Aplicaciones de las espectroscopías IR y Raman al Patrimonio Curie Research...

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Transcript of Aplicaciones de las espectroscopías IR y Raman al Patrimonio Curie Research...

  • Aplicaciones de las espectroscopías

    IR y Raman

    al Patrimonio Histórico y Cultural

    Concepción Domingo Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC

    28006 Madrid, Spain

  • I

    λ (nm)




  • Raman and IR Transitions

    IR Absorptions


  • Energy Levels of CO2Energy Levels of CO2




    \\ \\


    E ne

    rg y

    E ne

    rg y ,

    , D if

    fe re

    nc e

    D if

    fe re

    nc e

    cmcm -- 11

    ZeroZero PtPt IIRR IIRR


    ?1 ?2


  • Vibrations of CO2

    No dipole change Dipole change Dipole change

  • IR and Raman Spectra of CO2IR and Raman Spectra of CO2

    4000 2000 0 Wavenumber (cm-1)

    4000 2000 0

    % T

    ra ns

    m is

    si on Infrared


    Raman spectrum

    Sc at

    te ri

    ng In

    te ns


  • Análisis de materiales para determinar:

    - Producción y métodos (análisis) - Deterioro (cambios) -Conservación (asesorar)

    “Scientific Examination of Art: Modern Techniques in Conservation and Analysis”

    (Sackler NAS Colloquium), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2005


  • Objetos del Patrimonio

    - Desde cañones sumergidos en el mar hasta miniaturas de marfil

    - Piedra, papel, metal, textiles, vidrio, …

    - Sustratos, Pigmentos, aglutinantes, conservantes, consolidantes, …


  • IR-spectra

  • Bone glue (from collagen)

    Fish glue (gelatin)



  • CARBOHYDRATES Starches (C6H10O5)n.


    OILS Linseed oil

    Beeswax 70 % higher aliphatic esters, 13 % free wax acids 12% hydrocarbons

  • Turpentine C10H16, Turpentine is commonly used as a thinner or diluent for oil paints and varnishes and as a raw material for the chemical industry



  • Acrylate



  • Ph. Colomban, M.-P. Etcheverry, M. Asquier, M. Bounichou, A. Tournié. « Raman Identification of Ancient Stained Glasses and their Degree of Deterioration » J. Raman Spectrosc. 37 (2006).

    LA SAINTE CHAPELLE (PARIS) La revue de la céramique et du verre, 148, 18-21(2006)

  • http://www.eu-artech.org/

  • MOLAB MOBILE LABORATORY 10 instruments are available - fibre-optics FTIR -micro Raman - fibre-optics UV fluorescence spectrometry - fibre-optics Vis-NIR spectrometry - scanning IR reflectometry - laser micro-profilometry - XRF - fluorescence spectrometry - NMR tomography - DRMS

  • Instituto do Arquivos Nacionais - TORRE DO TOMBO -

    Portugal May 06

    Comparative characterisation of two medieval codex of the 12 th Century and

    damage assesment of the parchment support

    M 1 3

    MOL AB

    Uni OVIEDO - Institute of Petrology - SpainApr 06

    Analysis of polychromies and of the effects of consolidation in the stones of the facades of the Cathedral and Provincial Museum of

    Huesca, Spain

    M 1 2

    MOL AB

    25th Ephorate of prehistoric and classical antiquities-

    ATHENS - Greece Apr 06

    In-situ identification of the penetration depth of consolidants on bioclastic limestones

    through micro-drilling measurements

    M 1 1

    MOL AB

    Hamilton Kerr Institute, Uni of CAMBRIDGE - United

    Kingdom Jan 06The Macclesfield Psalter & Metz Pontifical

    M 1 0

    MOL AB

    English Heritage - LONDON - United Kingdom

    Jan 06Investigation of silver tarnish risk and remaining protection afforded by lacquers

    M 9

    MOL AB

    Courtauld Institute of Art, Department of Conservation and Technolgy LONDON -

    United Kingdom

    Dec 05 Non-invasive analysis of materials from

    paitings by Paul Cezanne in the Courtauld Institute Gallery, London

    M 8

    MOL AB

    National Art Museum of Romania BUCHAREST -

    Romania Sept 05The Four Gospels Book from HumorM

    7 MOL AB

    Institute of inorganic chemistry - Academy of Science of Czech

    Republic-PRAGUE June 05

    Study of the painting technique of Johann Baptist Lampi, father and son, at the

    Moravian Gallery in Brno

    M 6

    MOL AB

    Hermitage Museum - SAINT- PETERSBURG - Russia

    May 05 Scientific non-destructive examination of

    Leonardo paintings in The Hermitage Museum

    M 5

    MOL AB

    Archaeologic Institute of Macedonia & Thrace -


    March- April 05

    Investigation of the St. Euthymios chapel wall paintings at the Basilica of St. Demetrius

    in Thessaloniki.

    M 4

    MOL AB

    National Gallery - LONDON - United Kingdom

    March 05 A technical study of Leonardo’s "Virgin of the

    Rocks" and associated Leonardesque paintings

    M 3

    MOL AB

    Victoria & Albert Museum - LONDON - United Kingdom

    March 05 Composition and structure of lustre

    decorations on original Italian Renaissance lustreware

    M 2

    MOL AB

    Musée des Beaux-Arts et d'Archéologie - BESANCON -

    France July 04Examination of "Lamentation over the dead

    Christ" by Agnolo Bronzino M 1

    MOL AB

  • Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) -

    Restoration and Preventive Conservation Department

    BARCELONA - Spain

    Study of surface layers and other substances applied in the past on the Parian and Pentelic marbles of the Greek sculpture of Esculapio from Empúries (Girona): control

    of cleaning methodologies

    M 2 1

    MOL AB

    Wallace Collection LONDON - United Kingdom

    Study of the composition and structure of lustre decorations on original Italian

    Renaissance lusterware at the Wallace Collection

    M 2 0

    MOL AB

    Gemeentemuseum DEN HAAG - The Netherlands

    Art technological research toward the Victory Boogie Woogie (1942-1944) by Piet


    M 1 9

    MOL AB

    Victoria and Albert Museum LONDON - United KingdomOct 06

    Study of gemstones, metal alloys and enamels in historical jewellery at the Victoria

    and Albert Museum, by non-destructive techniques

    M 1 8

    MOL AB

    Staatliche Kunstammlungen Dresden - Porzellansamlung

    DRESDEN - Germany June 06Paint on early Meissen Stoneware

    M 1 7

    MOL AB

    Gemäldegalerie- Staatliche Museen zu BERLIN - Germany

    June 06

    A technical study of the paintings "Amor vincit omnia" by Caravaggio, "Portrait of a lady (Dorotea)" and "Reclining nude of a

    woman in a landscape (Cerere)" by Sebastiano del Piombo

    M 1 6

    MOL AB

    Sopritendenza speciale per il polo museale di NAPOLI - ItalyMay 06

    Drawing and colour in designing a painting : Polidoro artwork in Capodimonte

    M 1 5

    MOL AB

    Instituto Portugues de Concervaçao e Restauro -

    LISBOA - Portugal May 06Casas pintadas de Evora

    M 1 4

    MOL AB

  • http://www.eu-artech.org/files/UserReportBurgio.pdf Project: Study of the composition and structure of lustre decorations on original Italian Reinassance lustreware User Group Leader: Lucia Burgio Location: Victoria and Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom

  • http://www.eu-artech.org/files/UserReportStoulig.pdf Project: Study of the painting Lamentation on the dead Christ by Agnolo di Cosimo di Mariano, called Il Bronzino, 1545 User Group Leader: Claire Stoulig Location : Musée des Beaux Arts et de Archeologie, Besançon, France

    FT-IR spectra collected on whitish and yellowish lacunas present in the lower part of the painting showed particular absorptions at 2135, 2235, 2304, 2378 cm-1 together with a band at 1207 cm-1 characterized by a reststrahlen shape. They have been compared with the reflectance spectrum of a typical protein, animal glue, presenting all the main features of this substances: amide I-1670 cm-1, carbonyl stretching vibration; amide II-1580cm-1, combination of CN and NH vibrations; amide III-1470 and 1406 cm-1, CH bending vibrations

  • MOLAB at the Musée des Beaux Arts et de Archeologie, Besançon, France

  • http://www.eu-artech.org/files/User%20Report%20MOLAB_Putna.pdf Project: Romanian illuminated medieval manuscripts – Scientific research on the materials and techniques User Group Leader: Mihai Lupu,

    National Art Museum of Romania , Bucharest, Romania Location: Monastery of Putna, Suceava County, Romania

    Research on the materials and techniques was carried out using the following MOLAB in-situ techniques: XRF, micro-Raman, fiber-optic Mid FT-IR and NIR

  • 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800



    Números de onda/cm-1

    In te

    ns id

    ad R

    am an

    ( u.

    a. )

    200 300 400


    In te

    ns id

    ad R

    am an

    ( u.

    a. )

    Números de onda/cm-1

    200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800