A Realization of Effective SUSY

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A Realization of Effective SUSY. Zhen- hua Zhao ITP,CAS Liu & Zhao arXiv:1312.7389. Contents. Motivation The Model Phenomenological Consequence Summary. Higgs with 125 GeV mass. SM is completed and self-consistent. Gauge Hierarchy Problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of A Realization of Effective SUSY

A Realization of Effective SUSY

A Realization of Effective SUSYZhen-hua ZhaoITP,CAS Liu & Zhao arXiv:1312.7389


The Model

Phenomenological Consequence


Higgs with 125 GeV mass

3SM is completed and self-consistent

Gauge Hierarchy ProblemWhen extrapolated to higher scale , Higgs mass suffers quadratic divergence problem

TeV SUSY is good candidate for solving this problem 4Search for SUSY

Nothing found55MotivationLHC constraints on SUSY particles 1st & 2nd generation squarks heavy as 10 TeV

Original motivation for SUSY: Naturalness 3rd generation & Higgsino, gaugino light as 1 TeV

A model realizing this mass spectrum needed6Effective SUSYFor solving FCNC problem induced by soft terms

irrelevancy hypothesis: 1st&2nd generation squarks very heavy e.g. 10 TeV Naturalness criterion:3rd generation squarks should stay at 1 TeV 7 A. G. Cohen et al hep-ph/9607394 Framework

8Liu hep-ph/0408234N. Craig et al arXiv:1103.3708

Gauge-Mediated-SUSY-BreakingHidden SectorG1 SectorG2 Sector

9Gauge Symmetry BreakingG1G2SM Gauge Symmetry

10Gauge Coupling Constants



Yukawa CouplingOnly Yukawa coupling for 3rd generation allowed Irrelevant operators allowed by G1 G2 exist After Gauge Symmetry Breaking


Produce Yukawa Coupling An extra vector-like generation under G2


N. Craig et al arXiv:1103.3708

Higgs mass and A-term

A. Arbey et al arXiv:1112.302814Higgs-Messenger coupling

Z. F. Kang et al arXiv:1203.233615Fields in G2 sector


Strong UnificationThe ratio of gauge couplings flow to an infrared fixed point

D. Ghilencea et al hep-ph/970746217Landau PoleEW scaleIntermediate scale M

Gauge coupling runningLandau PoleEW scaleIntermediate scale M18

SummaryEffective SUSY can reconcile naturalness requirement with experimental results A realistic model is introduced and its phenomenological consequence discussed

Not only hierarchy among sparticles but also fermions among three generations can be produced

Strong coupling can be predicted without Grand Unification