BIGC: Annual Report 2006

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Annual Report 2006

Transcript of BIGC: Annual Report 2006

  • ------------------------------------------- 2Welcome to Big C 2549 ---------------------------------------------- 3Key Indicators for 2006 Performance ------------------------------ 4Message from the Chairman 2549 ------------------- 62006 Business Highlights --------------------------------------------------- 8Management ------ 29Honorary Chairman and Board ofDirectors ----------------------------------------- 30Executive Officers ----------------- 32Education and Working Experience ofDirectors and Executive Officers ------------------------------ 40Organization Structure -------------------------------------------- 41The Business of Big C/ -------------------------------- 48Big C Store Information

    ----------------------------------- 60Big C in the Community



    Annual Report 2006

    ------------------ 66Summary Financial Data

    -------------- 72Managements Discussion and Analysis

    ------------------ 82Board of Directors Report

    2549 -------------------------------------------- 83The Audit Committees Report for 2006

    ---------------------------- 87Financial Statements

    ----------------- 101Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

    ------------------------------------ 139Related Company Transactions

    --------------------------------------- 152Major Shareholders

    ----------------------------------------------- 154Subsidiaries

  • 2 ()( : BIGC) 2536

    14,000 49 25 24

    Founded in 1993, Big C Supercenter PLC (BIGC)is one of Thailands leading consumer retail operators.Under the name of Big C Supercenter, the companyoffers a wide variety of goods in modern retail outletsat very competitive prices. Operating under the conceptof More Than Just Low Prices, Big C is committedto delivering maximum value to our customers througha combination of low prices, wide selection, clean andefficient shopping environments and outstanding service.

    Big C employs over 14,000 staff from all regionsof the country. We operate 49 Supercenters nationwide,with 25 located in the greater Bangkok Metropolitanarea and 24 in provinces across Thailand. One ofthe companys central tenets is to be a good corporatecitizen that contributes to society while we benefit ourcustomers, employees and shareholders. To meet thisgoal, Big C supports a range of community and charitableactivities in the areas where we operate as well asthrough the Big C Foundation.

    Welcome to Big C

  • 3( : ) 2549 2548 29,956,178 28,896,719 15,453,472 15,168,571 14,502,706 13,728,148 65,700,136 59,578,094 2,123,624 1,882,774

    2549 2548 32 33 70 72 3.2 3.2 15 14.2 7.2 6.7 2.7 2.3 18.1 17.1

    (unit:Thousand Baht)2006 2005

    Total Assets 29,956,178 28,896,719Total Liabilities 15,453,472 15,168,571Total Equity 14,502,706 13,728,148Total Revenues 65,700,136 59,578,094Net income 2,123,624 1,882,774

    Financial Ratio 2006 2005Average inventory days 32 33Average account payable days 70 72Net profit margin 3.2 3.2Return on equity 15 14.2Return on asset 7.2 6.7Earning per share 2.7 2.3Net book value per share 18.1 17.1

    2549Key Indicators for 2006 Performance

  • 4Message from the Chairman

    2549 ()

    58,032.8 9.1% 53,194.5 2548 2,123.6 12.8 % 1,882.8 2548

    49 25 24 2550 4 6

    2006 was a challenging year for Big CSupercenter PLC, given the increasingly intensecompetitive environment, economic slowdown andpolitical uncertainty that reduced both consumerconfidence and spending. In spite of these adversefactors, Big C still managed to achieve solid financialgrowth and operational expansion. The Companycontinued to practice good corporate citizenship byway of social contributions, maintaining high-qualitystores and products and low-price leadership.

    In spite of the challenges outlined above,Big C successfully achieved its 2006 performancetargets. Sales were 58.03 billion baht, 9.1% up from53.19 billion baht in 2005. Net earnings grew 12.8%to 2.12 billion baht from 1.88 billion baht in 2005.This performance is attributable to effectiveimplementation of our marketing strategy thatresponded to consumer expectations, especiall yourvalue-based pricing strategy that suited the economicconditions. Our strong performance was also due tothe professionalism of our management team, efficientcost control, logistics development and IT & databaseupgrades.

    Currently, Big C operates 49stores nationwidecomprising 25 stores in Greater Bangkok area and24 in the provinces. Our 2007 business plan focuseson opening 4 new stores and renovating 6 existingstores to further enhance our nationwide network ofstores. In pursuance of its mission to stand side byside with the community, Big C remains committedto promoting and supporting the growth and prosperityof the local communities by making tax payments to

  • 5 2550 80


    ( )

    all local communities in which we operate our stores,hiring local employees and supporting provincial andcommunity-based activities.

    Big C also supports social activities of theBig C Foundation, with a special emphasis on providingeducation for needy children. Activities includeconstruction of school buildings, providing scholarshipsto students and donations of encyclopedias from theThai Junior Encyclopedia Project by Royal Commandof H.M. the King to schools in the areas where Big Coperates its stores. In 2007, the Big C Foundationwill launch Thai Childrens Reading Project, aiming toencourage children to appreciate the importance ofreading, with activities to be organized during 2007to celebrate His Majestys 80th Birthday Anniversary.

    Throughout its 13 years in business, Big Chas achieved steady financial growth and continuousexpansion. We look forward to continuing this positivetrend in the years ahead for the benefit of shareholders,employees, and the community at large. On thisoccasion, I would like to sincerely thank the Board ofDirectors, the management team, all employees, andour valued customers for their strong support. As aleading modern retailer, Big C is committed to placinga premium on offering services that meet the diverseneeds of consumers while also creating benefits tothe Thai economy and society.

    Mr. Suthichart ChirathivatChairman

  • 2549


    January: Big C organizes Free Trip toHong Kong Disneyland campaign to

    welcome Chinese New Year

    : ...

    February: Big C launches Free Flights forSummer Getaway campaign to help drive


    : 11


    February: Big C joins with partners in 11countries to export Thai products worth

    600 million baht

    : Only @ Big C

    March: Big C launches Only @ Big Csummer collection of house brand apparel


    April: Big C launches Shop and CallFree program to help customers save

    on prepaid mobile phone costs


    April: Big C and Ministry of Commercelaunch Blue Flag Back to School

    program to offer extra savings onschool supplies and clothing

    : 30


    May: Big C invests 30 million baht inShop and Kick campaign to celebrate

    World Cup 2006 fever


    May: Big C opens Phrae store


    June: Big C opens Ratchaburi store

  • : Only @ Big C

    March: Big C launches Only @ Big Csummer collection of house brand apparel

    2006 Business Highlights

    : Only @ Big C

    September: Big C receives Tax Man ofthe Year 2006 award from the Tax

    Research Center Instituteand Tax & Business Magazine as the bestwholesale and resale operator in Thailand

    October : Big C Opensstore Lam Lukka


    November: Big C launchesGet your wish at Big CPromotional campaign


    December: Big C opensPrachinburi store

    October : Big C launches [email protected] Big C winter collection of

    house brand apparel

    September: Big C launches Shop LaekJaek Baan campaign with the grand prize

    of a luxury house


    August: Big C signs MOU with SocialSecurity Office to help lower cost of

    living for Thai workers

    : ...

    : 13 100

    June: Big C celebrates 13th anniversaryby investing 100 million baht in

    marketing activities to thank customers

    July: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperativesgrants Big C Q-Mark certification for qualityassurance of agricultural and food products

    : Q

    : Tax Man of The Year 2006-

    Tax Research Tax & Business Magazing


  • 81.

    () () 49 25 24

    8,250 8,013 10 Geant International B.V


    3 ,


    13 1


    1. General InformationBig C Supercenter Public Company Limited operates

    in Thailand by doing business in the form of aHypermarket or Supercenter, which is a modern retailbusiness under the name of Big C Supercenter. Atpresent, Big C is managed under the roof of Big CSupercenter Public Company Limited and has a total of49 branches, divided into 25 branches in Bangkok andvicinity and 24 branches in Thailands provinces.

    The company has registered capital of 8,250 millionbaht, with paid-up shares of 8,013 million baht. Allshares are ordinary type with the par value at 10 baht.The major shareholder is Geant International B. V whichis a company in the Casino Group. The Casino Group isa well-known retailer at the international level based inFrance, and has investments in retail businesses in manycountries around the world.

    2. Management StructureThe Companys management structure is comprised

    of three management groups accompanying with theCompanys Board of Directors, the Audit Committee andthe Management as follows;

    2.1 The Companys Board of DirectorsThe Companys Board of Directors includes 13

    directors and one secretary in accordance with TheCompany Certification at the Ministry of Commerce. Theseinclude:

  • 9 1 ,

    , , 2 1 2 1.




    3 2/2549 16 2549

    The Companys Board of Directors1. Mr. Suthichart Chirathivat Chairman of the Board2. Mr. Tos Chirathivat Director3. Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon Director and Chairman of

    the Audit Committee4. General Winai Phattiyakul Director and Member of

    the Audit Committee5. Dr. Rongphol CharoenphandhuDirector and Member of

    the Audit Committee6. Mr. Yves Bernard Braibant Director7. Mr. John Sian Zu-Lin Director8. Mr. Viet Hung Do Director9. Mr. Thierry Bourgeron Director

    10. Mr. Jean-Michel Duhamel Director11. Mr. Xavier Michel Marie Jacques DESJOBERT Director12. Mr. Jacques Dominique Ehrmann Director13. Mr. Jean-Baptiste EMIN Director14. Miss Rumpa Kumhomreun Secretary

    The directors who are authorized to sign on behalf of theCompany are divided into two groups

    including Group 1 Mr. Yves Bernard Braibant,Mr. Xavier Michel Marie Jacques DESJOBERT, Mr. ThierryBourgeron and Mr. Jacques Dominique Ehrmann andGroup 2 Mr. Viet Hung Do, Mr. Tos Chirathivat andMr. Suthichart Chirathivat. Any member of Group 1 isauthorized to sign jointly with any member of Group 2,and affixed with the Companys seal.The powers and duties of the Companys Board ofDirectors1. To oversee the Companys business management and

    operations.2. To supervise and perform the duties as stated by laws,

    objectives, and the code of conduct of the Companyincluding the resolution of the shareholders meeting.

    3. To determine the policies and direction for theCompanys operation and to supervise the managementto strictly perform as stated in the policies with mostefficiency results in order to add the maximum economicvalue to the economy and the maximum benefits forthe shareholders.

    2.2 The Audit Committee and independent directorsThe term of office of the Audit Committee was

    extended by the Board of Directors meeting No.2/2006on February 16, 2006 The Board of Directors meeting

    1. 2. 3.


    5. .

    6. 7. - 8. 9.

    10. - 11. 12. 13. - 14.

  • 10


    1. 2. 3. .

    3 1.


    (Internal Control) (InternalAudit)








    resolved to approve three directors of the AuditCommittee and also independent directors including

    Names Positions1. Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon Chairman of the Audit Committee and Independent Director2. Gen.Winai PhattiyakulMember of the Audit Committee and Independent Director3. Dr. Rongphol CharoenphandhuMember of the Audit Committee and Independent Director

    The three members of the Audit Committee are theCompanys independent directors where the criterionof selection process was in line with the minimumrequirements determined by the Securities & ExchangeCommission.The powers and duties of the Audit Committee1. To check and ensure that the Companys

    financial statements has correct and adequatereport

    2. To check and ensure that the Companyhas appropriate and efficient internal controlsystem and internal audit system

    3. To check and ensure that the Companyoperates in conformity with the regulations ofthe Securities and Exchange Commission, theStock Exchange of Thailand, and other relatedregulations

    4. To review, select and propose the appointment andthe remuneration of the Companys auditor

    5. To consider that the disclosure of Companysinformation in the case of related transactionsor any particulars that may result in anytransactions with conflicts of interest has beencorrectly and completely reported

    6. To prepare the report regarding thecorporate governance supervision of the AuditCommittee and disclose it in the Companysannual report and this must be signed by theChairman of the Audit Committee

    7. To perform any other tasks as assigned bythe Companys Board of Directors, which mustbe approved by the Audit Committee

    2.3 The Management TeamCurrently, the Management Team, which manages

    and oversees the Company, is comprised of 10executives as follows;

  • 11

    / 1.











    Supply Chain Management9.


    The Management Team1. Mr. Yves Bernard Braibant

    Chief Executive Officer and President2. Mr. Frederic Borgoltz

    Executive Vice President, Operations3. Miss Rumpa Kumhomreun

    CFO & Vice President, Accounting & Finance4. Mr. Praphan Eamrungroj

    Senior Vice President, Properties5. Mr. Thomas Mason Nielsen

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources6. Mr. Emmanuel Couronne

    Vice President, Food Merchandise & Private Label7. Miss Jariya Chirathivat

    Vice President, Marketing & Communications8. Mr. Francois Alexandre Hidalgo

    Vice President, Supply Chain Management9. Mr. Prawet Prungtangkij

    Vice President, MIS10. Miss Wanwimol Siriwatwechakul

    Vice President, Business Development

    The Powers and Duties of the ExecutivesThe Executives headed by the Chief Executive Officerand the President, are responsible for supervising theoperation of the Company to be in accordance with thespecified objectives and strategies under the frame ofthe related regulations and under the scope of powerassigned or to be assigned by the Board of Directors.The executive directors are the highest-rankingmanagement regarding the supervision of the dailyoperation excluding the related transactions and/ortransactions relating to selling and buying of theCompanys assets under the regulations of the StockExchange of Thailand.The primary duties of the Chief Executive Officer and thePresident are as follows:1. To Propose the Companys strategic plans to the

    Board of Directors for approval and to implementthe approved plan.

    2. To manage the Companys business to meet withthe strategic plan approved by the Board ofDirectors.

    3. To represent the Company regarding outsidematters.

  • 12

    2549 3.10


    3.1 2549

    3.2 * 21

    The Boards of Directors and Executives RemunerationCurrently, the Company does not have a

    Remuneration Committee. However, the remunerationpolicy has been determined clearly and transparentlythrough the resolution at the shareholders meeting.Remuneration was defined to be on par with the industryrate standard and was high enough to entice and retainthe directors and executives having qualifications asrequired. The 2006 remuneration was in accordancewith the information as stated in Item 3.10

    3. Corporate Governance

    3.1 The Corporate Governance PolicyThe Company realized that it is necessary for the

    Company to conduct its business under a corporategovernance policy that drives more an efficient, certainand transparent corporate structure and operations toensure accountability, sustainable growth and enhancedconfidence for the ultimate benefit of the shareholders,investors and any related person. The Board of Directorsofficially approved the establishment of the goodcorporate governance committee in December 2006.By so doing, the Chairman of the Board was assigned totake the responsibility to determine the CorporateGovernance Policy and the code of ethics for Executivesand all levels of employees and report to the CompanysBoard of Directors periodically. This is to ensure thatmonitoring, governance, assessment and improvementof operations are in conformity with the corporategovernance policy as stated. The Companys Chairmanis also responsible for presenting, for further approvalby the Companys Board of Directors, appropriateprograms that provide tangible evidence of on-going andconsistent good practices.

    3.2The Shareholders Equality and RightsThe Company has determined policies to retain

    the rights and equality of shareholders as follows:* Shareholders are eligible to and contribute to

    the Companys major decisions. Details of themeetings will be notified on the Companyswebsite over 21 days in advanceof such shareholders meetings.

    *The invitation letters and the meeting agenda

  • 13

    * 14

    * 1 30


    * 2538 30 2547 2548 60 70



    including any necessary information thereof arearranged and sent to the shareholders 14 days inadvance of such meetings.

    * The Company is responsible for inspecting thedocument or evidence confirming the shareholdersright to join the meetings. Registration is open 1.30hours ahead of such meetings.

    * The Company assures its shareholders ofreceiving basic rights and being equally treatedto retain their basic rights including the right toreceive stock certification and stock transfer, theright to receive accurate, clear and reliableinformation, the right to join the meetings and havea resolution to approve important transactions, theright to vote for the members of the Companys boardof directors and the right to receive dividends equally.

    * The Company complies with the dividend paymentpolicy according to the resolution of theextraordinary shareholders meeting in 1995,which defines dividend payment policy representingnot less than 30% of net earnings. The Companyannounced dividend payments since the Companyrealized its first net earnings. In 2004 and 2005the Company paid the dividend at the rate of 60%and 70% of net earnings respectively.

    3.3Rights of Beneficial GroupsThe company places significant importance on each

    of the following beneficial groups:* Staff:

    To be fair and just to staff, as well as provideappropriate compensation in accordance with theirskills, knowledge, performance and nature of workof not lower than the market rate within the retailindustry. Compensations are revised to suit thechanging economic circumstances. Welfare benefitsare enhanced periodically. Per diems andtransportation fees for working outside the officeare adjusted to reflect oil pricehikes andincreasingcost of living. More importantly,the Company isfocused on continual manpower development byproviding internal and external training and seminarprograms as appropriate to staff level.

  • 14






    * Suppliers/Vendors:Comply with purchase and service

    agreements that were made based on fair tradingterms and conditions providing both with mutuallyacceptable benefits. Adhere to the standards ofappropriate business operations in accordance withthe suppliers/vendors status and in line with theCompanys commitment to promote and supportthe sustainable growth of small and medium-sizedvendors along with the steady long-term growth ofthe Company.

    * Creditors:Strictly adhere to the terms and conditions

    of loan agreements, including the selection ofcreditors. Allow potential creditors to presentcompetitive lending terms and conditions in a freemonetary market with sound reviews.

    * Customers:Be attentive and responsible to customer

    needs; particularly in maintaining consistentstandards of procurement and manufacturingof quality products. Provide recommendationswhen problems arise and give assistance asappropriate. Keep customers data confidential andensure that concerned staff handled customercomplaints by providing corrective action toreasonable complaints immediately.

    * Competitors:Perform within the proper framework for fair

    trade amongst competitors, while avoiding anymisconduct or violation of the code of ethics.Adhere to the co-existence and support concept.Treat local vendors in the community differently fromthe way we compete with our rivals in the sameindustry. Promote and support free and faircompetition. Be committed to developing newchannels to respond to consumer demands ratherthan destroying competitors.

    * Community:Be responsible to the society and

    environment through the planning and layout ofstores, which have been designed to provide an

  • 15

    Tax Man of theYear 2006 Top10Company Tax Research Center Tax & Business Magazine 1. 2. 3.


    3.4 2549

    1 3 14

    appropriate environment for the recreation offamilies and to facilitate the community wherebycertain areas have been designated as communitycenters. Moreover, funds from the establishmentof the Big C Foundation are utilized to supportcommunity infrastructure and education for youngpeople, which will eventually yield benefits tosociety at large. The Company is a major contributorto social and community development by payingits taxes, leading the Company to receive theTax Man of the Year 2006 award under the TopTen Company program by the Tax ResearchCenter and Tax & Business Magazine. The awardwas determined by a jury comprising distinguishedpeople in diverse areas including the Presidentof the Federation of Thai Industries, President ofthe Board of Trade, Director and Manager of theStock Exchange of Thailand. Listed companieswere screened according to the following criteria:1. The company that achieved the highest growth.2. The company in a business that boosts thenations economy.3. The company that practiced good corporategovernance and conduct of ethics and paid back tothe society.4. The company that has good tax paymentrecord.The Company maintains its policy to comply with

    the relevant rules and regulations in any legal matter inorder to protect the fair interests of all parties.

    3.4The Shareholders MeetingIn 2006, the Company held a general shareholders

    meeting, which was run in conformity with the law. TheCompanys three directors participated in the meetingincluding the Chairman, Director and CEO and the AuditCommittees Chairman. In this meeting, all shareholdershad an equal opportunity to review and ask questionsabout the companys business operations as well as togive advice and recommendations. All significant mattersraised by the shareholders regarding the Companysbusiness operations were recorded in the minutes ofthe meeting, which were completely prepared within 14

  • 16

    were kept properly and upon the approval by the Chairmanof the meeting were reported to the Stock Exchange ofThailand.

    3.5 Leadership and VisionThe Board of Directors is composed of people who

    have leadership skill, vision and independence indecision-making for the best interests of the Companyand Shareholders. The Board of Directors participatedin the creation of the companys vision, business plans,mission, strategies, goals and budget. The Board willprovide supervision to ensure that the management teamperforms with efficiency and effectiveness while addingvalue for the company, and ultimately gaining more valuefor the shareholders.

    3.6 Conflict of InterestIn order to prevent any conflict of interest, the Board

    of Directors will place strong focus on the transactionsthat may possibly occur, by establishing a Policy andProcedure on the approval of related transactions inaccordance with the rules and regulations of the StockExchange of Thailand, and on the prevention of usinginside information for the personal benefit of executivesand/or involved persons as follows:* Connected Transactions

    The Board of Directors will put the utmost effort into seeking out related transactions with a potentialconflict of interest between the juristic companyand persons involved. Each transaction has beencarefully taken into consideration and found to bein compliance with the rules and regulations of theStock Exchange of Thailand regarding thedetermination of prices and conditionswhich were conducted with the same standard asthat of an external vendor (Arms Length Basis).In addition, the disclosure of transaction values,contractual parties and rationales were sufficientlyshown in the Company Annual Report and Form56-1.

    * The Supervision of Internal InformationThe Board of Directors and Executive Committeemembers are required to report the Companys




    (Arms LengthBasis) 56-1


    59.. 2535

  • 17

    trading transactions to the Security ExchangeCommission (Section 59) of the Stock Exchangeof Thailand Act B.E. 2535 (1992).

    3.7 Code of Ethics and Business ConductThe Company is committed to operate its business underethical standards by complying with the laws, promotinghonesty of employees, intensifying therelationship with suppliers, disclosing corporateinformation, ensuring fair competition and maintainingthe Companys assets. All directors, executives andemployees have focused on, and adhere to, this codestrictly and regularly, in line with the written charter oncompliance with the Companys business standards. The Company provides on-going monitoring of staffperformance while the penalties for offenders have alsobeen determined. Effort is made to ensure the corporateculture and working values acceptable to all relatedparties.

    3.8 Balance of Power of Non-Executive DirectorsThere are 13 Directors as follows:

    * Executive Director (1)* Non-Executive Directors (9)* Audit Committee (3)( All Audit Committee are independent directors.)

    The (3) Audit Committee account for 23% of thetotal number of Directors, whose qualifications are entirelyappropriate to the position according to the criteria setby the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In addition, thestructure of the Board of Directors of the Company iscomposed of (9) Non-Executive Directors accountingfor 69% of the total number of Directors.The balance of power of Non-Executive Directors hasbeen structured appropriately.

    3.9 Equalization of Managing Power* The Chairman will represent the major

    shareholders holding 13% of the total number ofcompany stock.

    * The Chairman is not the same person who holdsthe position of the Chief Executive Officer andManaging Director. However, both are representativesof different groups of major shareholders. The Boardof Directors structure includes IndependentDirectors (23%) in order that the equalization ofpower and examination of management can be daysafter the meeting date. The minutes of the meeting


    3.8 13

    * 1 * 9 * 3 ( )

    3 23 9 69

    3.9 *

    13 *


  • 18

    3.10 13

    2543 1 2543 2 31 2548 () 2549 13 1,870,000.- 115,266,905.-

    3.10 Remuneration for Directors and ExecutivesThe remuneration of the Companys 13 directors included meeting allowances for the Companys directors and

    other remunerations in accordance with the resolution of the shareholders annual meeting for 2000. The resolutionincluded the approval of proposed warrants to be sold to the Companys and its subsidiaries directors and employees.Companys The Company arranged 2-year warrants and new common shares in support of the warrants of 2000.The expiry date of such warrants was October 31, 2005 (The final date of exercising the right). Since then,the Company has not issued any new warrant. In 2006, the remuneration of the Companys 13 directors was1,870,000 baht and this was only the meeting allowance for the Companys directors.

    Total remuneration in 2006 paid to executives included salaries, bonus and other benefits as follows:* Money remuneration

    * -

    2. Executive Directors and 2005 2006Executives who are not Directors Number of Total Amount Number of Total Amount

    Persons (BAHT) Persons (BAHT) Salaries, bonus and other remuneration 11 107,654,016 11 115,266,905

    1. Directors 2005 2006Number of Total Amount Number of Total AmountPersons (BAHT) Persons (BAHT)

    Meeting Allowance 13 1,975,000 13 1,870,000

    * Other non-monetary remuneration The Company has not approved any arrangement of stock options.




    2548 2549



    2548 2549



    13 1,975,000 13 1,870,000

    11 107,654,016 11 115,266,905

  • 19



    7 3 . 2549 4 4 8

    ** 7/2549 10 2549 1 16 2549


    1. 4/4 4/4 8/82. 4/4 4/4 8/83. 4/4 4/4 8/84. . 2/4 4/4 6/85. 4/4 4/4 8/86. 3/4 4/4 7/87. 2/4 1/4 3/88. 3/4 - - - 3/89. 4/4 4/4 8/8*10. 3/4 - - - 3/8*11. - 1/4 - - - 1/8* ** 12. - - - - - - - - -*13. - 4/4 - - - 4/8*14. 2/4 - - - 2/8

  • 20

    Name Attendance Number of Meeting (times)General Meeting Special Meeting Total

    1. Mr. Suthichart Chirathivat 4/4 4/4 8/82. Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon 4/4 4/4 8/83. General Winai Phattiyakul 4/4 4/4 8/84. Dr. Rongphol Charoenphandhu 2/4 4/4 6/85. Mr. Yves Bernard Braibant 4/4 4/4 8/86. Mr. Tos Chirathivat 3/4 4/4 7/87. Mr. John Sian Zu-Lin 2/4 1/4 3/88. Mr. Jacques Dominique Ehrmann 3/4 - - - 3/89. Mr. Viet Hung Do 4/4 4/4 8/8*10. Mr. Thierry Bourgeron 3/4 - - - 3/8*11. Mr. Jean-Michel Duhamel 1/4 - - - 1/8* and **12. Mr. Jacques Tierny - - - - - - - - -*13. Mr. Jean-Baptiste EMIN 4/4 - - - 4/8*14.Mr. Xavier Michel Marie Jacques DESJOBERT 2/4 - - - 2/8

    3.11Board of Directors MeetingNormal practice dictates that the Company will notify the Board of Directors as to the schedule of the Boardsmeetings for the following year in advance, in order to facilitate attendance by all Directors, in particular Directorswho have domiciles overseas. A special meeting may additionally be held if there is a significant business need.Moreover, a consideration and acknowledgement of the Business Review and Performance is always fixed in theagendas for the Boards meetings. The Companys secretary sends invitation letters together with the agendas,including any relevant corporate documents to all Directors 7 days in advance. This allows the Directors adequatetime to consider matters prior to the meetings. Each meeting ordinarily lasts approximately 3 hours. In 2006, theBoard of Directors held 4 general meetings and 4 special meetings, totaling 8 meetings. The following is a summaryof the Board of Directors Meeting attendance.

    Remark:* Directors domiciled abroad

    **Mr. Jacques Tierny resigned from being a director at the Board of Directors meeting No 7/2549 dated October10, 2006. Mr. Xavier Michel Marie Jacques Desjobert was named as a new director replacing the director whoresigned. The signing obligation of Group 1 of directors was changed to incorporate Mr. Xavier Michel Marie JacquesDESJOBERT and registration was made at the Ministry of Commerce on October 16, 2006.The minutes of all the meetings were made in writing and certified by the Board of Directors and are retained. Theminutes are available for review and auditing by the Board of Directors and any concerned person at any time.

  • 21

    3.12Sub-Committee3.12.1 The Audit Committee and the Independent Directors

    The Board of Directors has appointed aSubCommittee to assist with the control of theCompanys operation since 1999, which consistsof 3 audit committee members and all 3 membersare Independent Directors. The Audit Committeehas a 3-year term of office. The Board of DirectorsMeeting No.21/2006 on February 16, 2006 resolvedthe reappointment of the Audit Committee and Independent Directors: The Audit Committee and Independent Directors are as follows:* Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon Chairman of the Audit Committee* General Winai Phattiyakul Member of the Audit Committee* Dr. Rongphol Charoenphandhu Member of the Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee meets on a regular basis.In 2006, there were 4 meetings, after which theAudit Committee accordingly made reports to theBoard of Directors of the subjects determined asthe powers and duties of the Audit Committee. Inparticular the review of the financial statements toensure they were presented correctly and fairlystated and the confirmation that the companysinternal control and internal audit systems areappropriate and efficient.

    No Names Frequencies ofjoining the meeting

    1.Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon 4/42.General Winai Phattiyakul 3/43.Dr. Rongphol Charoenphandhu 3/4

    3.12.2 The Stock Option Awards CommitteeThe stock option awards committee was

    appointed by the resolution of the Board ofDirectors Meeting on June 27, 2003. The Boardof Directors has approved the new criteria forappointing the Stock Option Awards Committee,going from appointing by individual to appointing byposition. The new Stock Option Awards Committeemembers are as follows:* Chairman of the Board* Chief Executive Officer & President* Director in Group 1, who is the representative of

    the Casino Group

    3.12 3.12.1

    ..2542 3 3 3 2/2549 16 2549 3 * * * .

    2549 4 (internalcontrol) (internal audit)

    1. 4/42. 3/43. . 3/4


    27 2546 * * * 1

  • 22



    (1) 5 * * * * *


    (3) (3.1)

    3.12.3 Good Corporate Governance CommitteeThe Companys Board of Directors has realized

    the importance and necessity of implementing agood corporate governance policy for the long-termbenefit of the Companys business andshareholders, and has approved the establishmentof the Good Corporate Governance Committee inlate-December 2006. The Chairman was assignedto take responsibil ity for this by defining theCompanys business policies and direction underthe good corporate governance regulations andencouraging the Companys employees to performtheir duties and assignments fully and effectively.The core policies are:

    (1)To implement the Companys good corporategovernance policy under appropriate rules andpractices for listed companies in five major categories*Shareholders rights*Shareholders are treated equally*Stakeholders roles*Disclosure of information and transparency*The Board of Directors responsibilities

    (2) To consider and determine the process ofdeveloping a good corporate governance system andpresent tangible recommendations to the CompanysBoard of Directors for approval (3) While the Remuneration and NominationCommittee has not been established, the GoodCorporate Governance Committee is responsible for(3.1) Determining the selection procedures and

    policy for directors and the president.Potential persons who are ethical andpossess appropriate qualifications will benominated to the Companys Board ofDirectors for further consideration and thenforwarded to the shareholders meeting forapproval when the selection of directors,specialists in particular areas or thepresident is needed.

  • 23


    3.13 *

    (compliance control)


    (3.2) Specifying the remuneration policy for thedirectors and the president, given theCompanys business strategy and reviewingthe remuneration structure, payment andrates in order to suit market conditions.

    3.13Internal Control and Internal Audit* The Company considers Internal Control to be anecessity, both for management and operations inorder to ensure the efficiency of the organization.Therefore, the Company has clearly defined theduties and authorities for management, executivesand operations in writing. The Company controlsthe utilization of assets which would most benefitthe organization and has also separated the dutiesof the management from those persons responsible for business oversight and work assessment in order toensure fairness and accuracy. In addition, there are internal controls relating to the financial system,whereby the Company has arranged for the financialand accounting reporting system to be presenteddirectly to the responsible management.* The company appoints the internal auditdepartment whose duties and responsibilities areto audit other departments in order to instil lconfidence that the Companys operations andfinancial activity, as well as its trading operationshave been performed in the manner determined bythe Board of Directors as most efficient. The sameapplies to performance in accordance with laws andregulations relating to the Company (compliancecontrol). The internal audit department shall havea certain level of independence, therefore, enablingthem to carry out their tasks in a satisfactory manner.The internal audit department currently reports tothe Vice President of Accounting and Finance, ChiefExecutive Officer and the Audit Committee.* Risk Management

    The necessity for risk management has beendetermined by the Board of Directors. The Companydetermines and assesses business risks, standardprotection and risk reduction arrangements at anacceptable level. These include all risks that may

  • 24

    have an impact on the operation of the Company.The Company maintains control and supervisionover performance in accordance with all relevant legalissues and regulations.

    3.14 The Board of Directors ReportThe Board of Directors is responsible for the

    financial statements of the Company and itssubsidiaries, including any technical financialinformation presented in the Annual Report. Thefinancial statement was prepared in accordance withthe accounting standards as generally accepted inThailand, which is also compliant with majorinternational accounting standards. The Companychooses the appropriate accounting policy andfollows its performance regularly. The Company alsouses precautionary measures for discretion andestimation of such arrangements, which includeadequate disclosures and necessary information inthe notes to financial statements.

    The Board of Directors monitors the efficiency ofthe internal audit control system in order to bereasonably confident that accounting records areaccurate, thorough, complete and able to adequatelycapture the companys assets. The outcome willshow any weaknesses, as well as protect theCompany from dishonest or inappropriate behavior.

    As such, the Board of Directors of the Companyhas appointed an Audit Committee consisting of theIndependent Directors who are not Executives. TheAudit Committees shall have responsibilities relatingto the quality of the Financial Statements and InternalControl System. The opinion of the Audit Committeewith regards to this subject shall be stipulated inthe report of the Audit Committee as shown in theAnnual Report. It is the opinion of the Board of Directorsthat, in general, the Internal Control System of theCompany has achieved an appropriate leveland is reasonably confident in the accounting systemof the company and its subsidiaries as recorded onDecember 31, 2006.


    31 2549

  • 25

    / (Presentations)

    2549 4 4 4 4 162548 4 4 4 4 162547 4 4 4 4 16

    Year/frequencies Meeting with Meeting with Presentations Interviews with Total analysts investors publications and

    televisions2006 4 4 4 4 162005 4 4 4 4 162004 4 4 4 4 16


    0-2655-0666 4062 E-mail Address : [email protected] 0-2655-0666 6716

    3.15 Relations with InvestorsAs the Company is a listed company, the Board of

    Directors realizes that the Companys information relating tofinancial or non-financial issues has an impact on thedecision-making process of an investor and anyinterested person of the Company. Hence, the Boardhas instructed executives to disclose any relatedinformation in an accurate an complete manner, and ina regular and timely manner. The Companys Executivesalso follow the same ethical work practices. Althoughthe Company has not yet established a special divisionfor managing investor relations, the Company meanwhilehas authorized Ms. Rumpa Kumhomreun, the ChiefFinancial Officer and Vice President, Accounting andFinance, to act on behalf of the Company, incommunications with any investor, institutionalinvestor, shareholder, including any analyst andgovernmental institution. While an activity concerninginvestor relations has rarely occurred at present, aninterested investor is able to request any informationwhich is able to be disclosed by the company, bytelephone at:0-2655-0666 ext.4062 or viae-mail at: [email protected] Miss Jariya Chirathivat,Vice President, Marketing Communications, is responsiblefor providing information via television, advertising mediaand print media and can be contacted by calling:0-2655-0666 ext. 6716.

  • 26


    (Management Discussion and Analysis - MD&A) ELCID

    * Investor Presentation

    * Press Conference

    * (Form 56-1)

    * (Company Visit)


    4.1 4.2 .

    The Company is prepared to reveal its information via adiverse range of channels to provide more alternativesand ensure comprehensive information disclosure to allstakeholders. Information disclosure includes:

    * Prepare papers on Management Discussion andAnalysis (MD&A) and forward via ELCID on aquarterly basis.

    * Provide Investor Presentation to present theCompanys performance for institutional investorsand analysts every quarter.

    * Hold a quarterly press conference to announcethe Companys performance for the media.

    * Communicate with investors about the Companysinformation including financia Information,annual report, annual information disclosure form(Form 56-1) and news for the Stock Exchange ofThailand on

    * Provide institutional investors and analysts withCompany visits to meet and discuss with theCompanys management about the progress of theCompanys operation and the retailing business.

    4. Internal Data Control

    The company applies the following strategies andprevention criteria to prevent employees from using inside information for personal benefit:4.1 To apply an Internal Data Control Policy andmaking sure that every employee follows the policystrictly. This includes the protection of the informationtechnology system in order to prevent clandestineuse of the data. As a result, the Company only allowsauthorized persons to obtain access to theinformation by providing a password to theauthorized persons, who must in turn strictly andcarefully utilize the password to prevent access tothe data by unauthorized persons.4.2 To review the Executives security holdings reportthat requires submission to the SET and SEC anytime a security transaction has been made. That isto observe uncommon security transactions resultingfrom the use of internal data for personal benefit,especially during the one-month period prior to theissuance of the Companys financial statements to public.

  • 27



    2,385,698,000 2549 14,144 13,356 743 45




    Supervisory Skills


    4.3 To determine punitive measures if the Companydiscovers that any internal information is used for personalbenefit.

    Our PeopleIn 2006, total remunerations including salaries,

    bonuses, contributions to the provident fund and socialinsurance programs and others, paid to the Company andits subsidiaries employees were 2,385,698,000 baht.The total number of employees at the end of 2006 was14,144 people including 13,356 store staff, 743 headoffice employees and 45 warehouse employees.

    For staff development, the Company is focused onenhancing the capacity of its manpower with an objectiveto enable its employees to be well prepared for increasedcompetition in the industry. Manpower development isdivided into several levels including:1. Executives - focus on the enhancement of

    skills in the areas of leadership, managementand visionary capability that are necessaryin the retailing industry

    2. Managers - emphasize the development ofsupervisory skills, elementary managementknowledge, teamwork and particularspecializations such as the knowledge aboutfreshfood

    3. Employees - concentrate on enhancement ofknowledge and skills in the areas of thebusiness in which they are involved andcreation of good corporate attitudes. All staffare well prepared for promotions to the higherlevels. Staff training and development issupported via many projects or activities toencourage all levels of employees to beengaged in enhancing their skills to respondto the more severe competition in the Thairetailing industry.

    In addition to staff development, the Company hasclosely worked with the Vocational Education Commission(VEC) to implement the Dual Vocational Training (DVT)program with an objective to provide vocational studentsmajoring in the retailing business with an opportunity to

  • 28



    8/2549 12 2549 5

    hone their skills in a real world setting. The program alsodelivers summer on-the-job training for students, in-store training for teachers, temporary employment forstudents and lectures on the retailing business in schools.Since its launch in 2000, a vast number of studentshave been enrolled in the DVT program.

    5. Internal Controls

    At the Board of Directors Meeting No.8/2006on December 12, 2006, there were two members ofthe Audit Committee attending the meeting. The Boardof Directors reviewed the internal control system on theinternal control questionnaire prepared by Executives.After reviewing the internal control system of the Companywhich is categorized into 5 areas-namely the organizationand environment, risk management, monitoring ofmanagement operations, information technology anddata communication systems, and monitoring systemsthe meeting agreed that the internal control system ofthe Company regarding related transactions with majorshareholders, directors and executives, or any relatedpersons as well as other internal control systems aresufficient. The Audit Committee has agreed on everymatter of the report of the Board of Directors. Furthermore,the auditor was unaware of any significant issues inaccounting procedures related to the internal control ofthe Company.

  • 29

    Honorary Chairman and Board of Directors

    14. . ,

    Dr. Rongphol CharoenphandhuIndependent Director,

    Member of Audit Committee

    13. ,

    General Winai PhattiyakulIndependent Director,

    Member of Audit Committee

    12. ,

    Mr. Nontaphon NimsomboonIndependent Director,

    Chairman of the Audit Committee

    11. -

    Mr. Jean-Baptiste EMINDirector


    Mr. Jacques Dominique EhrmannDirector


    Mr. Xavier Michel Marie Jacques DESJOBERTDirector

    8. ,

    Mr. Yves Bernard BraibantDirector,Chief Executive Officer & President

    7. -

    Mr. John Sian Zu-LinDirector


    Mr. Viet Hung DoDirector

    5. -

    Mr. Jean-Michel DuhamelDirector


    Mr. Tos ChirathivatDirector


    Mr. Thierry BourgeronDirector

    Mr. Suthichart ChirathivatChairman of the Board

    Mr. Vanchai ChirathivatHonorary Chairman



  • 30

    Executive Officers (EXCOM)

    Mr. Thomas Mason NielsenSenior Vice President, Human Resources

    Mr. Emmanuel CouronneVice President, Food Merchandise & Private label


    Mr. Yves Bernard BraibantChief Executive Officer & President

    Mr. Frederic BorgoltzExecutive Vice President, Operations


    Miss Rumpa KumhomreunCFO & Vice President, Accounting & Finance


    Mr. Praphan EamrungrojSenior Vice President, Properties




    Mr. Francois Alexandre HidalgoVice President, Supply Chain Management


    Miss Jariya ChirathivatVice President, Marketing & Communications

    Miss Wanwimol SiriwatwechakulVice President, Business Development

    Mr. Prawet PrungtangkijVice President , MIS



    8. Supply Chain Management

  • 31





    Big C will accomplish our mission by applyingfour company values:

    Big C Values Number 1:We will be the best in customer service and the leaderin low prices because every single customer is the mostimportant for us.

    Big C Values Number 2:We will transfer our knowledge and training throughbest practices to our customers.

    Big C Values Number 3:We will work as a team to be the No.1 supercenterin Thailand focusing on customer satisfaction.

    Big C Values Number 4:We will be a part of the community family and protectthe environment around us.

    Big Cs Mission Statement:

    ...Every Customer is a Member of the Big C Family.

  • 32

    Mr. Vanchai ChirathivatHonorary ChairmanEducation :- Honorary Doctorate Degree (Philosophy),

    Ramkamhaeng UniversityExperience :- Chairman, Central Group of Companies- Chairman, Central Plaza Hotel PLC.Commander :

    Third Class Commander of The Most ExaltedOrder of White Elephant (Kingdom of Thailand)

    Relationship between Management :Elder brother of Mr. Suthichart ChirathivatElder brother of Ms. Jariya ChirathivatUncle of Mr. Tos Chirathivat

    %holding in company : 0.05

    Education and Working Experience of Directors and Executive Officers

    :- ()

    :- ,-

    () :

    (..) :

    (%) : 0.05


    - ()St. Josephs College, Philadephia, U.S.A

    :- , -

    - - - - Tabacco or Health

    - 1997


    (%) :

    Mr. Suthichart ChirathivatChairman of the BoardEducation :- B.S. ( Accounting ), St. Josephs College,

    Philadephia, U.S.A.Experience :- President of Retail Business, Central Retail

    Corporation Limited- President and Chief Executive Officer, Central

    Retail Corporation- President of Thai Retailers Association- Chairman of Committee on Retail Business

    of Thai Chamber of Commerce- Advisor of Board of Trade of ThailandAchievement :- Gold Medal Tobacco or Health from World

    Health Organization of Outstanding achievementaward:anti smoking campaign

    - International Retailer of the Year Award (1997)of The National Retail Federation of U.S.A.

    Relationship between Management :Younger brother of Mr. Vanchai ChirathivatElder brother of Ms. Jariya ChirathivatUncle of Mr. Tos Chirathivat

    % holding in company : None

  • 33 33

    - :- Engineer IIE (Central,Paris)- Master Degree in Econometrics

    (ParisIX Dauphine) :- Supply Chain Manager, Casino Group :

    (%) : :- Polytechnique,Ecole des Mines of

    Paris, I.E.P.(Institut d Etudes Politiques)and INSEAD

    :- CEO of International Companies at CASINO :

    (%) : :- MBA :- Executive Vice President Real Estate and Development,

    Casino Group :

    (%) :

    :- MBA (Finance), Columbia University, U.S.A. :-


    (%) : 3.01

    Mr. Jean-Michel DuhamelDirectorEducation :- Engineer IIE (Central,Paris)- Master Degree in Econometrics (ParisIX Dauphine)Experience :- Supply Chain Manager, Casino GroupRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Mr. Xavier Michel Marie Jacques DESJOBERTDirectorEducation :- Polytechnique, Ecole des Mines of

    Paris, I.E.P. (Institut d Etudes Politiques) and INSEADExperience :- CEO of International Companies at CASINORelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Mr. Jacques Dominique EhrmannDirectorEducation :- MBAExperience :- Executive Vice President Real Estate and Development,

    Casino GroupRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Mr. Tos ChirathivatDirectorEducation :- MBA (Finance), Columbia University, U.S.A.Experience :- Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Central

    Retail Corporation LimitedRelationship between Management :

    Nephew of Mr. Vanchai ChirathivatNephew of Mr. Suthichart ChirathivatNephew of Ms. Jariya Chirathivat

    % holding in company : 3.01

  • 34

    :- Degree from Law, University Lyon III, France- MBA in Marketing, EM Lyon, France :- Human Resources & Communication Senior Executive

    Vice President, GROUPE CASINO :

    (%) :

    :- Engineering Degree and INSEAD BMA :- Managing Director, Tonson Capital Co., Ltd. :

    (%) :

    - :- M.S.M. Degree (Finance and International Business),

    Sloan School of Management :- Executive Director, AIGIC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.- Executive Director, AIG Investment Corporation (Asia) Ltd. :

    (%) :

    Mr. Thierry BourgeronDirectorEducation :- Degree from Law, University Lyon III, France- MBA in Marketing, EM Lyon, FranceExperience :- Human Resources and Communication Senior Executive

    Vice President, GROUPE CASINORelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Mr. Viet Hung DoDirectorEducation :- Engineering Degree and INSEAD BMAExperience :- Managing Director, Tonson Capital Co., Ltd.Relationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Mr. John Sian Zu-LinDirectorEducation :- M.S.M. Degree (Finance and International Business),

    Sloan School of Management.Experience :- Executive Director, AIGIC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.- Executive Director, AIG Investment Corporation (Asia) Ltd.Relationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

  • 35 35

    - :

    - Economy & Finance, Institut d EtudesPolitiques de Paris,

    - Private & Business Law, Etudes University Paris II- Assas

    :- Deputy Group Finance Manager -International

    Finance Coordination, Finance Department,Groupe Casino


    (%) :

    - -

    :- Business School, Lyon France- MBA Lindenwood University- Certificate EM Lyon (F)- Certificate I.M.D. (Switzerland)

    :- Chief Executive Officer, Libertad, Argentina


    (%) :

    - -

    :- MBA (Accounting), University of Iowa, U.S.A.-


    - -


    (%) :

    Mr. Jean-Baptiste EMINDirectorEducation :

    - Economy & Finance,Institut d Etudes Politiques de Paris,- Private & Business Law, Etudes University Paris II- Assas

    Experience :- Deputy Group Finance Manager -International

    Finance Coordination, Finance Department,Groupe Casino

    Relationship between Management :None

    % holding in company : None

    Mr. Yves Bernard Braibant- Director- Chief Executive Officer & PresidentEducation :- Business School, Lyon France- MBA Lindenwood University- Certificate EM Lyon (F)- Certificate I.M.D. (Switzerland)Experience :- Chief Executive Officer, Libertad, ArgentinaRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon- Independent Director- Chairman of Auditor CommitteeEducation :- MBA ( Accounting), University of Iowa, U.S.A.- Honorary Doctorate Degree (Accounting), Thammasat

    UniversityExperience :- Auditor General- President of the Institute of the Certified

    Accountants and Auditor of ThailandRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

  • 36

    - - :- - :- - :

    (%) :

    . - - :- Doctor of Philosophy (Law),

    Monash University, Australia :- - :

    (%) :

    :- Management BTS :- Regional Director, Carrefour Hypermarket, France :

    (%) :

    General Winai Phattiyakul- Independent Director- Member of Audit CommitteeEducation :- National Defense Academy- Command & General Staff College, US ArmyExperience :- Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense,- Secretary General, The National Security CouncilRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Dr. Rongphol Charoenphandhu- Independent Director- Member of Audit CommitteeEducation :- Doctor of Philosophy (Law),

    Monash University, AustraliaExperience :- Secretary General of the Cabinet- Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime MinisterRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Mr. Frederic BorgoltzExecutive Vice President, OperationsEducation :- Management BTSExperience :- Regional Director, Carrefour Hypermarket, FranceRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

  • 37 37


    - :- ()- () :-

    () -

    () :

    (%) :

    :- ( ) - () AIT :- Vice President, GE-Goldman AMC- Executive Director, First Pacific Land :

    (%) : 0.01

    :- MA DEGREE (Administration and Organization Behavior),

    George Wiliams College, U.S.A. :- Vice President, International Human Resource, Kmart

    Corporation U.S.A. :

    (%) :

    Mr. Thomas Mason NielsenSenior Vice President, Human ResourcesEducation :- MA DEGREE (Administration and Organization Behavior),

    George Wiliams College, U.S.A.Experience :- Vice President, International Human Resource, Kmart

    Corporation, U.S.A.Relationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Mr. Praphan EamrungrojSenior Vice President, PropertiesEducation :- MBA, Thammasat University- Master Degree (Engineering) AITExperience :- Vice President , GE-Goldman AMC- Executive Director , First Pacific LandRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : 0.01

    Miss. Rumpa Kumhomreun- CFO and Vice President , Accounting and Finance- Secretary of the CompanyEducation :- MBA, Thammasat University- Cerfified Public Accountant (Thailand)Experience :- Accounting Director, Seagate Technology

    (Thailand) Ltd.- Accounting Manager, National Starch & Chemical

    (Thailand) Ltd.Relationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

  • :- MBA, European Business Institute,Paris :- Managing Director, Snair & Socemas Reunies (France) :

    (%) :

    :- MBA (Marketing), Clark University, U.S.A. :- :

    (%) : 0.01

    Supply Chain Management :- Master of Science in production engineering

    and business administration from theJean Monnet University of France

    :- Flows Strategy Manager, Supply Chain Department,


    (%) :

    Mr. Emmanuel CouronneVice President, Food Merchandise & Private LabelEducation :- MBA, European Business Institute, Paris

    Experience :- Managing Director, Snair & Socemas Reunies (France)Relationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Ms. Jariya ChirathivatVice President , Marketing and Communications

    Education :- MBA (Marketing), Clark University U.S.A.Experience :- Merchandising Manager, Central SupermarketRelationship between Management :

    Younger sister of Mr. Vanchai ChirathivatYounger sister of Mr. Suthichart Chirathivat Aunt of Mr. Tos Chirathivat

    % holding in company : 0.01

    Mr. Francois Alexandre HidalgoVice President, Supply Chain ManagementEducation :- Master of Science in production Engineering and

    business administration from theJean Monnet University of France

    Experience :- Flows Strategy Manager, Supply Chain Department,

    GROUPE-CASINORelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None


  • :- :-

    () :

    (%) :

    :- MBA Harvard Business School, Boston, MA, USA- MS, Chemical Engineering, Cal-Tech, Pasadena, CA, U.S.A. :- Equity Analyst,

    () - Consultant,

    () :

    (%) :

    Mr. Prawet PrungtangkijVice President, MISEducation :- Computer ScienceExperience :- Senior Manager, Information System Division, Siam

    Makro Public Co., Ltd.Relationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    Ms. Wanwimol SiriwatwechakulVice President, Business DevelopmentEducation :- MBA Harvard Business School, Boston, MA, USA- MS, Chemical Engineering, Cal-Tech, Pasadena, CA,

    U.S.A.Experience :- Equity Analyst, Suisse Securities (Thailand)

    Company Limited, Bangkok Thailand- Consultant, McKinsey & Company,

    INC,, Bangkok, ThailandRelationship between Management :

    None% holding in company : None

    39 39

  • 40












    VP MIS






























  • 41 41

    The Business of Big C


    one-stop-shopping 14,144 49

    2 (Big) 100,000 (C)



    Big C Supercenter created a new model for the retailbusiness in Thailand under the concept of thesupercenter. This model involves establishing large-scalestores that offer customers a wide variety of high-quality,reasonably priced merchandise including both food andnon-food items. This combination of discount store andfood outlet has proven to be very popular with Thaiconsumers, as it offers them unparalleled levels of serviceand convenience under one roof a one-stop-shoppingexperience for customers across Thailand. Big C nowoperates 49 Big C stores throughout the country, servicedby a dynamic organization of 14,144 staff.

    The name Big C reflects two key elements of ourbusiness and our strategy for success. The Big refersto the large size of our stores with wide aisles, plenty ofcheckout lines and ample parking. It also referees to thebig selection of merchandise we offer. Big C currentlystocks over 100,000 items to meet every customer need.The C refers to our loyal customers, who are the key tothe success of our business. We have put in placecomprehensive customer service policies and resourcesto ensure that everyones shopping experience at Big C isalways a great one.

    By offering a clean, comfortable shopping environmentwith a wide assortment of goods available at reasonableprices, plus our philosophy of taking the best care of ourcustomers, Big C has proven the success of our strategyin the Thai retail market. We plan to continue to enhanceand refine our strategy in the years to come to ensure westay at the forefront of Thailands retail sector.

    Business Unit ReportsSupercenter Business

    At all Big C stores, the majority of the space is devotedto the sale of consumer goods and foodstuffs at reasonableprices and of excellent quality. Additionally, all storesoffer a wide range of useful services for the convenienceof our customers who demand a one-stop-shopping experience.

  • 42

    100,000 5

    * :

    * :

    * :

    * :

    * :

    The Big C Supercenter is a large-format, family-orientedstore with ample parking and excellent lighting for thesafety and convenience of our customers. Every storeoffers over 100,000 products of every description to meetthe needs of people from all walks of life and every age.Big C merchandise is divided into five basic categories:* Fresh Food - meats, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables

    (both ready to cook and ready to eat), frozen food,baked goods, and herbs and spices

    * Dry Food - seasonings and condiments, beverages(both soft drinks and liquor), snack foods, personalitems, cleaning suppliers, and pet food and accessories

    * Clothing and Accessories - mens, womens,childrens and infants clothing and shoes as well ascosmetics

    * Electrical Appliances - a wide range of electricalappliances including white goods, kitchen appliances,home entertainment equipment, tapes, CDs, plusautomobile and motorcycle accessories, and homeimprovement and maintenance tools and supplies

    * Home Decor and Accessories -furniture,kitchenware, plastic storage items and utensils,decorative items, sporting goods and toys.

    2549(%) 2548(%)

    9.4 9.1 48.8 48.9 11.8 11.9 11.8 12.0 18.3 18.1 100 100

    Sales MixCategory 2006 (%) 2005 (%)

    Fresh Food 9.4 9.1Dry Foods 48.8 48.9Clothing and Accessories 11.8 11.9Electrical Appliances 11.8 12.0Home Decor and Accessories 18.3 18.1Total 100 100

  • 43 43




    Town Center Business

    The Big C Town Center provides rental space locatedboth inside and outside a Big C Supercenter location.Vendors that offer merchandise that does not competewith items sold in the Big C Supercenter can rent spacein the Town Center. This gives customers an increasedrange of products and services available at a singledestination, enhancing the overall shopping experience.The Town Center business is in line with Big Cs goal ofproviding a one-stop-shopping experience for our customers.

    The operators that lease space at Big C Town Centersinclude:* Restaurants, international fast food franchises, specialty

    stores and theaters* Gas stations, automotive repair shops, plant shops,

    pet stores, and garden shops

    2549 % 2548 % 58,033 96 53,194 96.2 2,427 4 2,087 3.8 60,460 100 55,281 100

    Business Unit 2006 % 2005 %Supercenter 58,033 96 53,194 96.2Town Centers 2,427 4 2,087 3.8Total 60,460 100 55,281 100

    Sales Ratios (Million Baht)


  • 44

    3,500 80% - 95%

    20 -34


    4 2550 () 3,000

    * 6 1,500

    * 2550

    Merchandise and Sourcing

    Big Cs merchandise team is made up of expertswho source quality goods that we can offer at reasonableprices. Big C has developed a large network of over 3,500suppliers both within Thailand and abroad, 80% of whomare SMEs. We have established good relationships withour suppliers in order to develop products and categoriesunder a Win-Win philosophy. Big C buys more than95% of our products directly from manufacturers or exclusivedistributors within Thailand. We also explore opportunitiesto import products that offer the value and quality thatour customers have come to expect from Big C.

    Our CustomersWith the value and enjoyable shopping experience

    we offer, Big C appeals to a broad demographic of shoppersacross Thailand. Typically, our customers are femalesbetween 20 and 34 years old with a young family. Theyreflect the price-conscious segment of the market andtend to visit Big C about once a week.

    Business TargetsOperational Targets* Expansion

    In line with our operational strategy of continuingprofitable expansion, Big C plans to open four newstores in 2007. They will be located in high-potentiallocations in Lamphun, Chiang Mai, Samui (Surat Thani)and Chonburi provinces.The aggregate investmentset aside for the 2007 expansion program is3 billion baht.

    * RenovationTo always ensure a positive customer experiencewhen shopping at Big C, the company has scheduledrenovations and upgrades to six of our existing stores,including both Big C Supercenters and Town Centers.The planned investment in the renovation/upgradeprogram is 1.5 billion baht.

    * ProductsDuring 2007, Big C will continue to strengthen ourFreshfood, Hardline and house brand products.

  • 45 45

    * 2550 Gold Voice picking

    * 2549 5%

    Freshfood plays an important role in bringing customersinto our stores and having them return frequently,dueto consumer desires for freshness and quality of theirfood. Big C has been expanding our Hygenic freshsection while at the same time lowering prices.Hardline is a high-volume sales category, with frequentproduct launches becoming more important tocustomers. Big C constantly upgrades our merchan-dising mix with greater variety to meet customerdemands.Increasing the range of house brandproducts is also a key strategy for Big C.

    * TechnologyBig Cs business requires efficient tracking andmanagement of a huge volume of goods bought by alarge number of customers. Solid implementation oftechnology is the foundation of our success. Big Ctruly believes we have the best IT systems in ourindustry and we focus on continuous developmentfor efficiency and competitive advantage. For 2007,Big C aims to improve the efficiency of our merchandisesupport system, named Gold, especially in theareas of supply chain and stock optimization.Big CsDistribution Center will also benefit from this projectby using voice picking for selecting stock.

    * LogisticsBig C has continuously improved the managementof our logistics system to increase efficiency andreduce operating costs. In 2006, our efforts led toa 5% reduction in transportation costs by changingthe distribution centers method of dispatching goods

  • 46

    2550 2549 (loose-case loading) (dog-trailers) (cross-docking)

    * 2550

    to stores from palletized loads to a more efficientcarton-based system. Big C will continue to seekcost savings and efficiency gains through improvedworking processes and technology. Some of ourinitiatives for 2007 include increasing the efficiencyof our fresh food distribution system and managingmore products while certifying freshness and qualitythroughout the logistics chain. Big C will implementa comprehensive program to reduce the amount ofenergy required for transportation including the useof loose-case loading, dog-trailers and natural gaspowered vehicles (NGV). We will also develop across-docking process to reduce inventory and improveshelf availability of products for customers, whichwill also benefit our suppliers through more rapidsales turnover.

    * PeopleAt Big C, we hire the smile and train the skill. Thisgives us a workforce of motivated, friendly employeeswho focus on delivering customer satisfaction. For2007, Big C will continue to provide ongoing trainingto ensure all of our staff focus on offering customersa fun and enjoyable shopping experience.

  • 48

    Big C Supercenter in Greater Bangkok












    13 16





    19 20


    23 22 2



    10 3Sukaphiban 3

    Oam Yai








    .. 2549

    1. 2. (29 ..) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 3 11. 12.

    13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 2 23. 24. 25.

    As at the end of 2006

    1. Rangsit 2. Lamlukka (Oct 29) 3. Rattanathibet 4. Chaengwattana5. Don Muang 6. Tiwanond 7. Fashion Island 8. Wongsawang9. Ladprao 10. Sukaphiban 3 11. Saphankwai 12. Nakon pathom

    13. Ratdamri 14. HuaMark 15. Daokanong 16. Ekamai17. Oam Yai 18. Petchkasem 19. Rajburana 20. Bangna21. Samrong 22. Rama 2 23. Suksawad 24. Bangphli25. Samutprakarn

  • 4949

    .. 25491. 3. 5. 6. (11 ..) 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. (14..)18. (6 ..) 20. 21. 22. 23. 25. 26. 27. 28.

    ..25502. () : 4. : 19. : 24. :


    2. ()




    6. 7.




    11. 12.




    17. 18.








    26. 27.


    Chiang Mai (Hang Dong)




    Had Yai




    Big C Supercenter in Upcountry

    As at the end of 20061. Chiang Rai 3. Chiang Mai 5. Lampang6. Phare (May 11) 7. Udonthani 8. Sakonnakhon9. Phitsanulok 10. Khon Kaen 11. Nakonsawan12. Ubon Ratchathani 13. Lopburi 14. Korat15. Surin 16. Chachoengsao 17. Prachinburi(Dec14)18. Rajchaburi (Jun 6) 20. Pattaya-North 21. Phetchaburi22. Pattaya-South 23. Rayong 25. Suratthani26. Phuket 27. Hat Yai 28. Pattani

    2007 Openings2. Chiang Mai (Hangdong) : UC (Q2)4. Lamphun : UC (Q3)19. Chonburi : UC (Q4)24. Samui : UC (Q4)

  • 50



    1 () () 15 .. 3696 .1 . . 10210

    2 () () 20 .. 33888 . . 10800

    3 () () 25 .. 3619 .9 . . 10140

    4 () () 17 .. 3778/12 .9 . 2 . . . 20150

    5 () () 1 .. 38754 . . . . 73000

    6 () () 10 .. 3889/36, 97/11 . . 10330

    7 () () 1 .. 3989 .9 . 13 . . . 10540

    8 () ** 14 .. 3794 . . . . 12130

    9 ( () 15 .. 39415 .3 . . . 41000

    10 () ** 19 .. 39118 .- . . . 30000

    11 () () 26 .. 40130 .1 . . . . 84000

    () 7 89/36 10330 0-2655-0666 0-2655-5801 . 0107536000633( .137)

  • 5151

    Locations of the branches of Big C Supercenter PLC

    No. Name and Address of the Branches Date of Opening

    1 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Chaeng Wattana branch) 15 Jan. 199396 Moo 1, Chaeng Wattana Road, Thung Song Hong sub-district,Lak Si district, Bangkok 10210

    2 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Wong Sawang branch) 20 Apr. 1990888 Pibul Songkram Road, Bang Sue sub-district, Bang Sue district,Bangkok 10800

    3 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Rat Burana branch) 25 Nov. 199319 Moo 9, Rat Burana Road, Bang Prakok Sub-district,Rat Burana district, Bangkok 10140

    4 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Pattaya branch) 17 May 199478/12 Moo 9, Pattaya 2 Road, Nong Prue sub-district,Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri 20150

    5 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Nakhon Pathom branch) 1 Mar. 1995754 Petchakasem Road, Huay Jorake sub-district,Muang Nakhon Pathom district, Nakhon Pathom 73000

    6 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Ratchadamri branch) 10 Dec. 199589/36, 97/11 Ratchadamri Road, Lumpini sub-district,Pathumwan district, Bangkok 10330

    7 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Bang Phli branch) 1 Feb. 199689 Moo 9, Thepharak Road, km 13, Bang Phli yai sub-district,Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan 10540

    8 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. *Rangsit branch* 14 May 199494 Phaholyothin Road, Pracha Thipat sub-district, Thanburi district,Prathum Thani 12130

    9 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Udon Thani Branch) 15 Oct. 1996415 Moo 3, Mak Khaeng sub-district, Muang Udon Thani district,Udon Thani 41000

    10 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. *Korat Branch* 19 Dec. 1996118 Mitrapap - Nong Khai Road, Nai Muang sub-district, Muang district,Nakhon Ratchasima 30000

  • 52


    12 () () 10 .. 406 .6 . . . 11140

    13 () () 15 .. 4015/11 .- . . . 21000

    14 () (-) 12 .. 4056 .6 . 10510

    15 () () 31 .. 4065 .- . . . 52100

    16 () () 20 .. 402 .1 . . . 15000

    17 () () 26 .. 41130 .1 . . . 76000

    18 () () 19 .. 43111/19 .4 . . . 90110

    19 () () 22 .. 432001 . . 10240

    20 () () 31 .. 43498/1 . . . . 10280

    21 () () 26 .. 4492 . 4 . . . . 34000

    22 () () 28 .. 441 . 50 . . 10220

    23 () () 5 .. 44593 . . 10230

    24 () () 9 .. 4494 18 . . . 10130

  • 5353

    No. Name and Address of the Branches Date of Opening

    11 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Surat Thani branch) 26 Mar. 1997130 Moo 1, Liang Muang Road, Bang Kung sub-district,Muang district, Surat Thani 84000

    12 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Ratana Thibet branch) 10 Apr. 19976 Moo 6, Sao Thong Hin sub-district, Bang Yai district,Nonthaburi 11140

    13 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Rayong branch) 15 Jul. 199715/11 Bang Na-Trat Road, Choeng Nern sub-district, Muang district,Rayong 21000

    14 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Thon Buri-Paktho branch) 12 Sep. 199756 Moo 6, Samae Dam sub-district, Bang Khun Tien district,Bangkok 10510

    15 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Lampang branch) 31 Oct. 199765 Highway Lampang Ngaw Road, Sob Tui sub-district,Muang Lampang district, Lampang 52100

    16 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Lop Buri branch) 20 Nov. 19972 Moo 1, Tha Sala sub-district, Muang Lop Buri district,Lop Buri 15000

    17 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Petchaburi branch) 26 Jan. 1998130 Village 1, Ton Mamuang sub-district, Muang Petchaburi district,Phetchaburi 76000

    18 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Hat Yai branch) 19 Oct. 2000111/19 Mooo 4, Klong Hae sub-district, Hat Yai district, Song Khla 90110

    19 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd.(Hua Mark brach) 22 Oct. 20002001 Ramkhamhaeng Road, Hua Mark sub-district, Bang Kapi district,Bangkok 10240

    20 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Samut Prakan branch) 31 Oct. 2000498/1 Sukhumvit Road, Pak Nam sub-district, Muang Samut Prakan district,Samut Prakan 10280

  • 54


    25 () () 29 .. 4472 .5 . . . 83000

    26 () () 6 .. 45111 .- . 10260

    27 () () 26 .. 452539 . . 10310

    28 () () 6 .. 451050 . . 10600

    29 () () 1 .. 459/9 .5 . . . 11000

    30 () () 28 .. 46565/41 .10 . . . 20150

    31 () () 27 .. 46320/10 . . . . 60000

    32 () () 27 .. 46618/1 . . 10400

    33 () () 1 .. 479/1 .- . . . 24000

    34 () () 23 .. 47999 .1 . . . . 10270

    35 () () 27 .. 47301 .4 . . . 94000

    36 () () 24 .. 478 . . . . 32000

    37 () () 12 .. 4817/17 .8 . . . 73160

  • 5555

    No. Name and Address of the Branches Date of Opening

    21 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Ubon Ratchathani branch) 26 Apr. 200192 Soi Thamwithi 4, Thamwithi Road, Nai Muang sub-district,Muang Ubon Ratchathani district, Ubon Ratchani 34000

    22 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Don Muang branch) 28 Jun. 20011 Soi Phaholyothin 50, Phaholyothin Road, Anusawari sub-district,Bang Khen district, Bangkok 10220

    23 Big C Supercenter Public Co.,Ltd. (Fashion Island branch) 5 Jun. 2001593 Ram Intra Road, Kanna Yao sub-district,Kanna Yao district, Bangkok 10230

    24 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Suksawad branch) 9 NOV. 200194 Moo 18, Bang Phung sub-district, Phra Pradaeng district,Samut Prakan 10130

    25 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Phuket branch) 29 Nov. 200172 Moo 5, Wichit sub-district, Muang Phuket district, Phuket 83000

    26 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Bang Na branch) 6 Feb. 2002111 Bang Na-Trat Road, Bang Na sub-district, Bang Na district,Bangkok 10260

    27 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Lad Phrao branch) 26 Jun. 20022539 Lat Phrao Road, Wang Thong Lang sub-district,Wang Thong Lang district, Bangkok 10310

    28 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Dao Kanong branch) 6 Sep. 20021050 Somdet Phra Chao Taksin Road, Bukkhalo sub-district,Thon Buri district, Bangkok 10600

    29 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Tiwanon branch) 1 Nov. 20029/9 Moo 5, Talat Kwan sub-district, Muang Nonthaburi district,Nonthaburi 11000

    30 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (South Pattaya branch) 28 Mar. 2003565/41 Moo 10, Nongprue sub-district, Bangramung district,Chonburi 20150

  • 56


    38 () () 1 .. 48208 .3 . . . 50000

    39 () () 17 .. 48611 .10 . 10160

    40 () ( 3) 1 .. 48103 . . 10110

    41 () () 9 .. 4878 . 63 () . 10110

    42 () () 26 .. 481594/16 . . . . 47000

    43 () () 1 .. 49184 .25 . . . 57000* 24 .. 40 30 .. 49 *

    44 () () 11 .. 49600 9 . . . 54000

    45 () () 6 .. 49534 1 . . . 70000

    46 () () 17 .. 4910 12 . . . 12150

    47 () () 14 .. 49630/1 . . . 25000


    1 11 .. 39290/1 .17 . . . 40000

    2 3 .. 40939 . . . . 65000

  • 5757

    No. Name and Address of the Branches Date of Opening

    31 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Nakornsawan branch) 22 Jun. 2003320/10 Sawanviti Road, Pangnampo sub-district,Mueng-nakornsawan district, Nakonsawan 60000

    32 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Saphankwai branch) 27 Nov. 2003618/1 Paholyothin Road, Samsean Nai sub-district,Phayathai district, Bangkok 10400

    33 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Chachoengsao branch) 1 Mar. 20049/1 Chachoengsao-Bangpakong Road, Naa-Muang sub-district,Muang Chachoengsao district, Chachoengsao 24000

    34 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Samrong branch) 23 Sep. 2004999 Moo 1, Sukumvit Road, North Samrong sub-district,Muang Samutprakarn district, Samutprakarn 10270

    35 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Pattani branch) 27 Oct. 2004301 Moo 4, Rusamilae sub-district, Muang Pattani district,Pattani 94000

    36 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd., Surin branch 24 Dec. 20048 Lakmuang Road, Nai Muang sub-district, Muang district,Surin 32000

    37 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Oamyai branch) 12 Apr. 200517/17 Moo 8, Oamyai sub-district, Sampran district,Nakornpathom 73160

    38 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Chiang Mai branch) 1 May 2005208 Moo 3, Tarsala sub-district, Muang Chiang Mai district,Chiang Mai 50000

    39 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Phetchakasem branch) 17 Jul. 2005611 Moo 10, Bangkae sub-district, Bangkae district,Bangkok 10160

    40 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Sukaphiban 3 branch) 1 Sep. 2005103 Ramkamhaeng Road, Meanburi sub-district, Meanburi district,Bangkok 10110

  • 58

    No. Name and Address of the Branches Date of Opening

    41 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Ekamai branch) 9 Nov. 200578 Soi Sukumvit 63 (Ekamai), North Prakanong sub-district,Wattana district, Bangkok 10110

    42 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Sakon Nakhon branch) 26 Nov. 20051594/16 Robmuang Road, Tartchoengchum sub-district,Muang Sakon Nakhon district, Sakon Nakhon 47000

    43 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Chiang Rai branch) 1 Apr.2006184 Moo 25, Roabwieng Sub-district, Muang District,Chiang Rai Province 57000* From 24 September 1997 till 31 March 2006, this store had been managed by Chiang Rai Big C Co.,Ltd.

    44 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Phrae Branch) 11 May.2006600 Moo 9 Najak Sub-district, Muang Phrae District,Phrae 54000

    45 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Ratchaburi Branch) 6 Jun.2006534 Moo 1 Koagmoe Sub-district, Muang Ratchaburi District,Ratchaburi 70000

    46 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Lam Luk Ka Branch) 17 Oct.200610 Moo 12 Bungkumproy Sub-district, Lum Luk Ka District,Pathumthani 12150

    47 Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd. (Prachinburi Branch) 14 Dec.2006630/1 Ratsadorndamri Rd., Naa Muang Sub-district,Muang Prachinburi District, Prachinburi 25000

    Furthermore, the Big C Stores which are managed by the subsidiary companies of Big C Supercenter PLC are as follows:

    No. Name and Address of the Branches Date of Opening

    1 Big C Fairy Co., Ltd.290/1 Moo 17, Nai Muang sub-district, 11 Dec. 1996Muang district, Khon Kaen 40000

    2 Phisanulok Big C Co., Ltd. 3 Apr. 1997939 Phichai Songkram Road, Nai Muang sub-district,Muang Phisanulok district, Phisanulok 65000

  • 5959



    11 2549 37,000 . 5,500 . 620 145


    6 2549 50,000 23,000 9,250 466 208


    29 2549 320 50,000 43,000 10,000 874


    14 2549 4,000 3,500 243 168

    New Big C Stores Opened in 2006

    PhraeOn May 11, 2006, Big C has opened its 46th

    store in Phrae, broadening the companys customer basein Thailands northern region. The 37,000 square meterstore includes a 5,500 square meter retail space, parkingspace for 620 cars and employs 145 staff.

    RatchaburiThe companys 47th store in Thailand opened in

    Ratchaburi on June 6, 2006, increasing Big Cs presencein the countrys central region. It offers over 50,000food and non-food products including local produce andemploys 208 staff. The store covers 23,000 squaremeters, within which is a 9,250 square meter retail spaceand parking space for 466 cars.

    Lam Luk KaBig Cs 48th store opened in suburban Bangkok in

    Lam Luk Ka, Pathumthani on October 29, 2006. Thestore, which employs 320 staff, features a comprehensiverange of over 50,000 food and non-food products.It covers an area of 43,000 square meters and has a10,000 square meter retail space and parking space for874 cars.

    PrachinburiBig C closed out 2006 with the December 14

    opening of its 49th store in Prachinburi province. The4,000 square meter store also has a 3,500 square meterretail space, parking space for 243 cars and employs168 staff. The store brings Big Cs wide selection ofproducts to residents of this province located to the eastof Bangkok.

  • Big C in the Community

  • () 2545



    * 3 11 . . 12 . . 13 . .

    * 3,000 2,200

    * .. . .



    Big C FoundationAs a good corporate citizen, Big C has consistently

    provided strong support to society through a wide rangeof programs, activities and charitable contributions. Webelieve that to be successful in Thailand, it is critical tocontribute to the success of the communities in whichwe operate and Thai people as a whole. For this reason,Big C decided to establish the Big C Foundation in May2002 to serve as the umbrella under which our variouscitizenship initiatives are organized.

    The Big C Foundation is a non-profit organizationwith an objective of providing educational opportunitiesfor disadvantaged children as well as helping those whoare abused or addicted to drugs to become good citizens.This focus stems from the realization that a society isonly as strong as its youth.

    Throughout 2006, the Big C Foundation initiatedseveral important projects and made numerouscharitable contributions including:

    * Presenting funds to HRH Princess Maha ChakriSinrindhorn in support of the Tsunami Relief Fund,Thai Red Cross

    * Constructing three school buildings including theBig C 11 school building at Baan Nai School,Prae; the Big C 12 school building at Wat Pa