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  • your mobile pharma

  • the problem

    The retail pharma industry in Greece has the following systemic issues that we want to address:

    - OTC and para-pharma is more than 70% of the revenue

    - fragmented network of retail stores

    - no true merchandising opportunities at scale

    - lack of direct channel to communicate with pharmacists

    - few of education tools for pharmacists on new products

    - no direct channel to consumer in order to communicate benefits and test samples

  • a unique mobile pharma experience that involves all stakeholders of the

    value chain, namely the pharmacist, the consumer and the OTC brand.

    This way we build a two level CRM database where each OTC brand can

    communicate with their affiliated pharma professional, run loyalty and

    education programs, while they also communicate directly with the

    consumers delivering value through content or mobile coupons that can

    be redeemed instantly over the counter!

  • CRM for patiences and pharma professionals


    app > pharma


    app <

  • > >

  • calculator

  • alerts and

    calendar pregnancy

    exams >

  • interactivity


    related to

    pharmacology >

    alerts for

    prescriptions <

  • Coupons

  • Coupons

  • acquisition potential

  • Benefits for Companies

    Connect with your network of Pharmacists

    Inform your consumer audience about new products

    Boost your sales with coupon campaigns

  • Benefits for Pharmacists

    Connect with your Suppliers and learn everything about their new products

    Boost your sales by joining the couponing network

    Attract new clients to your store

  • Benefits for Consumers

    Get informed about new products and point of sales

    Receive special offers (coupons)

    Keep your personal medical calendar in your pocket

  • Our target network

    5000 Pharmacies

    85000 Consumers

  • acquisition logistics

    register: as low as 2.4

    *perform a transaction once every month

    **perform a transaction once every week

    active*: as low as 5

    engaged**: as low as 7

  • why warply

    owns an operating base of pharmacies deployed

    owns and operates the largest mobile ad network

    owns and operates a certified platform on remittances and benefits

    is the proven agile and fast exciting entity in Greece

  • why Ethos

    Owns the most important network of Media and Events

    in the Health Industry

    (Pharma & Health Business magazine, virus.com.gr portal,

    Pharma & Health Conference, OTC & Cosmetics Conference,

    aive free press newspaper).

    Is an innovative Media Company

    which promotes entrepreneurial collaborations and initiatives

    as ackathons,Innovation Forums

    and cross border finance initiatives.


  • packages category exclusive launching partners : 20k

    Annual campaigns included

    Priority in Product Categories

    50% Commission per coupon

    10k in Campaigns and 10K in Coupons

    100% Commission per coupon after package expires

  • your mobile pharma