Applications of bernoulli principle

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  • 1. Applications of Bernoullis Principle

2. P+ gy + 2 v= constantIf no change in height: P + v2 = constant slower speed faster speed more pressureless pressure 3. As the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure in the fluid decreases. P 1/v 4. Motion of fluid Pressure in fluidkinetic energy potential energyKE + PE is constant 5. dvd/4If incompressible fluid (density = ), change in pressure? 6. Bernoulli & Flight Bernoullis Principle is what allows birds and planes to fly. The secret behind flight is under the 7. AIRFOILOn top: greater air speed and less air pressureOn bottom: less air speed and more air pressure 8. LIFTTHRUSTDRAG GRAVITY 9. v2 v1Net force on wing? A(v2 v1 3 air = 1.29 kg/m 22) 10. Spoiler airfoil reversed less air speed more pressure greater air speed less pressurenet force: downward 11. RacecarSpoiler provides better traction and avoids lift 12. Wind over a roofPatm = Proof + 2 vv proofv=0 patm 13. slow air speedfast air speed 14. Curve Ball 15. Golf ball dimples 16. Winds over a mountain 17. Shower Curtain 18. Atomizer As air passes at top of tube, the pressure decreases and fluid is drawn up the tube.