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Investing in tomorrow's entrepreneurs - The BCC Brochure outlines the aims, scope and processes of the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center, our funders, our funding and how you can get involved to help new entrepreneurs kickstart new businesses in Greece.

Transcript of BCC Brochure

  • M PRAKSISAn initiative by NGO PRAKSIS


  • / Editor: / ..

    Tzanetos Antypas / Chairman of the board

    / Authors: / Marie Halaka

    / Paul Kidner / Emmanouella Moussama

    2014Athens 2014





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    An initiative byNGO PRAKSIS


  • PRAKSIS is an independent N.G.O. which provides humanitarian aid in a wide range of fields (including medical, legal, social welfare, psychological and financial) to socially vulnerable groups in need regardless of: color, race, religion, age, nationality, ideology or political beliefs, through an ar-ray of programs: polyclinics, day care centers for the homeless, day care centers for unaccompanied minors, shelters for unaccompanied minors, temporary shelter services for asylum seekers, legal counseling centers, labor counseling, public health programs, medical units providing first aid assistance, counseling and free HIV testing, Hepatitis B and C testing through mobile units, free support hotline for sexually transmitted dis-eases (STDs) and HIV, campaigns against racism and xenophobia, legal counseling and legal representation including testaments that can esca-late all the way to legal indictments covering the whole spectrum of social and economic exclusion.

    PRAKSIS main aim is to provide a positive & strong social impact to pro-mote public welfare and make a difference at a local level.

    PRAKSIS is an acronym of the full Greek organization title: Programs of Development, Social Support and Medical Cooperation. However, in Greek the word means ACTION and also mathematical cal-culations, as we endeavour through our actions to: add our experience, subtract prejudice, multiply the support given and divide the existing problems.

    Every year more than 80.000 people benefit from the sum of our activities a responsibility we feel strongly and take seriously towards both partici-pants and donors and reciprocate by focusing on transparency, meas-urable and sustainable results.


  • BCC PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center (BCC), 2014 PRAKSIS, - , .

    PRAKSIS BCC - JPMorgan Chase .. . . ... , , - , .



    An initiative byNGO PRAKSIS

  • The PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center (BCC) is a new initiative launched in 2014 by PRAKSIS aiming to support the unemployed from socially vul-nerable sectors by helping to get them back into meaningful employment, specifically self-employment.

    Our funders for the first year are the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and the US Embassy in Athens. The Foundation works to support initiatives that promote the development and growth of small businesses and social en-terprises to create jobs. The US Embassy shares our belief that encourag-ing entrepreneurship and the creation of sustainable enterprises, will help stabilize the Greek economy and help individuals, families and the local economy to grow.


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    An initiative byNGO PRAKSIS

  • 9Scopeof the programThe scope of the program is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to establish viable business ventures and contribute to the economic development of a region.

    The BCC functions as a support center for the selected candidates offering training, consulting and coaching in order to help materialize their entrepreneurial goals and ultimately create Small and Medium sized enterprises.

    The participants benefit by becoming active and productive members of society while creating financial injections and other multiplier effects into their local economies.

    The benefits of these small businesses expand beyond the individuals and their families and into their local neighborhoods and society as a whole. Ultimately, they can provide work places to other individuals.

    In times when the Greek financial crisis has profoundly changed the daily lives of so many and poverty has risen to unprecedented levels, the PRAKSIS BCC is standing by the socially and economically marginalized and helping to get them back into active society.

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    An initiative byNGO PRAKSIS

  • Participant Profiles Short-term and long-term unemployed On the verge of economic ruin 60% are women From all age groups without discrimination


    Selection processThe participants are selected through a rigorous process in order toensure the: viability of their business idea social and economic impact of their business idea grit and determination of the individual to become an entrepreneur

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    Crowd Funding ( - ) One-up* One-up - , . - , . , PRAKSIS BCC - .

    * One-up - PRAKSIS BCC. LIMMAT , , . One-up -.



    An initiative byNGO PRAKSIS


  • How we secure Seed FundingSelf FundingParticipants are encouraged to invest private capital, even in small amounts, to start up their businesses, as this ensures their full commitment to the success of the startup.

    Crowd Funding through the One-up platform*The One-up Crowd Funding platform enables beneficiaries who have good business plans to attract donations from individuals, foundations and busi-nesses from Greece and abroad. The One-up platform also showcases particular material needs that allow companies and individuals to make donations in-kind. To that end, PRAKSIS BCC is creating networks both within and outside Greece.

    *The One-up platform has been designed with the graduates of the BCC entrepreneurial program in mind. The creation of the One-up platform has been funded by the Swiss Limmat Foundation. Limmat strives to provide people in need with a good education in various fields and, thanks to their competence and motivation, can improve their living conditions and con-tribute to the common good. The One-up platform is an innovative form of crowd funding specifically targeted towards new entrepreneurs.


  • PRAKSIS BCC Action Finance Initiative ( Action Aid Hellas Adie), .

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    An initiative byNGO PRAKSIS

  • Micro FinancingPRAKSIS BCC has developed a partnership with Action Finance Initiative (an initiative of Action Aid Hellas in cooperation with French microfinance organization Adie) to complement its efforts by providing one more financial tool to its beneficiaries: Micro-financing. CSR Programs Large enterprises in Greece and abroad can also support the BCC and its beneficiaries endeavours by adopting a business thus embracing all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility: monetary donations used as seed funding, in kind donations (furniture, equipment or products), but also pro bono services through its employees (accounting, software, legal ser-vices, etc).

    InvestmentsPrivate individuals can also invest in some of the startups directly, partially providing seed funding and buying out a share of the new business created.




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    An initiative byNGO PRAKSIS

  • Real life examplesand testimonials

    My experience up until today is not just positive but exceptional and I feel I really progressed greatly. I improved my idea and I made it a plan, ready I believe, for funding. Natu-rally, I did not do that alone, but through my cooperation with the consult-ants and attendance of the seminars.

    I progressed because I could communicate my business idea, my propos-al, to a wide variety of people. This resulted in a re-evaluation of my idea, improving the way I presented it and testing the degree it was understood and accepted by others.

    I also progressed personally because I met new people, worked in a team, helped and was helped, things that due to being a stay at home mum, I had forgotten.

    P.A.,mother of three, who is creating a relaxation center for parents and children on the autism spectrum; an idea shes developed through the experiences shes gained, and lack of services shes received in raising her own autistic son.


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