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  1. 1. Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1568) . , .
  2. 2. The soup kitchen Thursday 10th July 1789, The weather is getting colder and colder. At the soup- kitchen, the smell of the filthy bodies combined with the smell of the hot soup has grown on me. Hundreds of people are fighting for their rights in order to defend their values And here I am old, homeless, hopeless, with hair greyer than the clouds. Passion of freedom has never stopped running through my vains, though. Jules Constantina Georgilaki Olga Soultanouda
  3. 3. Pierre August Renoir (1841-1919) . , . .
  4. 4. The wedding reception Thursday 10th July 1789 The wedding today was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone was so happy and the event seemed flawless. Yet, it was not. Some of the guests had the nerve to bring up the whole revolution subject. I cannot really believe that these egoists want to start a revolution and dethrone the king. It is appalling. My dad, on the other hand is a bit anxious but I do not understand why. They cannot even harm us. They are useless and totally overestimated Katrine Constantina Georgilaki Olga Soultanouda Garyfalia Drakopoulou
  5. 5. George Grosz, 1893- 1959 , 1926. . , ( ) , .
  6. 6. Power I am about to reach a dead end. The rebels are multiplying and rising up. The aristocrats are trying to keep their reputation and are forcing me to stop the rebellion. All I want is power. I do not want to lose all the power I have had all these years. It feels so good to be powerful and have control over the masses. Luis XVI King of France Constantina Georgilaki Olga Soultanouda
  7. 7. El Greco (1586-8) 2 : . . . , , .
  8. 8. The funeral of a well- respected person It was a very happy day for Juan Marcos Garcia as he was celebrating his daughter's wedding. He was happily drinking a glass of his favourite wine, when his heart abandoned him. The painter, who was a close friend of the count, felt extremely sad and lonely, so he decided to paint the moment of his friend's funeral, to serve as a reminder of his friend's good, willing and dear heart Panayiotis Makris Kosmas Kofinas
  9. 9. -- (1791-1824) 1819 491 x 716 . . 149 15 . , 15 .
  10. 10. The shipwreck . Enormous waves hit the boat and forced it to change direction. The boat drifted away and suddenly was crushed into huge rock. It broke into pieces as if it was made of glass. The ones who survived jumped on a wooden raft to save themselves. They tried waving a piece of white fabric so as to be seen A couple of hours later and after endless efforts in vain to survive, nobody made it till the end Sofia Kloutsou Melpo Ladopoulou
  11. 11. Gustave Courbet ' , , , . : .
  12. 12. The Survival Game Throughout their lives, they had to rummage through the dustbins or beg for food, and sometimes they had to steal in order to buy a loaf of bread or a handful of flour. When luck was their ally, the flour that was gathered by the mother, was sieved, kneaded and baked in a pit. On those days, the hut was teemed with joy, as the children used to sing and dance Ilektra Retzika
  13. 13. (1832-1904) . . , , ".
  14. 14. Christmas Carols It is early in the morning. The moon is still in the sky. At the crack of dawn the day light is still dim. Despite the chill, the poor neighbourhood is full of childrens voices . Its a great day for everyone . Christmas Eve is one of the happiest days of the year full of joy , laughing and the singing of Christmas Carols George Kalpaxis Chris Giounis
  15. 15. Edward Hopper (1882-1967) Nighthawks, 1942 , , . , , .
  16. 16. The red scarf The detective had just finished with collecting clues from a crime scene and went to his favourite caf to think about the murder case. While he was sipping on his drink, he saw a young lady wearing a red dress and instantly remembered the red scarf he had seen while searching for clues in the house Stelios Afentakis Demosthenis Ploumitsakos Nikos Pothoulakis The singer Constance was screaming Johns name as the two men were dragging her into the car . They soon vanished into thin air. John, who was lying wounded on the floor, crawled outside the diner and shouted as loud as he could: I will find you Constance, trust me Angie Chrysafi Konstantina Vogiatzoglou
  17. 17. Marc Chagall 1887-1985 Chagall -, . , Bella. Bella , Chagall. , .
  18. 18. To live is to die To live is to die. Right? At least that is what we have been told. My name is Brian Reiss, an illegitimate child from the preeminent Reiss family The creature then stood up and knocked the painting down, bidding us farewell, and disappearing into nothing but a memory. When one of the forensics team went through the plexiglass wall, picked the painting up and presented it to the rest of us, life and death were now holding hands. None of us knew what to say, or how to react, all we did was stare at the painting, knowing nothing, having - assumed- knowledge about life and death crumble before our eyes. Yet there was something, everyone who witnessed this, now knew for sure. Whoever that soul was, it was the kindest of all souls. Kostas Polias