AIESEC Athens - Go to Egypt - March 2012

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More info and applications at Deadline: 6th of April 2012

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These are the available projects for Global Community Development Programme in Egypt for March - April 2012

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  • More info and applications at

    Deadline: 6th of April 2012

  • ; [email protected]

  • Vision: Horreya Project to be one of the most active project helping human right NGOs providing them with professional prospective helping them to achieve their vision along the years

    Edge of the experience: Working on an actual national issue for the whole country To involve for a short professional experience with the NGOs To create a truly global learning environment building on each other

    on the same issue Promoting leadership and stage of confidence for youth

    Horreya Human Rights is one of the most important

    issues for Egyptian people. After the 25th Revolution, there was a huge waking up call

    for all Egyptians that they know that they have duties and they have rights. Egypt have more than 500 active NGOs in Human Right

    section and we as one of the most active youth organizations in the country, we want to take part of this issue by providing these NGOs by

    international talents which help them develop, deliver their messages and events in

    qualitative way so they can fulfill their vision.

    Video: Margarita and Stefania in Horreya Project

  • City: Cairo, Egypt Duration: 1.5 months Background of Internship: Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources and Talent Management Education and Project Management Other conditions: Accommodation provided

    AIESEC Egypt Reception Booklet

  • Emergency Procedures for AIESEC Egypt Introduction: Egypt have witnessed a great era in its history .While some of the revolution parts werent entirely peaceful due to the regimes resistance however Egypt have always been a safe place to live in even in times of the revolution itself in January 2011 .All the unfortunate events that happen in Egypt have been exaggerated by the media a lot also the events all happen in Tahrir square. You could pass all your stay without going there and still proceed with your daily life and go out as well. (Check the image of Tahrir compared to Cairo)

    Since the time of the revolution in January 2011 till February 2012 AIESEC Egypt have provided over 500 Exchange opportunities to its interns while staying safe at all times. As a precaution measure AIESEC Egypt has designed some Emergency Procedures in Case of Riots and emergency situations that could happen to our interns.

  • Procedures in case of Danger: 1. The intern while in Cairo has contacts of all LCEB and MC address to contact in case of danger. 2. Before Leaving Cairo for Trips they should inform the EP buddy and their LC with their address there. 3. The LC advices the intern once s/he arrives places NOT to go anytime of their stay. 4. The LC is responsible for the safety of the intern if some danger happens either by hosting in safe places or getting them to the airport and facilitate the process as much as possible to fly home. Testimonials by a Greek intern during revolution: During my internship in Cairo I had the chance to be present, watch and sometimes even take part to the back then current developments, that happened to become worldwide known and changed the political scenery in Egypt, hopefully once and for ever. During those days, situation out in the streets of Cairo was quite worrisome. Although it began as a peaceful protest for the citizens rights due to the strategies and tactics that the Last president followed the last days ended up quiet dangerous. It was forbidden to walk out in the streets during the largest part of the day plus that the communication even with my family back in Greece was quite difficult due to the internet and telephone lines problems. In addition, the armys presence was really noticeable out in the streets, which were overcrowded by army vehicles. But i have to mention that indeed the armys presence there helped to maintain the internal sustainability of the city and to prevent worse riots to happen. It is quite appreciable though, that all the members of AIESEC and particularly the persons that were responsible for us, were really supportive and protective to us. Although it wasnt easy because of the curfew to be constantly with us, they took good care of us and many were the times that they gave us good instructions to cope well with the situation. So thanks to the co-coordinative movements of the AIESECers and the even deal of the situation we were lucky enough to reach our way to the airport and eventually coming back to our countries. Eventually, all that happened back then were an experience that probably i will never have the chance to live again and hopefully the results of all those riots and protests made clear to all other nations that it is admirable to fight for your rights and for what you deserve and yes indeed at the end Egyptians achieved their goals. Xristina Kostaki Student at Athens University of Economics and Business AIESEC Development Intern at TMA, Dec 2010-Jan 2011 Email: [email protected]

  • TMA is the NGO that created and supports HOPE Project, the Youth to Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project in Egypt

    Egypt, where it all begins

  • Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

    Egypt is amazing place to have internship because of the culture, weather, people and city I experienced there. You are sure that even after a year leaving there you will be surprised. Cairo never sleeps and neither you can do it! My one year experience in Cairo was amazing, full of learning and testing myself, finding real friends and leaving unforgettable moments. I am sure this was my life experience. If I could choose now again where to go for an internship, I have no doubts I would choose Egypt! Recommendation for those who plan to go to Egypt: be ready to be surprised (a lot and very often)!


    I was doing my research through AIESECs intranet looking for my internship and I had clear I wanted to pick one of these countries I wouldnt probably have the

    chance to work at and AIESEC was giving me the opportunity. Honestly, I didnt know much about Egypt before besides the Pyramids. Once I saw there were internships in

    Egypt, I looked some information up on the internet and I got interested about it. It would be a clich if I say that it was the best experience Ive ever had, but as the

    time passes I realize I have been so lucky to experience my internship in Egypt and I would never change it.


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    Interviews Selection: 8-11th of April

    Raising Forms Payment of Fee (12o ): 11th of April

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