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  • 1. ascii versionGreeceRationale | Objective | Innovation | Budget | Beneficiaries | Empowerment |Transnationality | Background | National Partners DION -EUROPEAN CULTURAL AND RESEARCHDP Managing organisation : CENTRE OF DEVELOPMENT AEGEAN UNIVERSITY- DEPARTMENT OF CULTURAL TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION CULTURAL "ROM" ASOCIATION -THE PROGRESS EUROPEAN CULTURAL - RESEARCH CENTRE OF ATHENS GREEK UNION OF "ROM" WOMEN- WOMENS SUPPORT HELLENIC ORGANIZATION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM HANDICRAFT COMPANIES MUNICIPALITY OF GASTOUNIOther national partners : MUNICIPALITY OF KALAMATA MUNICIPALITY OF KATERINI MUNICIPALITY OF MITILINI MUNICIPALITY OF ZEFIRI OMEGA TECHNOLOGY COMPANY ORGANIZATION OF DEVELOPMENT OF MESIN S.A VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE KEPA OF PIERIA VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE OF KALAMATA MUNICIPALITYEQUAL theme :Entrepreneurship - Business creation Sectoral - Specific discrimination and inequalityType of DP : problemsDP Legal status :Non-profit making organisationDP identification :GR-232308Application phase :In selection processSelection date : 01-04-2005Last update :13-04-2005Monitoring:RationaleText available in

2. I. Coherence of developmental partnershipThe developmental partnership that hasbeen approved composes different public and private organizations with the necessarypolymorphism, appropriateness and direct relevance for the coverage of Equals aimssuch as: Policies concerning the main problem Design and assumption of thesuggested actions Dissemination of the results and future exploitation Connectionwith the target group-necessities /claims Actions focalization in areas that areexcluded from societyThe detailed data of the Partnerships organizations areanalyzed in the equivalent form. Concisely, they belong to categories such as:-Localgovernment organizations-Representative organizations of the target group-Organizations of financial support-Organizations of consultancy and provision ofsupport services-Organizations of support and guidance-Business unions-Vocationaltraining centers -Social associates-Universities, etc. Ii. Problems diagnosis and waysof treatmentThe members of the Partnership have decided to co-operate in a globalscheme, preparative to deal with the main problem of the project and especially themultisided exclusion of the Greek ROM / Gypsies from the economical and sociallife. In particular, their weakness in approaching social goods and the existence ofstereotypes and prejudicial ideas of the surrounding society. The project functions as atrial ground for the development and propagation of new methods for the applicationof policies concerning unemployment, in order to be able to face every kind ofdistinction and inequality which ROM / Gypsies who want to approach the workmarket, have to deal with.The areas which the project will take place are prefecturesof Attica, Pieria, Messinia, Ilia and Lesvos where according to the existing statisticfactors there is a large number of the target group.Ways of treatment of the mainproblem1. The support of the business mentality and the propagation of businessaction of unemployed and underemployed ROM/Gypsies, so as to incorporate themsocially and professionally, by means of developing systems and services ofinformation, support, advice and observation of the business spirit, as well asproviding COMPLETE SUPPORT FOR THE CREATION OF NEW BUSINESS.These actions connect, are adapted to the needs and particulars of the individualswhich profit, as well as providing basic principles of innovation, strengthening andactive participation, transnationality, equal opportunities for men and women andgeneral application.2. The upgrading and improvement of materials and humandynamic of business and supported services (substructure, staff skills, know-how, newtechnology e.t.c) by positively contribution to the support of competition and aims atthe development of business initiative concerning the members of the target groupwho face special difficulties in obtaining financial means, starting capital or financialloans.TopObjectiveText available in. Aims of Developmental Partnership Link and reinforcement amongservices/structures of support of vulnerable social groups as well asorganizations/structures of support systems concerning business Creating a networkand cooperate with the local structures of financial support Improvement of 3. linguistic and professional prowess of the target group Improvement of theimplementation of a program that concerns structures of financial supportReinforcement of the professional skills and the Know-how of human resources at theorganizations of financial support Introduction of innovative mechanisms inmentoring, in encouragement and support of new entrepreneurs Experimentalimplementation of a program about the creation and operation of anenterprise.ACTION I: 1. Constitution of Partnership (deed) and consolidation of aviable and effective Developmental Partnership 2. Finding and agreement oftransnational co-operations 3. Final agreement of the DevelopmentalPartnership.ACTION II:1ST Category of Action: Creating a network and cooperativewith the local peripheral and central level among services/structures of support ofvulnerable social groups as well as organizations/structures of support systemsconcerning business: Research for the location of needs, networking of support andbusiness structures of beneficiaries, consisting of local groups, tutors and mentors forthe target group, creation of educational tools for business know-how and personaldevelopment2ND Category of Actions : Support and development of services andinformation systems of support advice and observation of the businesses of specialsocial groups: creating a map of the existing support and business structures for thetarget group in 29 Regions of Greece, function of business doors and structure ofbusiness plans, training of tutors, development of mentoring models, developmentof financial lawns of new enterprises, creation of new system of Evaluation and Selfevaluation, etc.3RD Category of actions : Provision of a complete support system andcreation of new businesses: Research of professional skills, complete training of thebeneficiaries, creation of pilot businesses projects, evolution of a net environmentand products promotion 4TH Category of Actions : TRANSNATIONALITY , 5THCategory of Actions : EVALUATION, 6TH Category of Actions :DISSEMINATION PUBLICITYACTION III: Constitution and operation of a co-ordination and actions organization board about the diffusion of the good results,Network and formation of a system, which attends and evaluates programs andactions, Constitution of an assessors team in national and international level owing tothe institutionalization of the actions, Report about the Indicators of reinforcementaims to the financial support of the target group, Actions about the dissemination andpublicity of the networks results, Evaluation-Record of good results.TopInnovationNature of the experimental activities to be implementedRatingGuidance, counselling****Training ****Training on work place *Work placement **Job rotation and job sharing *Employment aids (+ for self-employment)**** 4. Integrated measures (pathway to integration) ****Employment creation and support****Training of teachers, trainers and staff ***Improvement of employment services, Recruitment structures ****Studies and analysis of discrimination features****Awareness raising, information, publicity****Guidance and social services ****Work organisation, improvement of access to work places****Type of innovation RatingContext oriented **Goal-oriented****Process-oriented **Text available inThe innovative elements of the project are connected with the raise of theeffectiveness and the provision of specific solutions in the target group problemsconcerning: The difficulty in work market incorporation The abrogation of themultisided exclusion from society The accommodation to the new technological andeconomical evolutions The vocational training expand The procedures of a newbusiness creationThe meaning innovative in the Project concerns methodology andtechniques, aims, activities and expectable results. The project, regarding the aboveparameters, reassures the terms for the expanded application of the innovativemeasures for the resolution of the target groups social problems. A. Developingaction methods Exploitation of new technologies Equal participation of men andwomen Peer education, action research, self -help groups, etcB.Contents of actionsLocal visits of business representatives, business unions Target group participation/intermediation use Function of target group records Vocal training innovations,etc.C. Expected products and results of actions Creation of improved tools for thesocial integration of the target group (business vocabulary, map of mentoring, etc.)Pilot application of tools Publication of the projects products Accommodation ofthe products in the new technological and economical evolution, etc.D.Differentiation degree in association with the practical treatment of the target groupComplete support for the creation of new business by the target group Social andprofessional incorporation of the target group Sensibilization of businessorganizations in business plans and in vitiation of stereotypes Business Mentoring,etc.TopBudget requested :1 000 000 1 500 000 5. TopBeneficiariesAssistance to structures and systems and accompanying measures RatingGender discrimination***Support to entrepreneurship****Age*Low qualification***Racial discrimination****Unemployment ****TopEmpowermentWith beneficiariesParticipationPromoting individual empowermentDeveloping collective responsibility and capacity for actionParticipation in the project designParticipation in running and evaluating activitiesChanging attitudes and behavior of key actorsText available inREINFORCEMENT BETWEEN THE MEMBERS OF THE TARGET GROUPThereinforcement- active participation of the