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  • Hydrology IJozsef Szilagyi, Professor of Hydrology Department of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Lecture #9: Erosion, river morphology, river flow

  • River meanders follow a sine-generated curve: = sin(2s/S)

    : deviation angle: max()s: distance along the pathS: total path distance in a wavelength

  • Depth (%)095Velocity (%)10020

  • With 2 measurements per vertical the accuracy of flowrate calculations is within 3%, with 1, it becomes 4.3%.

    Gauging stations: site must be chosen carefully, the resulting rating curve (h-Q) must be stable in time and be sensitive enough

    Typical rating curve:

    Q = c(h - a)n n > 1Stage (h)Flowrate (Q)Q = 0a

  • Lab #7: Flowratecalculation