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    ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING TEST QUESTION Sunday, October 19, 2008Electronic Test 10 Volume 1

    1. The voltage across two resistors are equal when they are connected inA. series(B) parallelC.parallel-seriesD. series-parallel2. The currect is zero in all resistors connected in series when one resistor isA. leakyB. shorted(C) openedD. 0 3. The physical motion resulting from the forces of magnetic fields is called(A) motor actionB. Faradays lawC. torqueD. Lenzs law4. The voltage output of a cell depends on its A. sizeB. constructionC. type(D) elements5. What is the most common type of dry cell?A. Leclanches cellB. Carbon-zincC. Lithium cell(D) Both A and B

  • 6. With the common collector amplifier,A. the input impedance is lowB. the power gain is always less than 1C. current gain is always less than 1(D) voltage gain is always less than 17. Superconductivity occurs in certain substancesA. only when they are in liquid state(B) only at very low temperaturesC. only at very high temperatureD. at all temperatures8. Of the following quantities, the one that is vector in character is electricA. energyB. charge(C) fieldD. current9. The elcectron in an atom(A) are some distance away from the nucleusB. are bound to its permanentlyC. have more mass than the nucleusD. may be positively or negatively charged10. In a transistor oscillator, ______ is the active device.A. biasing circuit(B) transistorC. LC tank circuitD. PN junction11. If the doping level is increased, the breakdown voltage of a zener(A) is decreasedB. is increasedC. remains the sameD. becomes infinite12. Which of the following statements is false?(A) The proton and neutron have the same mass.B. The electron and proton have different masses.C. The electrons and protons have charges of the same magnitude butopposite in sign.D. Atomic nuclei contain only protons and neutrons.13. Which of the following is neither a basic physical law or derivablefrom one?A. Coulombs law(B) Ohms lawC. Kirchhoffs first lawD. Kirchhoffs second law14. When a pure semiconductor is heated, its resistance(A) goes downB. goes upC. remains the sameD. becomes zero15. The gain of the amplifier with feedback is known as

  • A. open loop gain(B) closed loop gain C. feedback gainD. regenerative gain16. In an ac circuit, the voltageA. leads the currentB. lags the currentC. is in phase with the current(D) is any of the above17. The power dissipated as heat in an ac circuit depends on(A) resistanceB. inductive reactanceC. capacitive reactanceD. impedance18. The emf produced in a wire by its motion across a magnetic fieldDoes not depend onA. the length of the wire(B) the diameter of the wireC. the orientation of the wireD. the flux density of the field19. Eddy currents occur only inA. ferromagnetic materials(B) conductorsC. insulatorsD. coils20. Lenzs law is a consequence of the la of conservation ofA. chargeB. field linesC. momentum(D) energy21. All magnetic fields originate inA. iron atomsB. permanent magnetsC. magnetic domains(D) moving electric charges22. The resistance of a conductor does not depend on its(A) massB. lengthC. cross-section areaD. resistivity23. The ripple will _______ if the filter capacitance is increased.(A) decreaseB. stay the sameC. increaseD. become zero24. Self-bias produces(A) positive feedbackB. negative feedback

  • C. reverse feedbackD. forward feedback25. The field effect transistor when compared to bipolar hasmuch moreA. currentB. voltage gain(C) input resistanceD. supply voltage26. Voltage gain is defined as the ratio of output voltage to(A) input voltageB. ac emitter resistanceC. ac collector resistanceC. generator voltage27. What is the error voltage of an ideal op- amplifier?A. Very smallB. Very large(C) ZeroD. Equal to input voltage28. What is the form of the schematic symbol an op-amplifier?A. A squareB. A circle(C) A triangleD. A rectangle29. Which resistor is good in radio amplifier application?A. Silver micaB. WirewoundC. Tantalum(D) Carton composition30. Which does not denote a type a capacitor?A. Silver-micaB. Air variable(C) FerriteD. Tantalum

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    Friday, October 17, 2008Electronic Test 9 Volume 1

  • 1. The action of a JFET can be compared with that of aA. pentodeB. tetrode(C) triodeD. diode2. What is the equivalent binary of the octal number 673?A. 101111101(B) 110111011C. 110110101D. 1101111113. What is the value of the upper resistance limit of a resistorwith color-coding of Brown, Black, Black, Gold?A. 105 B. 1.5 (C) 10.5 D. 150 4. How do we obtain the time constant of a series inductor and resistor circuit?(A) By dividing the resistance value by the inductance valueB. By multiplying the inductance value by the resistance valueC. by dividing the inductance value by the resistance value

  • D. By dividing the inductance value by the conductance value5. How to test whether an oscillator is generating an output?(A) By checking that the drain current is flowingB. By checking the value of the signal bias on the gateC. By checking that the source current is flowingD. By checking for a high value of the dc supply voltage6. What is the time constant of a circuit with a chargedcapacitor connected across a resistor?(A) The time required for the capacitor to discharge to a certainPercentage of its initial voltageB. Equal to the value of the capacitance divided by the resistanceC. Is the half-life of the capacitor when shunted by the resistorD. Is equal to the natural period of the circuitss oscillation7. How is the frequency of a transistorized multivibratordetermined?A. By the parameters of the transistor(B) By the junction capacitance of the transistorC. By the collector supply voltageD. By the time constants formed by the coupling capacitorsand the base resistors.8. When an atom gains an additional electron ______results.A. positive(B) negativeC. negative moleculeD. negative neutron9. Which configuration provides a high degree of isolation betweentwo stages?A. Common baseB. Common emitterC. Common collector(D) Common grid10. The impedance of an ac circuits measured inA. faradsB. henrysC. siemens(D) ohms11. What is the equivalent hexadecimal number of the binarynumber 11100101111?A. 72E(B) 72FC. 73FD. 82E12. Which electrode of a triode tube can be compared with the base region of a bipolar transistor?(A) Control gridB. FilamentC. CathodeD. Screen grid

  • 13. Which of the following logic circuits has an operation thatcorresponds to two or more switches (or relays) in series?(A) XOR gateB. NAND gateC. AND gateD. NOR gate14. Which circuit components has the highest failure rate under normalConditions?A. TransformerB. TransistorC. Resistor(D) Capacitor15. The inductance of a coil with an air core is directlyproportional to theA. length of the core(B) number of turnsC. square of the number of turnsD. cross-sectional area of the wire16. What is the effect if a bleeder resistor burns out in a powersupply during normal operation?(A) The diodes could be destroyedB. The percentage regulation increases significantly.C. There is no appreciable effect on the output dc voltage.D. The power transformer will be damaged unless it protected by a fuse.17. The peak value of a sine wave having an effective value of 20 V isA. 70.7 VB. 14.1 VC. 56.6 V(D) 28.3 V18. A varistor is a semiconductor deviceA. that can be used to achieve voltage regulationB. Whose resistance is controlled by the applied voltageC. that has a high positive temperature coefficient(D) both A and B correct19. If a tank ciruit is at the load of a class C amplifier, the(A) input signal is smallB. efficiency is lowC. output voltage waveform is severely distortedD. output current waveform is severely distorted20. The effective values of the source voltage and the source current are kept constant in an ac circuit. Initially, the currentand voltage are in phase, but as they move out of phase, are(A) power factor increasesB. apparent power increasesC. true power decreasesD. reactive power decreases21. What is the total available emf of twelve nickel-cadmiumcells that are connected in series?

  • A. 12 VB. 24 VC. 2.05 V(D) 15 V22. What is the resonant frequency of a series RLC circuit consisting of a 6- resistor, a 5- H inductor and a 5-pF capacitor?A. 3.18 MHz(B) 31.8 MHzC. 31.8 kHzD. 318 MHz23. A difference of potential may also be described asA. electric power(B) voltageC. amperageD. electron drift24. A non-conductor is characterized byA. very few electrons(B) high energy dissipationC. a large number of free electronsD. large amount of skin effect.25. A wattmeter automatically compensates forA. power factorB. overdampingC. line resistance(D) power losses26. RMS is related to peak voltage by the decimalA. 0.0707B. 0.636(C) 0.707D. 0.77027. What is the chemical composition of the electrolyte of alead-acid storage cell?A. Sulphur dioxide acid(B) Sulphuric acidC. Lead sulphate acidD. Hydrochloric acid28. What is usually employed by an RF voltage amplifieras opposed to an RF power amplifier?A. Class A bias(B) Class C biasC. Cut-off biasD. Zero bias29. The transistor common-base amplifier is similarTo what configuration of a vacuum tube?(A) Grounded-grid amplifierB. Video amplifierC. Cathode-follower amplifierD. Audio amplifier

  • 30. ______ determines the speed of a dc series motor.A. The brush tension(B) The field currentC. The loadD. The number of pairs of poles

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    Electronic Test 8 Volume 1

    1. A group of circuits that provides timing andsignals of all operations in the computer.A. Output unit(B) Memory unitC. Control unitD. Input unit2. Where does the voltage generated in a DCgenerator depend?(A) Field resistance and fluxB. Field and armature currentC. Flux and speedD. Speed and field resistance3. ________ is the most influential factor in theswitching speed of saturated bipolar transistor.A. Charge storageB. Collector currentC. HFE(D) Base current4. What is a pi-network?A. A power incidence network.(B) A network consisting of one inductor andtwo capacitors or two inductors and one capacitor.C. A network consisting entirely of fourinductors or four capacitors.D. An antenna-matching network thatIsolates it from ground.5. What is the SI unit of magnetic flux?(A) WeberB. Gauss

  • C. MaxwellD. Tesla6. ______ is the type of linear regulator used inapplications requiring efficient utilization of theprimary power source.A. A series regulator(B) A shunt regulatorC. A constant current sourceD. A shunt current source7. When a switch is closed, it has a total resistance ofA. 100 at room temperatureB. unstable(C) infinityD. Zero8. How many turns are needed to produce magnetizingforce of 5000 A.T. for coil of 50 amperes?A. 1,000 turnsB. 5,000 turns(C) 100 turnsD. 500 turns9. When an SCR id triggered or in on condition,its electrical characteristics are similar to whatother solid state device (as measured between itscathode and anode).(A) The junction diodeB. The varactor diodeC. The tunnel diodeD. The hot-carrier diode10. What special type of diode is capable of both amplificationand oscillation?A. point contact diodeB, Junction diode(C) Zener diodeD. Tunnel diode11. A static memory generally contains(A) row and column decodersB. no decodersC. row decodersD. column decoders12. What are the majority carrier in an n-type semi-conductor?(A) ElectronsB. Positive ionsC. Negative ionsD. Holes13. Steel is hard to magnetize because of itsA. high retentivity(B) low permeabilityC. high permeability

  • D. high density14. When you increase the resistance in a circuit,the flow of electrons willA. increaseB. be constant(C) be decreasedD. cease15. Current in a chemical cell refers to the movement ofA. negative ions only(B) negative and positive ionsC. positive ions onlyD. hole charges16. What is the effect of light in a photodiode?(A) Reverse currentB. Limits flow of currentC. Forwards currentD. Renders unstable current17. What is the effect in terms of bandwidth when the Qof a signal tuned stage is doubled?A. DoubledB. The same(C) HalvedD. Four times18. What is the range of voltage rating available inzener diodes?A. 2.4 volts to 200 volts(B) 1.2 volts to 7 voltsC. 3 volts to 3000 voltsD. 1.2 volts of 5.6 volts19. What type of transformer that is used to protecttechnicians and operators from deadly electrical shock?A. Absorber transformer(B) Step down transformerC. Step up transformerD. Isolation transformer20. When batteries have cells connected in series, the effect isA. reduced output voltage(B) increased current supplyC. increased voltage supplyD. reduced internal resistance21. A _______ is an instruction in a source language that is to bereplaced by a defined sequence of instruction in the same sourcelanguage.A. statementB. source codeC. mnemonic(D) macro-instruction22. How many op-amps does a window comparator require?

  • (A) 2B. 4C. 3D. 123. What is the memory elements used in clocked sequentiallogic circuit?A. GateB. Flip-flop(C) Static RAMD. Read-only memory24. ________for a transistor to be cut off.A. Maximum current flows from emitter to collectorB. The transistor is at its operating pointC. No current flows from emitter to collector(D) There is no base current25. Common base (CB) amplifier has _____ compared to Common-emitter and common collector amplifiers.A. a higher input resistanceB. a large current resistance(C) a lower input resistanceD. a larger voltage gain26. ______ currents are wasteful currents which flow in coresof transformers and produce heat.A. Residual(B) EddyC. SneakD. Magnetizing27. Which of the following is photocell most sensitive to?(A) Radio wavesB. Sound wavesC. light wavesD. Heat waves28. What law determines the polarity of an induced voltage?A. Nortons lawB. Thevenins law(C) Lenzs lawD. Faradays law29. What happens in the resistance of copper wire when itsTemperature is raised?(A) It decreasesB. UnaffectedC. It increasesD. Becomes zero30. The science of physical phenomenon at very low temperatures,Approaching absolute zero is calledA. cryptanalysisB. cybernetics

  • C. temperature inversion(D) cryogenics

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    Thursday, October 16, 2008Electronic Test 7 Volume 1 1. What is the medium of communication with a computer where programs are whitten in mnemonics?A. High level language(B). Assembly languageC. Machine languageD. Low-level language2. The arrow in the symbol of a transistor indicates the direction ofA. electron current in the collectorB. electron current in the emitterC. donor ion current(D) hole current in the emitter3. What is the total resistance of two equal valued resistors in series?(A) Twice as oneB. The sum of their reciprocalsC. The difference of bothD. The product of both4.What is the time interval to undertake a refresh operation in typical dynamic RAM?(A) 200 nsB. 2 nsC. 50sD. 22s5. Electric energy refers toA. joules divdded by time(B) volt coulombC. volt ampereD. watt6. The ideal internal resistance of an ammeter should beA. equal to the circuit resistanceB. infinity(C) zeroD. higher than the circuits impedance7. What type of bias is required for an LED to produce luminescence?A. Reverse biasB. Zero bias(C) Forward biasD. inductive bias8. ----------is a layer of an insulating medium that separates plates of a capacitor.A. InsulationB. Core(C) Dielectric

  • D. Space9. What is a local oscillator of a radar receiver?A. DetectorB. Product detectorC. Hartly oscillator(D) Klystron oscillator10. What is the equivalent of decimal number 11 in binaryA. 1101B. 1110C. 1111(D) 101111. In the concept of induction heating in industrial electronics, the eddy current penetrates to greater depths atA. high frequencies(B) increasing inductionC. decreasing inductionD. low frequencies12. Type of power-line frequency meter composed of vibrating iron reeds placed in alternating magnetic field.A. Induction typeB. Resonant type(C) Vibrating reed typeD. Electrodynamic type13. ____ is called the time sharing of one line with multiplex signalA. Simultaneous transmissionB. Relay C. Bi-Directional(D). Multiplexing14. A process of constant loss of free electrons and then regaining is calledA. induction(B) ionizationC. polarizationD. electron gaining15. The octal equivalent of binary number 10101100 isA. 367B. AC16(C) 254D. 17216. Which type of network offers the greater transformation ratio?A. L-network(B) Pi-networkC. Constant D. Constant- M17 The density of data recorded on magnetic tape is measured inA. bit stuffing rateB. bit error(C) bits per inchD. bits per second

  • 18. In electricity, positive electric charge refers to (A) protonsB. neutronsC. electronsD. atoms19 What is the lagging effect between the magnetizing force applied and flux density?A. Hysteresis(B) PermeanceC. Eddy current D. Reluctance20. What is the equivalent of decimal 15 in octal?A. 15B. 18(C) 17D. 1621. How many diodes will you use to have a basic half-wave rectifier?A. ThreeB. Four(C) TwoD. One22. Choose the correct answer.A. A nibble is 4 bits.B. A byte is 8 bitsC. A bit is one binary digit.(D) All answers are correct.23. Component of solar battery which uses light energy to produce electromagnetic force.A. Alkaline cellsB. Polymer cellsC. Lithuim cells(D) Selenium cells24. Kind of AC motor light load high speed or high load speed.A. Synchronous motorB. Squirrel-cage motorC. Split phase motor(D). Universal motor25. The most common acid used in lead-acid batteries isA. nitric acidB. muric acid(C) sulfuric acidD. phosphoric acid26.What is the smallest element of a matter?A. NeutronB. Proton(C) AtomD. Electron27.The ability of a material to conduct magnetic flux through it refers toA. Permittivity(B) Permeability

  • C. ReluctivityD. Conductivity28. Part of the oscilloscope which produces bright spot through collection of electrons.A. Magnetic typeB. Heater cathode(C) Aquadag coatingD. Grid29. __________refers to the class of logic circuit containing flip-flops(A) CombinationalB. SequentialC. LinearD. feedback30. A measuring device of meter made,so the pointer rests at the center of its scale at zero current.A. linear meter(B) GalvanometerC. Digital meterD. Non-linear meter

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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008Electronic Test 6 Volume 1 1.refers to a form of dc motor-generator withcommon field coil for both motor and generator.A. Motor-generator(B) Dyna-motorC. Polyphase motorD. Synchronous motor2. Which of the following filters has the mostripple considering the same secondaryvoltage and filter?(A) Half-wave rectifierB. Full-wave rectifierC. Bridge-type rectifierD. Center-tapped rectifier3. How do you call an eight element vacuum tube?A. PentodeB. Hexode(C) OctodeD. Septode4. A. bipolar stage has two unwanted ______ athigh frequencies.A. capacitanceB lead networkC. inductance(D) bypass circuits

  • 5. What is the most widely used LC oscillator?A. HartleyB. Armstrong(C) ColpittsD. clap6. Find the flux density in Gauss having a flux of20,000 Mx through a perpendicular area of 2 cm.A. 20,000 G(B) 10,000 GC. 40,000 GD. 22,000 G7. A four-layer diode is sometimes called a(A) pnpn diodeB. switchC. diacD. UJT8. Process by which a magnetic substancebecomes a magnet when it is placed neara magnet.A. Electromagnetic inductionB. Magnetic reflectionC. Influx of density(D) Magnetic induction9. A bridge rectifier works on how much of the ac cycle?A. 90B. 180C. 270(D) 36010. A series connected coil and capacitor willpresent no reactance at(A) one particular frequencyB. two particular frequenciesC. infinite frequenciesD. any frequency11. What is the effect of a feedback resistor?A. It decreases input impedance(B) It stabilizes voltage gainC. It increasers distortionD. It increases collector resistance.12. _________ is the output of a half-wave rectifier.(A) Half-wave rectified signalB. Square wave signalC. 100% AC signalD. Sinusoidal signal13. The term used to describe the processwhereby two transistor with positivefeedback are used to simulate the action ofthe thyristor.

  • A. Arcing(B) LatchingC. DampingD. Switching14. ________is a thin polished slice of a semiconductorcrystal on which integrated circuit can be fabricated oftenin duplicate, for cutting into individual dice.A. SiliconB. IndiumC. Gallium(D) Water15. When a ferromagnetic core is placed inside acertain coil originally having an air core itsreactance _______ assuming constant frequency.A. stays the sameB. becomes zero(C) decreases16. A conductor behaves as a/an _______ atabsolute zero temperature.A. semiconductorB. conductor(C). super conductorD. insulator17. A comparator with a trip point of zero issometimes called aA. threshold detectorB. half-wave detector(C) positive-limit detectorD. zero-crossing detector18. What happens to the ac input voltage if theemitter bypass capacitor is shorted?(A) DecreaseB. IncreaseC. Remains the sameD. Cannot be determined19. The initial slope of a sine wave increases whenA. slew rate decreasesB. slew rate increases(C) peak value increasesD. peak value decreases20. An insulating element or material has the capacity ofA. conducting large currentB. storing high currentC. storing high voltage(D) preventing short circuit between twoconducting wires.21. A radio equipment will use 70 % at 50Amperes rating for 5 hours, howmuch

  • Capacity of a dry battery is needed?A. 35B. 17.5C. 250(D) 17522. One of the following characteristics of aResistive material which does not changeIts resistive value respect to time is itsA. fidelity(B) stabilityC. sensitivityD. selectivity23. What do you call he oscillator circuit thatUses a tapped coil in the tuned circuit?A. PierceB. Colpitts(C) HartleyD. Armstrong24. A way of improving the efficiency of an amplifier.A. Reducing supply voltage(B) Decreasing unwanted power lossesC. Increasing supply currentD. Reducing load power25. The Q-point will be located at ______ if thebase resistor is open.(A) the lower end of the load lineB. the upper end of the load lineC. the middle of the load lineD. the load line26. Op-amplifier can amplifyA. ac signal onlyB. dc signal only(C) both ac and dc signalsD. neither ac nor dc signals.27. A frequency multiplier is tuned toA. a fundamental frequency(B) a harmonic frequencyC. the ripple frequencyD. a sub-harmonic frequency28. The anode of a semiconductor diode indicates a _______change during conduction.A. positiveB. neutral(C) negativeD. either or depending on design29. What is the process used to describe analog-to-digital conversion?A. Binarize

  • B. Linearize(C) DigitizeD. Analogize30. The unity-gain frequency equals the productOf critical frequency andA. load resistance(B) mid-band voltage gainC. tail currentD.compensating capacitance

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    Tuesday, October 14, 2008Electronic Test 5 Volume 1 1 A negatively charged body has (A) excess of electronsB. deficit of neutronsC. excess of neutronsD. deficit of electrons2. For a bridge rectifier circuit, the output voltage is aA. half-wave signal(B) full-wave signalC. bridge rectified-signalD. square wave signal3. The commutator pitch for a simplex lap winding is equal toA. the number of poles of the machine(B) 1C. pole pairsD. 24. The real working part of d.c machine is the A commutator(B) armature winding C. field windingD. stator5. What is the barrier potential across each depletion layer?A. 0B. 1 VC. 0.3 V(D) 0.7 V6. The purpose of load in an electric circuit us to A. increase the circuit currentB. decrease the circuit current(C). utilize electrical energyD. minimize wasted energy7. In order to get good integration, RC product should be at least ___ times than the time period of the input wave.(A) 10

  • B. 50C. 100D. 10008. One would find a clamping circuit in(A) television receiversB. radio transmittersC. receiving antennasD. radio receivers9. The most commonly used cell isA. nickel-cadmium cellB. nickel- iron cell(C) lead-acid cellD. fuel cell10. The negative resistance characteristic of tetrode is due to(A) secondary emissionB. plate being positive with respect to cathodeC. control grid being negative with respect to cathodeD. screen grid being negative with respect to cathode11. A Shockley-diode is the sane asA. an SCRB. a triacC. a diac(D) a four-layer diode12. Where does the input current to an inverting voltage amplifier (IVA) flow?A. Through the load resistorB. Into the ground (C) Through the series resistorD. Into the non-inverting input13. The unit of transconductance isA. ohms(B) mhosC. henryD. darafs14. Which of the following is used by a swamped amplifier?(A) Negative feedbackB. Positive feedbackC. Regenerative feedbackD. An emitter ground15. The disadvantage of a mechanical switch is that itA. is operated mechanicallyB. is costly(C) has high inertiaD. has low inertia16. The critical frequency of the collector bypass circuit ____ if the collector resistance decreases.A. cannot be determined(B) increasesC. decreases

  • D. stays the same17. The maximum value of voltage breakdown by the zener mechanism is in the region toA. 50 to 80 VB. 100 to 200 VC. above 200 V(D) 5 to 8 V18. The SI unit of reluctance isA. N/Wb(B) AT/WbC. AT/mD. AT19. Parasitic oscillations are unwanted oscillation ofA. magnetic originB. low frequencyC. high frequency(D) very high frequency20. A vacuum tube is normally operated in the temperaturesaturation region to(A) protect against filament agingB. keep the tube envelope hotC. disperse the space chargeD. keep the tube envelope cold21. In a dc generator, armature reaction ______ pole tip.A. weakens the flux at the trailingB. strengthens the flux at the leading(C) weakens the flux at the leadingD. strengthens the flux at the trailing22. Dynamic impedance of parallel tuned circuit is(A) L/CRB. L/CC. RL/CD. R/L23. Once a thyratron is fired, its control grid _______ overplate current.(A) losses all controlB. exercises rough controlC. exercises fine controlD. gains full control24. Assume the valence electron is removed from copper atom.The net charge of the atom becomesA. 0B. -1(C) +1D. +425. Negative feedback reduces theA. feedback fraction(B) distortionC. error voltage

  • D. input offset voltage26. ________ is a circuit with fixed emitter current.(A) Emitter biasB. Base biasC. Transistor biasD. Two-supply bias27. Permanent magnets use _______ as the magnetic material.A. soft steelB. ironC. nickel(D) hardened steel28. The control element in an SCR is A. anode(B) gateC. cathodeD. anode supply29. The Q-point for maximum unclipped output is atthe center of theA. emitter voltageB. collector voltageC. dc load line(D) ac load line30. What kind of oscillator is found in an electronicwristwatch?A. HartleyB. ClappC. Colpitts(D) Quartz crystal

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    Monday, October 13, 2008Electronic Test 4 Volume 1 1. What substance in its crystalline form is used in oscillators?A. Silicon B. GermaniumC. Sapphire(D) Quarts2. A decade counter digital IC has how many states?A. 6B. 15(C) 10D. 203. What are the two primary classification of zener diode?A. Hot carrier and tunnelB. Varactor and rectifyingC. Forward and reversed biased

  • (D) Voltage regulator and voltage reference4. What type of a diode is made of a metal whisker touching a very smallSemiconductor die?(A) Point contactB. Zener diodeC. Varactor diodeD. Junction diode5. A permanent magnet does not exert a force onA. an unmagnetized iron barB. a magnetized iron bar(C) a stationary electric chargeD. a moving electric charge6. The transistor common-base amplifier is similar to the vaccum tubeA. cathode-follower amplifierB. video amplifier(C) grounded-grip amplifierD. audio amplifier7. A safety rule to remember when soldering or desoldering.A. Make sure the power is disconnectedB. Make sure not to use a soldering iron that emits huge transient voltage(C) Make sure you use a low wattage soldering iron.D. None of these.8. What happens to the conductivity of a semiconductor junctionwhen it is illuminated?A. It stays the same.(B) It increases.C. It becomes temperature dependent.D. It decreases.9. The emf produced in a wire by its motionAcross a magnetic field does not depend on(A) the diameter of the wireB. the length of the wire.C. the orientation of the wire.D. the flux density of the field.10. An instrument often used to check the degreeOf motor shaft misalignment is theA. voltmeterB. clamp-on ammeterC. growler(D) dial indicator11. The necessary probe commonly used on the oscilloscope whenMeasuring high frequency or high impedance circuits is theA. demodulator probe(B) low-capacitance probeC. voltage dividerD. noise probe12. What are the advantages of using LED?(A) Low-power consumption and long life

  • B. High lumens per cm per cm and low-power consumptionC. High lumens per cm per cm low-voltage requirementD. Current flows when the device is exposed toa light source.13. What is the term for an out-of-phase, nonproductive powerassociated with inductors and capacitors?(A) Reactive powerB. Effective powerC. True powerD. Peak envelope power14. What is a bistable multivibrator circuit?A. An AND gateB. An OR gateC. A clock(D) A flip-flop15. The device used to attenuate specific signals is theA. drop tapB. line tap offC. splitter(D) trap16. The device that is used to prevent signals from feeding Back up the transmission line is theA. trap(B) terminating resistor C. line trapD. preamplifier17. The meter often used in testing an armature forshort circuit.A. VOMB. VTVM(C) GrowlerD. Short circuit meter18. High or erratic plate grid current readings in an RFamplifier may be caused by A. a shifted power supply(B) parasitic oscillationsC. the used of dynamometersD. run-down batteries19. A microprocessor isA. another name of a computerB. a name for a calculator chip(C) a CPU integrated circuitD. a small scale integrated circuit20. The device used to pull wire through a conduitis called(A) fish tapeB. wire tongsC. straps

  • D. connectors21. Solder is(A) 40 % lead, 60 % tinB. 70 % lead, 30 % tinC. 50 % lead, 50 % tinD. 60 % lead, 40 % tin22. Which electrode of a triode tube can be comparedwith the collector region of a bipolar transistor?A. Control gridB. Cathode(C) PlateD. Filament23. The device used to control a motor from a distancelocation is the(A) magnetic controllerB. manual starterC. drum switchD. snap switch24. Which type of FET has no channel when Vgs = 0 V.A. MISFETB. MOSFET depletion type(C) MOSFET enchancement typeD. VFET25. A hard tube is defined as a tube withA. a tungsten filamentB. a metal envelopeC. a gas in the envelope(D) no gas in the envelope

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    October (10) Electronic Test 10 Volume 1 Electronic Test 9 Volume 1 Electronic Test 8 Volume 1 Electronic Test 7 Volume 1 Electronic Test 6 Volume 1 Electronic Test 5 Volume 1 Electronic Test 4 Volume 1 Electronic Test 3 Volume 1 Electronic Test 2 Volume 1 Electronic Test 1 Volume 1

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