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  1. 1. INFORMATICS & MULTIMEDIA Department of Informatics Engineering School of Applied Technology TEI-Crete
  2. 2. History Early efforts in liaison with UoC no success European collaborations under various EU funded schemes In 2009 the Department reached a critical mass of resources Two scientific sectors ~ 15 members of staff Several research laboratories Strong research record Several postgraduate students at various national / European institutions carrying out their research at TEI-C Substantial research funding Links with industry and academic institutions
  3. 3. History (cont.) Initial draft submitted in 2009 a joint effort between the Department of Applied Informatics & Multimedia and the Department of Sciences Revised several times since then and finally approved by the Ministry of Education, Life long Learning & Religious Affairs in May 2012 Official Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic 1282/11-4-2012 Part time, specialization: May 2015 First round of applications: 13 July 2012
  4. 4. Concept Four basic constituents leading to a competitive program of studies Computer Engineering Information Systems Multimedia Networks & telecomms
  5. 5. Identity Duration 3 semesters (2 + thesis) / Full time - 90 ECTS Part-time - 6 semesters Language Bilingual programme (English and Greek) All material in English Fees and installments Full tine: 1800 , payable in three equal installments Parttime: 2100 , 350 per semester Organization The program is organized around modules (courses) comprising of theoretical and laboratory work which in the first two semesters (4 semesters for part-time) The final semester is devoted to a research-oriented thesis on a competitive subject
  6. 6. Organization (Full time) One compulsory Project Management and Research Methodologies + three (3) electives from Semantic Web Embedded Systems Advanced Software Engineering Computer Networks Applied Mathematics Computational Intelligence Advanced Multimedia Technologies Usability Engineering Third semester (Thesis) = 30 ECTS 1st semester (4 x 7,5 ECTS) + three (3) electives from Multicore Architectures Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence Network Security Wireless Networks Advanced Topics in Antennas and Wireless Propagation and Measurements Realisitic Multimedia and Animation Distributed Systems and Applications Advances digital imaging , computer vision Computer-Supported Collaboration Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Education 2nd semester (4 x 7,5 ECTS) One compulsory Data Structures and Algorithms
  7. 7. Candidates Current plans 40 candidates per academic year + scholarships 30 full time 10 part time Applicant profile Graduates from Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering, or equivalent from a recognized higher education institution English language
  8. 8. Application form Requirements Application (available from the Secretariat of the Department of Informatics Engineering) Curriculum Vitae including among other things: Copies of higher education degrees (or equivalent degrees acquired in a foreign institution) Degree supplement indicating course requirements and the applicant's performance Foreign language certificates (especially English) Brief memorandum of research including: Summary of undergraduate diploma thesis or final year dissertation (if required for the first degree) Areas of scientific and/or research interests and reasons for undertaking postgraduate studies Work experience in industry, academia or research institutions (if any) List of publications (if any) Supplementary material (recommendation letters, photos, Id)
  9. 9. Why should you apply State of the art facilitating theoretical preparation, skills and competences applicable in industry, commerce and research settings Flexible allowing candidates to choose from several courses and modules to compile a program of study that best suits their requirements Comprehensive focusing on topics of current and emerging interest and aiming to provide a range of knowledge and transferable skills Competitive aiming to strengthen ties with research laboratories, academic departments and research institutions across Europe Self-reliant capitalizing on resources, staff and research labs of the Department of Informatics Engineering
  10. 10. Further information http://www.epp.teicrete.gr/msc/