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Transcript of 280, Thisseos Avenue176 75 Kallithea, Athens deltia/NEWSPHONE_DX06_ENG2.pdf 280, Thisseos Avenue176...

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    280, Thisseos Avenue176 75 Kallithea, Athens GREECE Tel.: +30 210 9472222 , Fax: +30 210 9472223


  • According to the provisions of article 16 of decision No. 5/204/14.11.2000 of the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Commission, as amended under decision No. 7/372/15.02.2006 of the Board of Directors of

    the Capital Market Commission.

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    The Annual Report includes all the necessary information and financials for the fair valuation, of the property, financial status, results and prospects of the company under the legal name NEWSPHONE HELLAS S.A. (hereon the “Company” or “NEWSPHONE HELLAS S.A.”), by their investors and their investment advisors. Investors interested for further information may contact, during working days and hours the Company’s head offices, 280 Thiseos Ave., P.C. 176 75 Athens: • Mr. E. Apergis, Managing Director, 280 Thiseos Ave., tel. +30 210 94 72 222. • Mrs. E. Giatra, Financial Manager, 280 Thiseos Ave., tel. +30 210 94 72 222.

    The compilation and distribution of the current Annual Report is in accordance with the provisions of decision No. 5/204/14.11.2000 of the Capital Market Commission, as amended under decision No. 7/372/15.02.2006 of the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Commission.

    The people responsible for the compilation and accuracy of the information within the Annual Report are listed below:

    • Mr. E. Apergis, Managing Director, resident of Athens, 280 Thiseos Ave., tel. 210 94 72 222. • Mrs. E. Giatra, Financial Manager, resident of Athens, 280 Thiseos Ave., tel. 210 94 72 222.

    The Company’s Board of Directors declares that all of its members have been informed about the contents of the current Annual Report and along with their editors confirm and believe that:

    • All information and data included within the Annual Report is complete and actual. • There are no further facts and no other incidents have taken part, concealed or omitted so as to render the entire or part of the data and information of the Annual Report.

    Chartered Auditors-Accountants The Company is audited by charted accountants.

    The Company’s audit for fiscal year 2006 was conducted by the Chartered Auditor - Accountant Mrs. Reggina S. Loukisa (REG. NO. ICPA 13.791) of the company S.O.L. S.A., 3 Fokionos Negri, tel: 210 86 91 100-107. The same Chartered Auditor-Accountant conducted the audit of the consolidated financial statements of the Company.

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    Report of the Board of Directors to the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting regarding the Annual Company and Consolidated Financial Statements, dated 31st December 2006,

    as well as the financial year 2006 results

    Dear Shareholders, I welcome you and thank you for attending the annual General Shareholder Meeting. The NEWSPHONE group consists of the parent company NEWSPHONE HELLAS and the subsidiaries CALL CENTRE HELLAS SA, by a percentage of 70 % and NOETRON ADVANCED IT APPLICATIONS SA, by 74.998 %. 2006 was yet another year of growth, recognition and success for our group. During this financial year, NEWSPHONE HELLAS succeeded in expanding its turnover and profits. This year could be regarded as an especially successful one, not only due to the improvement of its financial results, but also with regard to business developments, which have set a solid and healthy basis for further expansion in the coming years. The group is now active in 3 business units. • High-added value services, available to the public either in cooperation with land-based and mobile telephone networks or directly via Newsphone Hellas branded services. • E-government services, through which the group has turned into the state’s strategic associate with respect to the development of innovative services, which aim at improving citizens’ services. • Telephone Directory services. The group has been the first alternative telephone directory provider, following the liberalisation of the respective market. The Management’s intention is the promotion of a balanced growth in all areas of the group’s activities, in order to attain synergies and to ensure business risk dispersion, to counterbalance eventual deficiency or delay of one business unit. The common ground in all activities involved lies with content data collection, processing and management. NEWSPHONE has developed a significant know-how and specialisation in this field; this is reflected by the group’s success both in the completion of its projects as well as the performance of daily business and operations. The use of a shared body of knowledge in different projects implies the achievement of economies of scale and the improvement of financial results. The most important corporate developments, per business unit, of this past financial year are listed below: • In the Added-value Services’ Sector, the group successfully completed Mobile Marketing projects, and it recorded for the first time in its turnover, sales outside Greece. The respective total turnover for 2006 exceeded EUR 10 million. • In the field of E-government the 2006 financial year was characterised by 3 important tenders, with a total budget of EUR 25.2 million that were awarded to the company by the Greek State. The projects concern a) the Provision of services through the development and operation of the necessary infrastructures for the service of the Citizen Service Centres (KEP), b) The award of Information Call Centre Services Helpline for OSE customers and c) The provision of Infrastructure and Services for Productive Operation of the Health Services Demand Management System (SDZYY), with regard to Central Call Centres (KTME) and Health units (MY) of the Social Security Institute (IKA) in the entire country. NEWSPHONE’s dominance in the above tenders is a clear sign of the trust that it enjoys with regard to the execution of e-government projects that it undertakes.


    In the sector of telephone directory services, 2006 was the benchmark year for the service provided by the parent company through the 11880 phoneline. The management of NEWSPHONE is especially satisfied from the acceptance of the service as well as from the market share increase. Moreover, it expects an even greater future utilisation of a significant asset, which is 11880. During the financial year, the D.A. services gradually became accessible by the networks of the mobile phone companies such as Tim, Cosmote and Vodafone. It is noted that this business unit includes the telephone directory service 11833, which is operated on behalf of the VODAFONE group. Finally, the group strengthened even more its presence in this particular market by providing phone directory services through 11821. The said service is provided by subsidiary company NOETRON.

    Comments on the Results of the Previous Financial Year With regard to the development of the results statement, the main data of the 2006 financial year are the following: The group’s income amounted to EUR 46.8 million, increased by 36.8% compared to 2005. Pre-tax profits, interest, amortisations and financial and investment results (Earnings Before Taxes Depreciation and Financial & Investment Results) amounted to EUR 8.6 million in 2006, increased by 14.1% compared to 2005. The group’s pre-tax income amounted to EUR 6.1 million, increased by 4.4% compared to 2005. The group’s profitability after taxes and minority rights for 2006 amounted to EUR 4.3 million, increased by 10.7% compared to 2005. It must be noted that the financial year 2006 incurred payments that decreased its profitability by EUR 641 thousand. The said amounts refers on the one hand to the full amortisation of the unamortised part of an intangible asset, which is assessed to be of no use any longer during the group’s productive procedure and on the other, to the creation of provisions for bad debts.

    With respect to balance sheet data of 2006, we note the following: The group’s net investments in fixed equipment, necessary for the provision of services, amounted to EUR 1.5 million. The major part of this amount concerns the creation of necessary infrastructures for the completion of the project associated with provision of support services to the Social Security Institute (IKA). Liabilities from customers of the Group as well as other liabilities were significantly increased in 2006 and amounted to EUR 39.5 million compared to EUR 29.6 for 2005. A major part of this increase is due to provided services associated to IKA and Citizen Service Centres (KEP) projects, which were paid within 2007. It must be noted that the above procedure is the one specified by the signed agreements and the group is paid regularly. However, it must be noted that the group’s two primary customers, the Greek State and mobile or land-line companies, are customers with great credibility and therefore they are not likely to create any essential bad debt issues regarding group liabilities. The group’s reserves on 31 December 2006 are especially increased and amount to EUR 6.1 million. Approximately, half of the reserves are blocked bank deposits used for the issuance of letters of guarantees for the execution of IKA and KEP projects. The equity paid to shareholders of the parent company was increased due to the profitable financia