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Transcript of Annex A – List of Symbols - Springer978-3-540-68765-8/1.pdfAnnex A – List of Symbols 1. Turbine...

  • Annex A List of Symbols

    1. Turbine sideA swept area, m2

    cp power coefficientcT torque coefficientD rotor diameter, mF force, Nn rotational speed, s1

    v wind velocity, m/s tip speed ratio blade angle pitch angle specific air mass, kg/m3

    2. Generator and grid side

    C capacitancecos active factorf frequency, HzI line current, AL inductancen rotational speed, s1

    P power, loss, WP0 input power at no-load, WP1 input power, excluding excitation, WP2 output power, WPe excitation circuit losses, WPf excitation (field) winding losses, WPfe iron losses, WPfw friction and windage losses, WPC constant losses, WPL load losses, W


  • 180 Annex A List of Symbols

    Q reactive power, VAR winding resistance, Q reactive powers slip, in per unit value of synchronous speedS apparent powerT machine torque, N mU voltage, VX reactance, Y admittance, Z = R+ j X notation of a complex quantity (impedance as example)Z = |Z| =

    R2 +X2 absolute value of a complex quantity (impedance as

    example)Z impedance, zp number of pole pairs load angle (synchronous machines) power factor phase angle magnetic flux, Wb short-circuit impedance angle flux linkage, Wb leakage factor pulsation, s1 angular speed, s1 efficiency temperature, C time constant, s

    SubscriptsMachine component

    1, 2 primary, secondarya armaturee excitationf field windingph per-phase valuer rotors statorsyn synchronousw windingU, V, W phase designations

    Machine category

    E exciterG generatorM motor

  • Annex A List of Symbols 181

    Operating condition

    0 no-load1 input2 outputav average, meanB base valued dissipated, direct currentel electricali internalk short-circuitmech mechanicaln nominalN rated

    Note: Units are SI-units

  • Annex B List of Abbreviations

    AC Alternating currentCSI Current source inverterDC Direct currentDSO Distribution system operatorEDLC Electric double-layer capacitorEU European UnionEWIS European wind integration studyHV High voltageHVDC High voltage DCIEC International Electrotechnical CommissionIEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic EngineersLPZ Lightning protection zoneLV Low voltageMPP Maximum power pointPCC Point of common connectionPMSM Permanent magnet excited synchronous machinePOC Point of connectionPV Photo voltaicPWM Pulse width modulationSEIG Self-excited induction generatorTFM Transversal flux machineTHD Total harmonic distortionTSO Transmission system operatorUCTE Union for the coordination of Transmission of ElectricityVSI Voltage source inverterWES Wind energy system


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  • Index

    A.c. power controllers, 70A.c./a.c. inverters, 56Accelerating (motoring) torque, 123A.c./d.c. inverters, 56, 57Active front-end inverter, 6466Active power and frequency, 155156Active-stall, 21Admittances, 41Aerofoil theory, 14Air-gap torque, 122Armature short-circuit time constant, 133Armature winding, 43Asynchronous machine models

    in coordinates, 120123in field-oriented components, 124125modal component model, 123124small deviations from steady state, 126127transient model, 125126

    Asynchronous machines (AM), 29, 40, 148models, see Asynchronous machine modelspower conversion in, 30T-model circuit, 3132

    Audio frequency transmission compatibility,165166

    Axial field machines, 4950Axial flux generators, 96

    Battery-loaders, 70, 84, 107Betz theory, 15Bipolar transistors, 61Breakdown-torque, 33

    Choppers, see D.c./d.c. invertersClarke transformation, 117, 119120Combined generation, systems in

    diesel generation, combination with,103104

    renewable power sources, combination withother, 104106

    Compressed air storage devices, 7778Conformity level, 160Connection factor, 148Constant speed, 85Converters

    control, 94with intermediate circuits, 67modeling, 133135

    CSI, see Current-source inverter (CSI)Current-source inverter (CSI), 57, 6061, 67Cyclic converters, 67

    Danish concept, 52, 82, 83D.c./a.c. inverters, 56D.c./d.c. inverters, 57, 6770Dimensionless flicker coefficient, 162Direct driven generators, 48, 51, 95Double-layer capacitors, 75Doubly-fed asynchronous machine, 52, 9394Drag coefficient, 1416

    EDLC, see Electrochemical double-layercapacitors (EDLC)

    Electrical angle, 4445Electrical energy storage, 7576Electrical equipment

    conventional, 55energy storage devices, 71

    electrical energy storage, 7576electrochemical energy storage, 7175mechanical energy storage, 7679

    power electronic converters, 5557a.c. power controllers, 70converters with intermediate circuits, 67d.c./d.c. choppers, 6770


  • 190 Index

    external-commutated inverters, 5761self-commutated inverters, 6167

    Electrical shaft, 84Electrical supply, wind energy contribution to

    governmental regulations, 89installed power, 37technical standardization and local issues,

    78Electric power transmission, 84Electrochemical double-layer capacitors

    (EDLC), 75Electrochemical energy storage, 7175Electromagnetic torque, 125Electronic synchronous machine, 106EN 50160, 161Energy density of pump storage systems, 77Energy storage devices, 71

    electrical energy storage, 7576electrochemical energy storage, 7175mechanical energy storage, 7679

    E p, 129European Wind Integration Study (EWIS), 4,

    177EWIS, see European Wind Integration Study

    (EWIS)External-commutated inverters, 5761

    Fast-running turbines, 13Flicker, 151Flickermeters, 161Floating offshore wind turbines, 172Flux-building component, 125Flywheel storage devices, 7879Force, 15Fortescue transformation, 118

    Gamma-equivalent model, 42Generators, 29

    asynchronous machinesgrid operation, 3438model assumptions, 3133operation at given stator current, 39operation at given stator voltage, 3334performance equations and equivalent

    circuits, 3139per unit representation, 38principles of operation, 30reactive power compensation, 4041self-excited operation, 4143

    comparison, 5253synchronous machines

    complex locus and vector representation,4546

    model assumptions, 44

    operation at given passive load, 4647operation at given stator voltage, 4445performance equations and equivalent

    circuits, 4448permanent magnet excitation, 48principles of operation, 43unconventional machine types, 4852

    Glide ratio, 14Gravity foundation, 171Grid connection, basics of, 147Grid-dependent switching current factor, 163Grid fault reaction, 144145Grid integration and power quality

    grid connection, basics of, 147noise emission, 166167

    sound emission by WES, 167170permissible power ratings for, 147150power quality

    audio frequency transmission compatibil-ity, 165166

    harmonics, 158159voltage deviations and flicker, 159164

    power variation and grid reaction,150151

    standard requirementslightning protection, 152154reactive power compensation, 152safety-relevant set values, 152

    system operator regulations, 154155active power and frequency, 155156reactive power and voltage, 156157short-circuit and fault ride-through, 158

    Grid reaction, power variation and, 150151Grid regulations, 162Grid-supplied a.c. drives, 40

    Harmonics, 158159Harmonic currents, Permissible levels of, 159High temperature superconductors (HTSC), 76High-voltage AC connections, 173High-voltage DC connections, 173174HTSC, see High temperature superconductors

    (HTSC)Hybrid model, 134

    IEC, see International ElectrotechnicalCommission (IEC)

    IEC 61000-3, 160IEEE, see The Institute of Electrical and

    Electronics Engineers (IEEE)IEEE standards, 29IGBT, 61Inductive components, 122Inductive factor, 165

  • Index 191

    Inductor, 43pole flux, 129

    Infra-noise, 7Institute of Electrical and Electronics

    Engineers (IEEE), 201International Electrotechnical Commission

    (IEC), 7Inverter performance, 150151

    Kirchhoffs law, 36Kramer system, super-synchronous, 9093

    Lead-acid batteries, 7174LIBERTY, 96Lift/drag ratio, see Glide ratioLightning protection, 152154Lightning protection zones (LPZ), 152154Limiting cable length, 173Linear capacitor voltage function, 42Linear network theory, 87Load

    angle, 45torque deviation, 126127

    Low temperature superconductors (LTSC), 76LPZ, see Lightning protection zones (LPZ)LTSC, see Low temperature superconductors


    Machineswith excitation winding, 9697performance, 30with permanent magnet excitation, 97102

    Matrix converters, 67Maximum power point (MPP) tracking, 138Mechanical energy storage, 7679Modal component transformations, 115116-model, 87Modern wind turbines, theory of, 5Modular magnet machines, 52Modulation ratio, 63Monopile foundation, 172MOSFET, 61MPP, see Maximum power point (MPP)MULTIBRID, 96Multi inertia system, 135

    NaS-batteries, 74Nature conservation, 174176NdFeB magnet material, 97NiCd-batteries, 74NiMH-batteries, 74Noise emission, 166167

    sound emission by WES, 167170

    Operation management, basics of, 143states of operation

    disconnect on emergency, 144disconnect on fault, 144load run, 144retardation, 144run-up, 144shut-down, 144standstill, 143start up, 144system check, 143waiting, 144

    Ossanna diagramme, 35Overmodulation, 64

    Park theory, 44Park transformation, 117, 120PCC, see Point of common connection (PCC)Performance and operation management, 115

    basics of, 143grid fault reaction, 144145states of operation, 143144

    system component modelsasynchronous machine models, 120127converter modeling, 133135modeling the drive train, 135137model representation, 115120synchronous machine models, 127133

    system controlcontrol of systems feeding into the grid,

    139143multiple input control, 139optimum control by model characteristic,

    138optimum control by MPP tracking,

    138139Permanent magnet, 129

    excitation, 48, 97102machines, 97

    Permanent magnet excited synchrous machines(PMSM), 107

    systems with, 107111Photovoltaic (PV) generator, 106Pitching mechanism, 20PMSM, see Permanent magnet excited

    synchrous machines (PMSM)Point of common connection (PCC), 147,

    159, 162Point of connection (POC), 145, 152Pole axis, 44Power behaviour of induction machine, 37Power electronic converters

    converters with intermediate circuits, 67d.c./d.c. choppers, 6770

  • 192 Index

    external-commutated inverters, 5761self-commutated inverters, 6167

    Power factor, 152Power-invariant and power-variant transforma-

    tion, 116117Power limitation concepts, 22

    see also Pitching mechanism; Stallmechanism

    Power qualityaudio frequency transmission compatibility,

    165166harmonics, 158159voltage deviations and flicker, 159164

    Power ratings, 147150Power-variant transformation, 121Power variation and grid reaction, 150151Pulse width modulation (PWM), 63, 67, 143

    inverters, 151, 173PWM, see Pulse width modulation (PWM)

    Rayleigh distribution, 85Reactive power

    compensation, 152current-source inverter, 6061and voltage, 156157voltage-source inverter, 6667

    Rectifiers, see A.c./d.c. invertersReference-component-invariant transforma-

    tions, 116Reference energy yield, 26Reference flux linkage, 38Reference inductance, 38Renewable energies

    sources of, 12sources of electrical energy production, 23wind and solar energy, 3

    RES-E projection, 178Resistance, 74

    Safety-relevant set values, 152Sankey-diagram, 37Secondary batteries, 7475SEIG, see Self-excited induction generator

    (SEIG)Self-commutated inverters, 6167Self-commutated voltage-source converter, 66Self-excitation, 41Self-excited induction generator (SEIG),

    4243, 111112Short-circuit, 144, 145

    and fault ride-through, 158Slip, 3132Slipringless excitation, 96

    SMES, see Superconducting magnetic energystorage (SMES)

    Soft-start devices, 70Solar energy, 1Space phasors, transformation into, 117118Spring coefficient of shaft segment, 135Stall mechanism, 2022Stand-alone systems

    induction generator, systems with, 111113PMSM, systems with, 107111small systems in the kW range, 106107

    Superconducting magnetic energy storage(SMES), 76

    Superconducting storage devices, 76Super-synchronous cascade, 60Super-synchronous Kramer system, 9093Synchronous angular speed, 38Synchronous generator inductors, 44Synchronous machines (SM), 29, 43, 95

    complex locus and vector representation,4546

    in grid-operation, 4546model assumptions, 44models, see Synchronous machine modelsoperation at given passive load, 4647operation at given stator voltage, 4445performance equations and equivalent

    circuits, 4448permanent magnet excitation, 48principles of operation, 43unconventional machine types, 4852

    Synchronous machine modelsmachine with damper cage, 131132machine with fieldwinding on the rotor,

    127129modeling the drive train, 135138reactance operators and frequency response,

    132133for small deviations from steady state,

    130131transient model, 129130

    System component modelsasynchronous machine models, 120127converter modeling, 133135modeling the drive train, 135137model representation, 115120synchronous machine models, 127133

    System controlcontrol of systems feeding into the grid,

    139143multiple input control, 139optimum control by model characteristic,

    138optimum control by MPP tracking, 138139

  • Index 193

    System operator regulations, 154155active power and frequency, 155156reactive power and voltage, 156157short-circuit and fault ride-through, 158

    Terminal voltage, 39TFM, see Transversal flux machines (TFM)ThD, see Total harmonic distortionThree-phase full wave bridge inverter, 6162Thyristor bridge inverter, 5760Torque, 1416, 1920, 33, 39, 122123, 125,

    126127, 138building component, 125variations, 150

    Total harmonic distortion (THD), 1590 transformation, 121Transformation, non-rotating frame, 118Transformations and reference frames,

    118120Transient inductor e.m.f., 129Transmission system operators (TSO),

    147, 177Transversal flux machines (TFM), 51Tripod, 172TSO, see Transmission system operators

    (TSO)Two-axis theory, see Park theory

    Unconventional designs, 48axial field machines, 4950transversal flux machines, 51

    Unconventional machine typesdirect driven generators, 48unconventional designs, 48

    axial field machines, 4950modular magnet machines, 52transversal flux machines, 51variable reluctance machines, 52

    Uninterruptible power supplies(UPS), 79

    UPS, see Uninterruptible power supplies(UPS)

    VACODYM 655 AP, 9798Variable reluctance machines, 52VENSYS, 95Voltage deviations and flicker, 159164Voltage source inverter (VSI), 33, 57, 61, 66,

    67, 134Voltage-source PWM inverter, 6264VSI, see Voltage source inverter (VSI)

    Water power, 1Water pump storage, 7677WES, see Wind energy systems (WES)Wind and solar energy, 3Wind energy, future of

    capability of, 85off-shore wind energy generation, 171

    connection, 172174foundation, 171172issues and concerns, 174176

    power integration and outlookintegration in supranational grids, 177outlook on 2020, 177178wind energy in power generation mix, 177

    Wind energy contribution to electrical supplygovernmental regulations, 89installed power, 37technical standardization and local issues,

    78Wind energy systems (WES), 81

    properties of, 100102systems for feeding into grid, 8485

    asynchronous generators in static cascades,8694

    commercial systems, 103induction generators for direct grid

    coupling, 8586synchronous generators, 95102

    systems for island operationstand-alone systems, 106113systems in combined generation, 103106

    systems overview, 8182systems feeding into the grid, 8283systems for island supply, 8384wind pumping systems with electrical

    power transmission, 84Windmills, 11Wind turbines, 11

    power characteristics and energy yieldannual energy yield, 2627control and power limitation, 2022system power characteristics, 2325wind classes, 22

    torque, 138wind energy conversion

    forces and torque, 1416power conversion and power coefficient,

    1114wind regime and utilization

    power and torque characteristics, 1920power distribution and energy, 1819wind velocity distribution, 1718

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