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Spring 2012 Newsletter Beta Theta Pi Fraternity - Beta Alpha

Transcript of Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

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Table of Contents• P. 3: Get Connected with Beta Alpha• P. 4: Winter/Spring 2012 Beta Alpha Chapter Officers• P. 5 - 8: Beta Alpha Football• P. 9 – 11: Betas Abroad• P. 12 - 13 : Brother Profile• P. 14: Academic Excellence•P. 15: State of Beta Alpha• P. 16: How You Can Help• P. 17: Words of Departure• P. 18: Presidential Address• P. 19: Farewell Leg-bagels and the Beard• P 20: A Note from the Author

Page 3: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Get Connected to Beta Alpha

Beta Alpha on Facebook/

Beta Alpha on Twitter

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Currently under construction

Page 4: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Fall 2012 Beta Alpha Chapter Officers

President: Tim Benner ’13 Rush Chairs: Matthew Lippert ‘12 and Nick Fletcher

‘12 Vice President: Will Clements ’13 Social Chairman: Sam McQuiston ‘14

Secretary: Stuart Brown ’14 Philanthropic Chairman: Darko Gligorovski ‘14

Treasurer: Henry Smith ’13 Alumni Chairman: Brett Williams ‘13

Risk Manager: Ian Watt ’13 IM Chair: Alex Traugutt ‘12

Pledge Educator: Alex Traugutt ’12 Greek Council Delegate: Matthew Treuth ’14

Fundraising Chair: Montreaux Rodgers Temple Chairs: Daniel Waters ‘14 and Andrew ‘14 Maurer ‘14

Page 5: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

• Of the 26 active brothers of Beta Alpha, 16 brothers were members of the 2011 Kenyon Lords Football Team this fall.

Kenyon Lords Varsity Football

Page 6: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Brothers Alexander Traugutt ‘12 and Michael Papagni ‘12 served as Team Captains for the Lords.

Alex Traugutt ‘12 Mike Papagni ‘12

Page 7: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Beta Alpha Football

Mike Papagni ‘12 LB

Scott Forsythe ’12 DB

Luke Ivey ‘12 DL

Alex Traugutt ’12 DL

Brett Williams ‘13 RB

Will Clements ‘13 DB

Cam Ash ‘13 OL

Derek Barbato ‘13 WR

Stuart Brown ‘14 DB

Nick Ksenich ’14 DB

Dan Muller ‘14 LB

Sam McQuiston ‘14 RB

Dan Waters ‘14 OL

Andrew Maurer ‘14 DL

Pat Brady ‘14 OL

Brendan McGoldrick ’14 WR

Page 8: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Award WinnersAlthough the football season did not end with a positive record for the Lords, several

brothers were honored with post-season awards for their hard work on the field.

Brett Williams ’13All-NCAC Honorable Mention

Team Offensive MVP

Mike Papagni ’12National Football

Foundation Scholar Athlete Award

Team MVP

Scott Forsythe ‘12Hoad Lord Sportsmanship


Luke Ivey ‘12Bill Gross Sr. Effort


Page 9: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Betas AbroadRather than returning to Kenyon for the Fall semester of their junior year, brothers Josh Auerbach ‘13 and Tim Benner ‘13 spent the semester abroad studying in Copenhagen, Denmark and Rome, Italy, respectively.

Page 10: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

• For the Fall Semester I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Even with the lack of daylight in December and the constant gray that lingered over the city, living in Copenhagen was a worthwhile and memorable experience for me. I took classes at an American school in Copenhagen, but I was able to meet Danes through playing on a Danish Ultimate Frisbee Team and participating in a buddy network that did activities such as paintball, ice-skating, and attending a Danish soccer game. My housing was conveniently located near the center of Copenhagen, close to a set of lakes that divides Copenhagen. I lived in a diverse neighborhood called Norrebro, which is filled with cheap shawarma restaurants that I visited way too much. It was also near the venue for Sensation White, so this worked out well when I attended this concert with Beta Brother Timothy Benner. During my study abroad experience I was also able to experience other parts of Europe in trips to Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, and Norway.

-Josh Auerbach ‘13

Josh’s Experience

Page 11: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Tim’s ExperienceBuon Giorno! This past semester, I studied abroad in Rome, Italy. While studying abroad, I not only took classes at Roma Tre University, but I also spent a number of weekends traveling throughout Europe. One of my trips led me to Copenhagen, where I was reunited with a pledge brother of mine, Josh Auerbach '13, who was studying there. Josh was kind enough to let me stay with him and show me around the city. In addition to visiting Copenhagen, I travelled to Milan, Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Florence, Orvieto, the Almafi Coast and a few other places. My time abroad was definitely an unforgettable experience as I made new friends, ate the best food in the world, learned Italian and travelled all over Europe. I was also lucky enough to have my grandparents come visit me in Rome, so I was able to show them around for a change. While my time abroad was amazing, I can't wait to get back to Kenyon and see my Beta Brothers!!

-Tim Benner '13

Page 12: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Brother ProfileAlthough all of the brothers of Beta Alpha are extraordinary individuals, one brother’s accomplishments are of particular note. Darko Gligorovski ‘14 is highly active in the Kenyon and Mount Vernon communities. Since arriving at Kenyon, Darko has logged nearly 150 hours of community service through various projects. His main focus, though, is serving the homeless community. Last year, Darko founded Students Against Homelessness, a Kenyon student organization for which he is also President. His leadership extends further than the Hill, however: he also sits on the board of The Winter Sanctuary Homeless Shelter in Mount Vernon. Darko has done all of these things while adjusting to life in the U.S.: he is an International Student from Macedonia.

Page 13: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Brother Profile

Darko’s outstanding work has not gone unnoticed. He has been honored with several accolades for his efforts. He has been awarded the Unsung Hero Award from Kenyon twice and an Award of Excellence for Outstanding Leadership in the Kenyon Community.The most impressive of Darko’s awards is an activity he was involved with at home. This past summer, he was a Selection Committee Member for the United World College (UWC) for Macedonia, which was chaired by Nelson Mandela and Queen Noor from Jordan. Darko’s accomplishments speak for themselves. He truly is a remarkable Beta.

Page 14: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Academic ExcellenceMerit List (3.55 or above)Stuart BrownLuke IveyHenry SmithPatrick BradyMatthew TreuthBrett Williams

The brothers of Beta Alpha performed quite well academically in the Fall of 2011.

The GPA of 9 brothers was .2 or more higher than their previous cumulative:Patrick BradyCameron AshNick FletcherScott ForsytheAndrew MaurerMike PapagniAlex TrauguttMatthew TreuthDaniel Waters

-Chapter Cumulative: 3.15-Semester Cumulative: 3.24

-Beta Alpha had the second best GPA of all fraternities and the

5th best of all Greek organizations.

-Beta Alpha tied the semester all men's GPA at Kenyon and surpassed the all Beta average GPA.

Page 15: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

State of Beta Alpha• Right now, the chapter is currently on probation with the General Fraternity and on a conditional status with Kenyon.• We have completed the terms of our probation with the school, barring any

future issues this semester we will be returned to a full “in good standing” status by year’s end.

• Pending completion of the terms of our probation, we will return to good standing with the General Fraternity upon repayment of our debt.

• We currently owe roughly $2,500 to the General Fraternity, having paid off over $7,000 of the original total• We are working towards paying off other expenses currently, including

property taxes on the Temple and assorted bills associated with the Temple.• Chapter GPA is currently above the All-Beta average, at 3.24.• This semester, we hope to bring in 10 to 12 new members, making our fraternity the largest on Kenyon’s campus.• We are graduating 6 members in the Class of 2012

•Our Division Housing is completely full and there have been no issues related to Division Housing thus far.•Brother Luke Ivey ‘12 spent the summer at Kenyon and completed significant aesthetic improvements on the outside area of the Temple; however there are several issues that must be addressed relating to its interior.

Page 16: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

How You Can Help

• Contact Luke Ivey ([email protected]), Tim Benner ([email protected]), and/or Brett Williams ([email protected] ) for information about upcoming chapter events and any questions regarding the chapter’s current status, etc.• If you have any suggestions for philanthropy projects, please let any of the

aforementioned individuals or Darko Gligorovski ([email protected] ) know• If you have memorabilia / composites / etc that you would like to donate to the

chapter for display or to be archived, please contact either Luke Ivey or Mike Papagni ([email protected] ).

•Contact Luke Ivey or Henry Smith ([email protected] ) if you would like to help the chapter financially in any way.

Page 17: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Words of Departure• 2011 was a challenging and exciting year for the Beta Alpha chapter. We recruited the largest pledge

class in recent memory, increased our cumulative GPA and successfully resuscitated our image as men committed to upholding the values of Beta Theta Pi. We also spent the year dealing with a myriad of financial issues and a risk management incident that left the chapter on probation with Kenyon and the General Fraternity for the summer and fall of 2011. We've made substantial strides towards repayment of our debts, however, we are not out of the woods yet. We're currently behind on the taxes for the Temple in the Woods and still owe a decent amount to the General Fraternity. As a result, we've transferred dues collection to BillHighway, an online bill collection service that makes paying dues and bills easier and allows us to more easily file our 990 tax forms. Dues have been increased to $350 a semester and we've appointed a Fundraising Chairman to help us find ways to increase the chapter's income and pay what we owe. We were also victims of circumstance: our chapter advisor Dennis Murray had to resign because of a job change and we are currently working with our District Chief to find a suitable replacement. 2012 should prove to be a year of great upheaval and change in the chapter as we seek to recruit another class of outstanding new brothers, successfully meet our financial obligations and further strengthen our reputation as principled men living a principled life. It was a difficult and ultimately rewarding experience serving as Beta Alpha's president and I have the upmost confidence that Tim Benner '13 will do an excellent job leading the chapter throughout the next year.


Luke Ivey '12

Page 18: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Presidential AddressBeta Brothers,My name is Tim Benner and I'm a Junior at Kenyon studying International

Studies. I was recently elected to be the President of the Beta Alpha chapter of Beta Theta Pi and I'm really excited about the opportunity. On the weekend of January 13-15th, I will attend The Miller Nichols Chapters Presidents Leadership Academy in Oxford, OH. I expect this conference to help me develop the leadership necessary to build upon the work that Luke Ivey '12 started before me. A few main goals of mine are to continue to get the finances of the chapter back on track, continue to increase the number of chapter members and work to get alumni more involved. Academically, we posted our best Chapter GPA for a semester with a 3.24 average for the Fall. Beta Alpha is ready for another great year!


Tim Benner '13

Page 19: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

Farewell, Leg-bagels and the BeardSadly, two brothers from the 2011 pledge class have left Kenyon.

Dylan Westerhold left us to attend The University of Michigan.

Nick Ksenich is now attending Baldwin-Wallace College.

We wish both of our brothers good luck in their future endeavors and hope that they will return to Kenyon often and remain a part of the brotherhood.

Page 20: Betaalphanewsletterppspring2012

A Note from the AuthorBrothers, I am excited to present you this newsletter as my first real action as Alumni Chairman of Beta Alpha. Hopefully, you will be able to feel a connection with the active brothers through this quick peek into our doings. As Alumni Chair, I will be acting as the administrator of our Chapter’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. I want all to know that I am responsible for our Chapter’s appearance in the world of social media, and that I do not take that responsibility lightly. Additionally, I would like to take this opportunity to provide everyone with my contact information. I can be reached at [email protected] if there are any concerns about Chapter goings-on or questions about alumni events. I am happy to answer any questions at any time.


Brett Williams ‘13