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Transcript of 21. M42 M24 - th information/21. M42 M24.pdfآ  2016. 9. 9.آ  M24 - 2 analogue outputs, M42 - 4...

  • M24 Prog

    for th power Applic The R simulta system output output The m interfa be co ancilla The u variab output progra Ancilla for di the s facility Featu

    • • • • •

         • • *Conta

    Mea Curr activ cos φ RMS wire mea Slav mea value Aver with (pow

    4 - 2 analog grammabl

    he measuremen r systems


    RISH Ducer M42, aneously measu m and process th ts are available o ts up to three

    multi-transducers ace to which a PC nnected for prog

    ary functions.

    usual modes of c les, their ratings t etc. are the ma ammed.

    ary functions inc isplaying the m simulation of the y for printing na

    res / Benefits • Simultaneou

    a heavy-cur asymmetric current 1 to neutral) or

    • For all heav • Up to 6 outp • Input voltag • Universal an • High accura

    and P 0.25 • Universal dig Up to 2 or 4

    ct to factory for com

    sured variables

    rent ,Voltage (rms ve/reactive/appar φ , sin φ, power f

    S value of the cu setting range (b suring function)

    ve pointer function surement of the e IB Frequency

    rage value of the sign of the activ

    wer system only)

    gue outpu e multi-tra

    nt of electrical v

    , M24 series of ure several variab hem to produce or power meteri misbrands can b

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    connection, the t s. the transfer ch in parameters th

    clude a power sy measured variab

    e outputs for te meplates.

    us measurement rrent power syste ally loaded four-w

    o 6 A, rated voltag r 100 to 693V

    vy-current power puts (2A+4D or 4 e up to 693V (ph nalogue outputs acy: U/I 0.2% Fre % (under referen gital outputs (me

    integrated power

    mplete details

    s Ou

    s) , rent power factor

    urrent with bimetal

    n for the RMS

    currents ve power

    2 a and 4d Or 4 a and 2 d 4 a and RS Se M 4 Da Se M 0

    ts, M42 - 4 ansducer

    variables in hea

    multi - transduce bles of an electric 2 resp. 2 or 3 A ng. For two of th be logically comb

    ed with an RS 232 esponding softwa essing and execu

    types of measu haracteristic for e at have to be

    ystem check, prov ly on a PC mo st purposes an

    t of several variab em / full supervis wire power syste ge 57 to 400V (p (phase - to - pha

    system variables 4A+2D) hase-to-phase) (programmable)

    equency 0.15 % nce conditions) eter transmitter, li

    r meters.


    analog output d igital outputs

    analogue pouts d digital outputs analogue outputs d bus

    S 485 (MODBUS) ee Data Sheet 40

    ata bus (LON) ee Data Sheet 00

    4 analogue

    avy current

    ers (Fig. 1) c power Analog

    he limit bined.

    2 serial are can uting useful

    red each

    vision onitor, nd a

    bles of sion of an m ,rated

    phase-to- ase)



    Types RISHDucer M24 RISHDucer M42



    RISHDucer M40 *

    RISHDucer M 00 *

    e outputs

    Fig.1.t RISHD

    • •

    1 = In 2 = M 3 = La 4 = A/ 5 = M 6 = El 7 = D/ 8 = O 9 = D 10 = P 11 = P Fig.2.B A,B,C,D -1-

    the universal basic v Ducer M20, M30 in ho

    • Windows so analysis, po and making

    • AC/DC pow • Provision fo

    securing it

    put transformer ultiplexer

    atching stage /D converter icroprocessor lectrical insulatio /A converter utput amplifier/la igital output (ope Programming int Power supply

    Block diagram. D = analogue outputs;

    version using T24, clipped on

    oftware with pass ower system sta g settings wer supply/unive or either snapping with screws to a


    atching stage en-collector) terface RS-232

    ; E,F,G,H = digital out

    nto a top-hat rail.

    sword protection atus simulation, a

    ersal g the transducer a wall or panel


    for programming cquisition of mete

    onto top-hat rails

    g. data er data

    s or

  • M24 - 2 analogue outputs, M42 - 4 analogue outputs Programmable multi-transducer


    Symbols Meaning

    Symbols Meaning

    X X0 X1 X2 Y Y0 Y1 Y2

    U Ur U12 U23 U31 U1N U2N U3N UM

    I I1 I2 I3 Ir IM IMS IB

    IBT BS

    BST φ F Fn

    P P1 P2 P3

    Measured variable

    Lower limit of the measured variable

    Break point of the measured variable

    Upper limit of the measured variable

    Output variable

    Lower limit of the output variable

    Break point of the output variable

    Upper limit of the output variable

    Input voltage

    Rated value of the input voltage

    Phase-to-phase voltage L1 - L2

    Phase-to-phase voltage L2 - L3

    Phase-to-phase voltage L3 - L1

    Phase-to-phase voltage L1 - N

    Phase-to-phase voltage L2 - N

    Phase-to-phase voltage L3 - N

    Average value of the voltages (U1N + U2N + U3N) / 3

    Input current

    AC current L1

    AC current L2

    AC current L3

    Rated value of the input current

    Average value of currents (I1 + I2 + I3) / 3

    Average value of the currents and sign of the active power (P)

    RMS value of the current with wire setting range (bimetal measuring function)

    Response time for IB

    Slave pointer function for the measurement of the RMS value IB

    Response time for BS

    Phase-shift between current and voltage

    Frequency of the input variable

    Rated frequency

    Active power of the system P = P1 + P2 + P3

    Active power phase 1 (phase-to-neutral L1 - N)

    Active power phase 2 (phase-to-neutral L2 - N)

    Active power phase 3 (phase-to-neutral L3 - N)

    Q Q1 Q2 Q3

    S S1 S2 S3 Sr

    PF PF1 PF2 PF3 QF QF1 QF2 QF3 LF LF1


    LF3 C R Rn H Hn CT VT

    Reactive power of the system

    Q = Q1 + Q2 + Q3

    Reactive power phase 1 (phase-to-neutral L1 - N)

    Reactive power phase 2 (phase-to-neutral L2 - N)

    Reactive power phase 3 (phase-to-neutral L3 - N)

    Apparent power of the system S=

    Apparent power phase 1 (phase-to-neutral L1 - N)

    Apparent power phase 2 (phase-to-neutral L2 - N)

    Apparent power phase 2 (phase-to-neutral L3 - N)

    Rated value of the apparent power of the system

    Active power factor cos φ = P/S

    Active power factor phase 1 P1/S1 Active power factor phase 2 P2/S2 Active power factor phase 3 P3/S3 Reactive power factor sin φ = Q/S

    Reactive power factor phase 1 Q/S

    Reactive power factor phase 2 Q2/S2

    Reactive power factor phase 3 Q3/S3

    Power factor of the system

    LF = sgn Q • (1-|PF|)

    Power factor phase 1 sgnQ1 • (1-|PF1|)

    Power factor phase 2 sgnQ2 • (1-|PF2|)

    Power factor phase 3 sgnQ3 • (1-|PF3|)

    Factor for the intrinsic error

    Output load

    Rated burden

    Power supply

    Rated value of the power supply

    c.t. ratio

    v.t. ratio


    I 2 + 2 .  2 U I 2 + I U U 2 2 1 1 3 2 3 + 2 +

  • M24 - 2 analogue outputs, M42 - 4 analogue outputs Programmable multi-transducer

    Applicable standards and regulations DIN EN 60 688 Electrical measuring transducers for

    converting AC electrical variables into analogue and digital signals

    IEC 1010 or EN 61 010

    Safety regulations for electrical measuring, control and laboratory equipment

    EN 60529 Protection types by case (code IP) IEC 255-4 Part E5 High-frequency interference test

    (solid-state relays only) IEC 1000-4-2,3,4,6 Electromagnetic compatibility for

    industrial process measurement and control equipment

    VDI/VDE 3540 Page 2

    Reliability of measuring and control equipment (classification of climates)

    DIN 40 110 AC quantities DIN 43 807 Terminal markings IEC 68/2-6 Basic environmental testing procedures,

    vibration, sinusoidal

    IEC 1036 Solid state AC watt hour meters for active power (Classes 1 and 2)

    DIN 43864 Current interface for the transmission of impulses between impulse encoder counter and tariff meter

    UL 94 Tests for flammability of plastic materials for parts in devices and appliances

    Technical data Inputs Input variables: see Table 2 and 3 Measuring ranges: see Table 2 and 3 Waveform: Sinusoidal Rated frequency: 50…60 Hz; 16 2/3 Hz Consumption: Voltage circuit: ≤ U² / 400 kW

    Condition external power supply Current circuit: 0.3 VA • I/5 A

    Continuous thermal ratings of inputs

    Current circuit 10 A 400V single- phase AC system 693 V three-phase system