A world of evolution - Boussias Conferences...2018 – Athens, Greece Two brothers inspired by our...

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Transcript of A world of evolution - Boussias Conferences...2018 – Athens, Greece Two brothers inspired by our...

  • A world of evolutionΝΟΜΑΔΑ’s journey is the evolution of thedrinking experience :

    Booming category of functional / flavored watersBooming category of adult , BUT non-alcoholic drinks

    “Social Drinking evolves into Healthy SocialDrinking… “Drinking and feeling good” evolves into “Drinking and being well”…

  • Wellness gets you everywhere!An ancient wellness remedy that has travelled the world for 4000 years,now enjoyed as a perfectly crafted and refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

    ΝΟΜΑΔΑ Honey Soda is made with Thyme Honey from Crete and Sicilianaromatic lemons from the volcanic soil around Mount Etna.

    100% Natural - 100% Good for you! A recipe for wellness that gets you everywhere!

  • ΝΟΜΑΔΑ may have been launched in 2018, its recipe however has been traveling the world for 4000 years, just like a Nomad.

    This timeless journey still continues today inside the NOMAΔA bottle.

    2.000 B.C. - BabyloniaBabylonians used

    honey-based medicinesto treat eyes and ears,

    after surgery, or to helpheal stretched

    or pierced ears.

    1550 B.C. - EgyptAncient Egyptians

    used honey and lemonwith water for medical

    purposesand well being.

    773 B.C. - ChinaChinese were

    drinking honey basedbeverages

    for medical use.Either fermented,

    or with lemon.

    529 B.C. - Greece, Ionia,Calabria

    Pythagoras of Samos was theinitiator of the first vegetarian

    diet, the Pythagorean Deit. During his journey in Sicily and Calabria, it is the first time Sicilian lemons are combined with honey and water

    as a natural energysupplement.

    A world of heritage and future...

  • 410 B.C. – Kos, GreeceHippocrates,

    the father of Western Medicine, addresses the health

    benefits of honey.

    18th Century, Nomads After a long journey, nomadic

    tribes introduced a unique recipe in Smyrna and Minor Asia.

    Water, honey and lemon was a basic element of their diet as

    well as their naturalenergy booster

    that kept them going.

    19th century – SmyrnaThe nomadic recipe survivesand is used by many families

    as a natural tonic,enjoyed every morning.

    2018 – Athens, GreeceTwo brothers inspired by

    our Smyrna heritage,decided to introduce the benefits of

    this nourishing precious recipe.We have embraced and enhanced

    the original recipeand offer you a unique taste

    of the nomadic lifestyle.

    A world of heritage and future...

  • Commercial milestones• Envolveentrepreneurship award in 2017 , 12 months R&D• Nomadasoft launch in Q2 2018, formulation finetuning and introduction to the

    market (horeca& trade)• Produced in Greece.• Exported in4markets• June2019 distribution agreement with REZOS Brands forGreekmarket• Innovativeproject for end-consumer online real time ordering , in the pipeline

    Next Steps : grow the brand & co-invest in 2 key markets with local partnersHire local brand ambassadors & assist distributors in brand buildingBuild mkting team / participate international fairs

  • Our vision:

    Cooperation with the FMCG Greek Sector:

    Stemming from Pythagorean Diet, Nomada to become an essential habit and become part of every day routine of health conscious discerning fans all over the world, who enjoy the pleasure of drinking the Champagne of non alcoholic drinks

    • Healthy, New Attitude, New Approach drinking Project • Healthy Corners (in Shops and Super Markets in combination with other wellness products) • Healthy Meal & Dinner (as fundamental part of a gastronomic proposal)

  • A world of adventure