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  • 1. Team members: Evelina Koullia Mania Kourou Ioanna Melissourgou

2. Facts about Facebook Facebook is the most widely known social network, used by people of any age or region. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and originally called thefacebook. At first, it was only available to schools, universities, organizations and companies. 3. Facebook users create a profile page that shows their friends and network information about themshelves. The profile includes information, status, friends, photos, notes, groups and The Wall. As of April 2012, Facebook had over 900 million users, with some analysts predicting that the social media site would reach the one billion user mark later in the year. 4. The positives of facebook Its a free mean of communication. Communication between users from different countries and civilizations. Formation of discussion groups(exchange of ideas). Entertainment(games, quizzes, applications). 5. The negatives of facebook Infringement of personal data Pointless waste of time The immediacy in interpersonal relationships gets lost. 6. Cyberbullying Virtual reality becomes reality. Competition among users about their appearance 7. what teenagers say about facebook in my opinion, fb can bring so many problems. I like facebook because I can share anything. I can chat with other people and I can find a lot of new friends. Why make such a fuss? Facebook is a social networking site. If you do not want to socialize, do not join. 8. I really don't like the site. I think it is a waste of time and it is for gossipers. It is not cool to give private information on the Internet. I would never join Facebook. I keep in contact with my friends in other ways. Facebook, in my eyes, has merely added another constraint to my life. 9. Facebook Addiction 10. Why and how did you decide to join Facebook? How much time do you spend on it weekly? How do you handle those requests for friendship, for accepting virtual plants, or anything else you just dont want to do? Do you find them annoying? What do you usually do when you are 11. Do you feel safe, knowing that everything you post/upload on Facebook is accessible to everyone? Would you consider deleting your Facebook account? Why? Do you think Facebook is necessary in order for you to be considered cool?