 acres had been wiped clean. 1,573 residents hadhad been displaced, 336 of which were families. A total of 445 structures were demolished including 5 synagogues. The new plan called for a Corbusian “Tower in the Park” model. It combined residenal, commercial and the famous Halprin superblock parks all in the same district.