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Backup Slides. David Doll. Beyond SM theories. Mark Wise paper. BBU starting point and expansion. Look at 2.24 and 2.26 to see difference between kinetic and pole scheme in hep -ph/0607316. Former Analysis extended. Novosibirsk function: Argus function:. Source Babar doc. where:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Backup SlidesDavid DollBeyond SM theoriesMark Wise paperBBU starting point and expansionLook at 2.24 and 2.26 to see difference between kinetic and pole scheme in hep-ph/0607316Former Analysis extendedNovosibirsk function:

Argus function:

Source Babar docwhere:

m0 is peak position, is width, is tail parameter

Source Phys. Lett. B 241, 278 (1990)where a and b are parameters to be fitY(3S) and Such PropertiesWidth = 20.5 +/- 2.5 MeV (hbar = 6.58 x 10^-16 eVs)Liftime = 3.2 x 10 ^-23 sBBbar decay > 96% of the time (PDG)

SVT ExtendedBest angular information comes from inner points, not subject to multiple scattering.Particles with p_t less than 100MeV/c dont make the drift chamber, and only with p_t > 120 MeV/c is the drift chamber reliable.Goal of 70% eff. In tracking information for 50-120 MeV/c particlesCoverage is between 20.1 and 150.2 degrees.5 Layers, double sided, inside (junction side) measures z, outside measures phi for first 3 layers, opposite for last 2.~150,000 channelsInner 3 layers for measuring impact parameters, outer two for pattern recognition and low p_t tracking.

SVT Extended dE/dx formula for charged particles (from infn):

Bethe-Bloch formulaMC simulation of SVT (source Babar doc).Reversed biased silicon diode detectors8DCH Extended

AUVAUVAUVA arrangement of the superlayers (10), each consisting of 4 layers.Axial (A) and stereo (U,V)1.08%X0 at normal incidencedE/dx from ionization loss

DIRC extendedCherenkov Angle relation:Forward end has a mirror to reflect forward propagating photonsIndex of refraction for fused silica = 1.473

EMC extended15.8 to 141.8o polar angle coverage (90% CM coverage)Energy resolution described empirically by:

where a represents fluctuations in photon statistics and electronic noise, and b, constant term, comes from non-uniformity in light collection, influence of material in front, and calibration uncertaintyUltimately, a = 2.32% and b = 1.85%

Radiation length, corresponding to the length for an electron to drop to 1/e its energy, or 7/9 the mean free path for pair production of a photon.EMC ExtendedSource photon for low energy calibration from the process:19F + n 16N + , 16N 16O* + , 16O* 16O +

IFR Extended21 active detector layers in the barrel, 18 in the endcaps

Bakelite sheet bulk resistivity is 10^11 10^12 ohm cmGas: 56.7% Argon, 38.8% Freon 134a, and 4.5% isobutaneGraphite surfaces connected to ~8kV and ground.IFR ExtendedLST

Punzi FOM extended