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  • : , .: 210-6643955 - 693 6648156e-mail: [email protected] 978-960-98907-0-0

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    Copyright 2009: : : ..... 18 - 106 78 - .: 210 3813109

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  • AAPA American Association of Port Authorities

    AARA Always accessible or reachable on arrival

    AASO Association of American Shipowners, N.Y.

    A/A Always afloatAB (1) Able seaman, (2) average bondABS American Bureau of ShippingAbt AboutA/C a/c Acount ACI arb, Associate of the chartered institute

    of arbitratorsACILA, Associate of the chartered institute

    of loss adjustersAddcomm Address commissionAd hoc, For a particular occasion, for

    a special purpose (Latin)ADR Alternative dispute resolutionAd val, Ad valorem, . ad valorem freightAFAA As far as applicableAFAC As fast as canAFRA Average freight rate assessmentsAHR Antwerp-Hamburg rangeANF Arrival notification formAP (1) All purposes, (2) additional premiumAPS Arrival pilot stationAPT After peak tankRA, Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam

    (range) AS, Alongside, . alongside (ship)ASBA Association of shipbrokers

    and agentsATDN Any time day or nightATS All time saved

    BAF Bunker adjustment factorBB Below bridgesBBB Before breaking bulkBdl, BundleBends Both ends

    Bhd Bulkhead BHP Brake horse powerBIC Bureau International des ContainersBIMCO Baltic and International Maritime

    CouncilB/L Bill of ladingBlt, BuiltB/N Booking noteBOL Bill of ladingB/S Bunker surchargeBs/L Bills of ladingBT Berth termsBTN Brussels Tariff NomenclatureBV Bureau VeritasBWAD Brackish water arrival draft,

    . brackish water

    CA Controlled Atmosphere (container) CABAF Currency and bunker adjustment

    factorCABE Charterers agents both ends,

    CHABECAD Cash against documentsCAF Currency adjustment factorCAP Condition assessment programmeCCS China Classification SocietyCENSA Council of European and

    Japanese national Shipowners Association

    C&F Cost and freightCFR Cost and freightCFS Container freight stationCHABE Charterers agents both ends,

    CABE Chopt In charterers optionCIF Cost insurance and freightCIFC, Cost insurance freight and

    commissionCIM, International convention

    on the carriage of goods by railCIP Calling-in-point

    [ , (bold letters) ]

    LEXIKO NAYT.indd 8 6/25/09 4:18:27 PM

  • CKD Completely knocked downCLC Civil Liability Convention 1969/1972CMI Comit Maritime InternationalCMR Convention on the Contract for the

    International Carriage of Goods by RoadCOA Contract of affreightmentCOFR Certificate of financial responsibilityCOP Custom of the portCOW Crude oil washingC/P Charter partyCPC Cellular palletwide containerCPP Clean petroleum products,

    . clean productsCQD Customary quick despatch CR (1) China Corporation Register

    of Shipping, (2) Croatian Register of Shipping

    CSD Closed shelter-deckCSI Container security initiativecSt CentistokesCTL Constructive total lossCu ft, Cubic feetCY Container yard

    DD Dry dockDer, DerrickDets, DetailsDisport, Discharge portDisrate, Discharging rateDGN, Dangerous goods noteDly DeliveryDNV Det Norske VeritasDO, Diesel oilDOP Dropping outward pilotDPP Dirty petroleum productsDT Deep tankDWAT Deadweight all toldDWCC Deadweight cargo capacity

    deadweight carrying capacity DW DWT Deadweight

    Exclusive economic zoneEIU Even if usedETA, Estimated time of arrivalETC, Estimated time of completionETD, Estimated time of departureETR, Estimated time of readinessETS, Estimated time of sailingEXW Ex works

    F FreshFAC (1) Forwarding agents commission,

    (2) Fast as canFAF Fuel adjustment factor, . Fuel oil

    surchargeFAK Freight all kindsFAS Free alongside shipFCA Free carrierF & CC Full and complete cargoFCL Full container loadFD (1) Free despatch, (2) Free dischargeFD & D Freight demurrage & defenceFEU Forty foot equivalentFHEX Fridays and holidays exceptedFHINC Fridays and holidays includedFILO Free in and Liner outFILTD Free in and liner term discharge FIO Free in and outFIOLS & D Free in and out, lashed, secured

    and dunnagedFIOS Free in and out and stowedFIOST (1) Free in and out and spouted

    and trimmed, (2) Free in and out and stowed and trimmed

    FIOT Free in and out trimmedFLT Fork-lift truckFO (1) Free out, (2) Fuel oilFOB Free on boardFONASBA Federation of National

    Associations of Shipbrokers and AgentsFOQ Free on quayFOR Free on railFOS Fuel oil surchargeFOT Free on truck, . Free on railFP (1) Free pratique, (2) flash pointFPT Fore peak tankFrt FreightFUND Fund Convention 1971/92FW, Fresh waterFWA Fresh water allowance

    GA General averageGATT General Agreement on Tariffs

    and TradeGL Germanisher LloydGM Metacentric heightGMT, Greenwich Mean TimeGO Gas oilGP General purpose

    LEXIKO NAYT.indd 9 6/25/09 4:18:27 PM

  • GPS Global positioning systemGR, grainGRT Gros registered tonnageGT Gross tonnage

    HA Hatch hatchwayHazmat, Hazardous materials

    (dangerous goods)HD Half dispatch HFO Heavy fuel oilHO HoldHP Horse powerHRC, Hot rolled coilsHRS Hellenic Register of ShippingHSS Heavy grain, sorghum and soyaHW High WaterHWONT, High water ordinary neap tidesHWOST, High water ordinary spring tides

    IACS International Association of Classification Societies

    ICHCA International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association

    IBC, Intermediate bulk currierI CC International Chamber of CommerceICS (1) International Chamber of Shipping,

    (2) Institute of Chartered ShipbrokersIFO Intermediate fuel oilIGS Inert gas systemIMAO International Maritime Arbitration

    OrganizationIMB International Maritime BureauIMDG Code International Maritime

    Dangerous Goods CodeIMO International maritime OrganizationINTERCARGO International Association

    of Dry Cargo ShipownersINTERTANKO International Association

    of Independent Tanker OwnersIRS Indian Register of ShippingISO International Organization for

    Standardization ISPS International Code for the Security

    of Ships and Port facilitiesITF International Transport Workers

    Federation IWL Institute Warranty LimitsIWT Inland water transport

    Kg, KilogrammeKR Korean Register of ShippingKt, Knot

    LASH Lighter aboard shipLBP Length between perpendicularsL/C (1) Lay/Can, (2) Letter of creditLCL less than container loadLGC Large gas carrierLIFO Liner in free outLILO Liner in and liner outLMAA London Maritime Arbitrators

    AssociationLNG Liquefied natural gasLOA Length over allLOC Letter of credit LOI Letter of indemnityLo-lo Lift on lift offLPG Liquefied petroleum gasLR Lloyd Register of ShippingLS, Lump sum . lump sum charter LT (1) Long ton, (2) Liner termsLW, Low waterLWONT, Low water ordinary neap tidesLWOST, Low water ordinary spring tides

    M, MetreMARPOL, The International Convention

    for Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973 as amended by the protocol of 1978

    Max, MaximumMDO, Marine diesel oilMGO, Marine gas oilMHWN, Mean high water neapsMHWS, Mean high water springsMin, MinimumMin/max Minimum/maximumMLWN, Mean low water neapsMLWS, Mean low water springsMOA Memorandum of AgreementMOL, More or less, . more or less in

    owners optionMOLCHOP More or less in charterers

    optionMOLOO More or less in owners

    optionMOU Memorandum of Understanding

    LEXIKO NAYT.indd 10 6/25/09 4:18:27 PM

  • MPP, Multi-purpose, . multi-purpose cargo ship

    M/R Mates receiptMS, Motor shipMT Metric tonMTSA, Maritime Transportation Security Act MV, Motor vessel

    NAABSA Not always afloat but safe agroundNK Nippon KyokaiNOR Notice of readinessNRT Net register tonnageNSF Norwegian sale formNT Net tonnageNYPE C/P New York Produce Exchange

    charter party

    O/A, OverageOBO Ore/bulk/oil carrierOECD Organization for Economic

    Co-operation and DevelopmentOHBC Open hatch bulk carrierOO In owners optionO/O ore/oil carrierOOG Out of gaugeOPA 90, Oil Pollution Act 1990OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting

    Countries OSB, One safe berthOSP, one safe portO/T, Overtime

    PAN CAN, Panama Canal Pandi Club Protection and indemnity clubPCC Pure car carrierPFT Per freight tonP & I Club Protection and indemnity clubppm, parts per millionppt, promptPRS Polski Rejestr StatkowPSC Port State Control PSI Pre-shipment inspectionPSS Port Security Surcharge

    Redely Redly RedeliveryRI RINA Registro Italiano

    ROB Remaining on boardRo-ro Roll-on roll-off RS Russian Maritime Register

    of ShippingRT R/T Revenue tonRTW, Round the world

    S Summer, . summer load lineSB Safe berthSBM Single buoy mooringSBT Segregated ballast tankSD Single deck shipSDR Special Drawing RightSecs SecondsSG Specific gravitySGS Socit Gnrale de S