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Big data & Food and agricultureOpportunities, Challenges and Requirements 27/2/20151our Societal

topics of relevance in

current WP: data spelled

current WP: data behind

relevant EC policy:

relevant other

G8 Open Data

early adopters getting readyGlobal Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition ( support global efforts to make agricultural and nutritionally relevant data available, accessible, and usable for unrestricted use brings together all stakeholders to solve long-standing global

policy making example: FADNFarm Accountancy Data Network (FADN): evaluating income of agricultural holdings & the impacts of Common Agricultural

PPP example: GFSPGlobal Food Safety Partnership ( scale up food safety capacity building and ensure that good and safe practices can reach everyone that is producing, processing and selling food around the

new business

an opportunity (?)

should we be here after 2016?what could we do?offer domain-specific Data Management support & recommendations to data owners? (or to running / upcoming H2020 projects?)facilitate aggregation, interlinking and mapping to foster innovation and support decision making?organise DG-specific workshops on domain-specific big data opportunities & challenges?incubate your domain-specific big data initiative or case study?more?www.big-data-europe.eufeel free to contact usNikos Manouselis, Agro-Know ( Pesce, FAO/GFAR (