Δημοτική Πινακοθήκη Μυκόνου - Καλοκαίρι 2014

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Επισυνάπτεται το συνολικό πρόγραμμα: Καλοκαίρι 2014

Transcript of Δημοτική Πινακοθήκη Μυκόνου - Καλοκαίρι 2014

AHMOTIKHHINAKOOHKHMYKONOYMAPIA IIIAEEHMUNICIPALART GALLERYOF MYKONOSMARIA IGLESIKAAOKAIPISUMMER2014[] lo. o:v =,.: |u:u, :u /uou .u .J,!. :u =uo:'/ :.v.,', oJ:. vu |uv:uoJv o:o/o|'vu |. |u o=u:u/ x,.|u:.v.|. |u =.,ooo:.,o =,oo..:. |u:u o:o !oo :o uJo:,u /:o, .//v.o :o=!o .u:u : =,.v' .u ou!:.,u : .,. :oJ o./voJ,o:uv o /o |u/u..v. .u o.v oo=.o.v. o=. :o |.o|', :|o,|. .u :u x,.|u:u, cu |u =.!o. =. =,u,|u: .u:u =u,uooo :,o=o J=u,x. |u /: x/o o:o x,.|u (u |oJ oJ,x.,.c.! :o oJ|.,o): :o |.v..o!, :o =o,:o.u/!, :o =,uovo, :o .!:,vo :o .o..vo, :o ,u/uo oJ|=/'.ov:u .u oJvc':oJv |oJo.' u,|ov!. u=!o:.J:oJ .u//oJ o. , .u oJ,uvo. u,:J |oJ o c.o =. :':ou .!vu :u x,.|u:u =oJ ,/'=. .uc. u=o,.J|u u=o :ov ..o: :oJ o=:oJ |oJ .u:u : |.,u :oJ ToJ.vu : Tvo, :u !ou ',/.=. .u .,,u|. ..v.,', u=o :ov o.o : ..o:. AJ:', u.,,., : u,|ov!. .u:u|',v.oJ:. vu u=oo.o. o:oJ =!vu.' :, o:u o. ox'ou : |. |./uv .u |o/J, .!vu =uv:o:. =u,oJouoo,,o=!u :oJ :o=!oJ .u.J,'v.u : |o,|u :.v u,x:..:ov|u:.v :oJ []o. |o,' o =,u. |u oJvoo.Jov:u u=o =o!o o.v |=o,oJv =u,u vu 'xoJv u/c.u |'ou :oJ. u.,,u|. : oJ:. 'x. =o!o, o/uo 'x. u/c.u. .,,u|o .,,u|!. ouv =o:,u .u ,,u|. ouv .,,u|o.H MYKONOE THE ZENEBIEB KOYTD(1925-2013)It has been quite a few years since Genevive Couteau, the distinguished French painter, departed from my native place, theisland of Mykonos, Greece, deciding to live ever a=er in her beloved Clisson, France.In spite of that, Mykonos has never stopped being the painters Greek Muse in her work. Couteaus presence on the island as a brilliant painter with a deep personal seal, and as a gentle and graceful person is alive among the people of Mykonos. Her art, inspired by the beauties and light of the island and the authenticity of its people, all transformed into a dream pastiche of colours and shapes, is a testimony of a very creative passing from our place and at the same time it is a proof for a reciprocal love.Apart from being a remarkable artist, who has dedicated her life toher art with an assiduous and ery devotion, Genevive Couteau is also a charming and most lovable personality whose kindness and generosity everyone has felt. Her paintings enrich our Greek homes and museums, and her moving illustrations enhance my books of poetry. Even the emblem of the Municipality of Mykonos sketched by her own hand (Apollos laurel-crowned head whose birthplace is the neighbouring sacred island of Delos), as well as innumerable cherished memories shared by each one of us speak of the painters happy and prolic stay on our island.All that reminds and will remind us in the years to come the poetics of her painting and how lucky we were to have such a great artist beside us for a very long time (summers of c. 1960 to 2005);in return it will reassure the painter herself for my fellow-citizens great esteem, tenacious admiration and enduring love for herand her Art.[Text written by Panaytis Kousathans for G. Couteaus exhibition Rapport de la posie et de la peinture, Nantes, France, 2011]u =u/ :o |uv:uo|u :oJ ,u:oJ: ut pictura. Av o .,,u: : |oJo. o,u|u:!.:u |u |oJo. uvc,.=o::u .u o =o: |u =o:., :o o,u|u : .v.,', oJ:. :o o!x. u//o .!vu 'vu .,,u|.o o,u|u, u=o o=oJ 'x. .u/.|c.! :o .u.o =oJ o..=u. :ov .oo|o .u, .!vu ,.|u: |. o|o,|u ox'ou .u x,.|u:u, ouv 'vu =uo.o :.:,uoo xvo,,u|!u.[Anccnucu k:::vct rct |uvu:r( |ctcucuv unc rc 5:5/c r( Genevive Couteau, Itinraire, Imprimerie Chi[oleau, Nantes 2000]GENEVIVE COUTEAUS GREEK MUSE(1925-2013)AI00A MAT0lIANNIMATOGIANNI GALLERYLUIS OROZCO KATEPINA AAMIANAKOY ./uo,,u|!. |::. ::: |//;v EYIENIA XANIDTH |.:o,,u|!u |::. .: A::EHYPOE KONTOYAHE oJvc.o |. uvu.J./.o|u |':u//u .u |cu,|'vu J/u Av:: :==:1-1011-2021-30LUIS OROZCOKATERINA DAMIANAKOU oil paintingKaiki. The prideof the Greek shermanEVGENIA CHANIOTI photography Visions of the AegeanSPIROS CONTOULIS composition with recycled metal and dri=wood Immortal horsesI0NI0 JUNELuis OrozcoAI00A lA^0llPAKALOGERA GALLERYHHNEAOHH IATEA |..: :.xv. & .o/u|:v ,. : KATEPINA MAPABEAH |..: :.xv.7 :/: .. = :;v : |//c AIIEAIKH MHPIENOBAAH u.,J/.u, |..: :.xv. |//;v:; l:.; & v.=1-1011-2021-30PENELOPE GATSAS mixed media & collage The light of MykonosCATERINA MARAVELI mixed media 7 circles from Ancient GreeceANGELA BRISNOVALI (the visual art context) acrylic, mixed mediaMan & Greek NatureI0NI0 JUNEA./:; |=:.v,/; / Angela BrisnovaliAI00A MAT0lIANNIMATOGIANNI GALLERYEIKAETIKO AIEPDMA 2014: H MYKONOE THE GENEVIVE COUTEAU.Jvoo,,uv.o: /A .u b,/oc. uvu,.: oJoucuvu - /|o:. :', ./': o/:o|oJ.u u,uooo EYPOEYNH XAMHAKH irrn rxvirn Av.=-,;: HPAKAHE OBAKHE .,,u|.|v /.:11-2021-31TRIBUTE EXHIBITION 2014: GENEVIVE COUTEAUS MYKONOSCo-organization: KDEPPAM and The Panayotis Kousathan as Library - Municipal Benet Foundation for Cultureand Tradition FOFI CHAMPAKI mixed media Human Graphs IRAKLIS FOVAKIS paintingEn lefcoI0^I0 JULY1-10|/; l,; / Iraklis FovakisAI00A lA^0llPAKALOGERA GALLERYEOIA IATANHAEDNH IIAIAZOIAOY IIDPIOE EYPIIAEHANOE AHEPIHE .,,u|., ..,u|., .oo||u & fashion designTogether MAPIA +APIANOY BAEIAEIOE DTEEINOE .oo||u & ..uo:.' .,.u:uo:uo.:v//;/: OANIA EAMIDTAKH x.,o=o!:u |.:o:.u Lights on1-1011-2021-31SOPHIA GAITANILEONIE YAGDJOGLOUGIORGOS SYRIGASPANOS APERGIS painting, ceramics, jewelry& fashion design Together MARIA PSARIANOU VASILIS FOTSEINOS jewelry & gurativeartwork SynalleliaTHANIA SAMIOTAKI handmade lampsLights onI0^I0 JULYJv: :.:; / Thania SamiotakiAI00A MAT0lIANNIMATOGIANNI GALLERYGERGANA ROHNERPop Art :v; Av.vv;.; MAPIA IOPENTINOY xiponolnrn roJr/o NIKOE HAHAIEDPIIOY-EIAEPHE |..: :.xv.A;v - |//c11-2021-31GERGANA ROHNER Pop ArtContemporary RenaissanceMARIA FIORENTINOS bendy dolls NIKOS PAPAGEORGIOU- SIDERIS mixed media Athens - GreeceAl0T0 AUGUST1-10Gergana RohnerAI00A lA^0llPAKALOGERA GALLERYPAOLO PARENTE .,,u|.Mediterranean KDNETANTINOE HAYAIAHE ,/J=:. |. J/o & .,,u|. Reconstructing the material MAKHE MDPAKHE AAE2ANAPA XAPMHAAH |.:o,,u|!u |. .,,u|. /;/ .. = : ::.v =:c::1-1011-2021-31PAOLO PARENTE paintingMediterraneanKOSTANTINOS PAVLIDISsculpture on wood &painting artwork Reconstructing the materialMAKIS MORAKISALEXANDRA HARBALIphotography and painting Delos through the eyesof a childAl0T0 AUGUSTPaolo ParenteTO MYKONIATIKO YANTO.c.o :oJ o/:o:.oJ .u ^uo,,u|.oJ J//o,oJ Jvu..v J.ovoJ o. oJv.,,uo!u |. :v .,|',.u No:!oJ A,u!oJ u=o 25 AJ,oJo:oJ '. 15 .=:.|,,!oJ. u,u/// /.:oJ,,!u .,,uo:,!oJ o:v u!coJou : /A o:v ooo uvux,uv:oJ (16/8 '. 20/09).THE MYKONIAN WOVEN TEXTILEExhibition organized by The women Association of Mykonosin co-operation with the Region of South Aegean from 25th of August until the 15th of September. Parallel operation of woven textiles workshop at the KDEPPAMs space at Panahrantou street (16/8 to 20/9)AI00A MAT0lIANNIMATOGIANNI GALLERYAHOETOAOE NTINAE |..: .,,u|. & ,/J=:. v.=: - . NIKOE KAAAHE ,/J=:.|/:=: .:; |:v MONIKA AEPHAHA MIXAAHE AEPHAHAE RICHARD JAMES NORTH KEN RICHARDS .,,u|. & |o.:u1-1011-2021-30APOSTOLOS NTINASmixed media & sculpture Humans - AnimalsNIKOS KLADISsculpture Sculpture at MykonosMONIKA DERPAPAS, MICHAEL DERPAPAS, RICHARD JAMES NORTH, KEN RICHARDSoil-acrylic & mosaicllTlMLPI0 SEPTEMBER|v: /.== / Monika DerpapasAI00A lA^0llPAKALOGERA GALLERYMAIAAAHNH EAKEAAPIAH .,,u|., x.,o=o!: .u:uo..J & ,/J=:... & .v; EIPHNH EYPIANOY NIKOE MHENOE HAAMEP KATELIJNE LEEMANS APTEMHE IEAANAAAHE |o.:o & |u,|u,o,/J=:. .::v. |::. TZDPTZHE TATAYAAAHE .o/uJunk food1-1011-2021-30MAGDALINI SAKELARIDI painting, handmade constructions & sculpture Color & ArtIRENE SYRIANOU NIKOS BENOS PALMER KATELIJNE LEEMANS ARTEMIS GELANDALIS mosaic & marble sculpture Glimpses of StoneTZORTZIS TATAVLALIS collageJunk foodllTlMLPI0 SEPTEMBER.:; :://; / Tzortzis TatavlalisAI00A MAT0lIANNIMATOGIANNI GALLERYAHMHTPA NAZOYMAPIAPITA KONTOY .,,u|., .oo||u& .oJ./u EIPHNH MONOIYIOYEAENH HAOYMIETOY ./uo,,u|!. =: LUCA ROBERTO |.:o,,u|!u1-1011-2021-31DIMITRA NAZOU MARGARITA KONTOUpainting, handmade jewelry & dolls IRINI MONOGIOUELENI PLOUMISTOUoil paintingsLandscapesLUCA ROBERTOphotography0lTtLPI0 OCTOBERLuca RobertoAI00A lA^0llPAKALOGERA GALLERYANNA EYNOAINOY ..,u|.ustoneware JAZI RUKAI u,o,,u|!u IGOR ROSSET o=:.uA= :;v .:/:.: :; |:v1-1011-2021-31ANNA SYNODINOUceramicsstonewareJAZI RUKAIiconsIGOR ROSSEToptica classicoFrom Italyto Mykonos0lTtLPI0 OCTOBERIgor Rosset/;::; :v;; |:v: |: ./..;Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos Maria IglesiTo xrnpto nou orcyo(ct rn Anportxn HtvoxoOnxn, xrtopcvo oro ocrcpo ptoo rou 19ou otdvo, oupnOnxc oro Anpo Muxovou ono rnv otxoycvcto Iyy/con yto rn /ctroupylo rou npdrou rn onpootou torpclou, ro onolo /ctropynoc yto ro oxono ouro ncplnouyto ptoo otdvo.Lro tooycto orcyoornxc yto xonoto xpovton Anportxn Btp/toOnxn Muxovou xot opyorcpo orov loto xdpo cxlvnoc n /ctroupylo rn Anportxn HtvoxoOnxn Muxovou, onou t/ocvovrot pcxpt onpcpo ctxoortxc cxOcoct E//nvuv xot cvuv xo//trcxvdv.The building, which houses the Municipal Art Gallery, built during the second half of the 19th century, was donated to the Municipality of Mykonos by the Iglesi family in order to be the rst public clinic. It operated as such for approximately halfa century.The rst Public Library of Mykonos was situated on the ground for several years. Later this space became the Municipal Art Galleryof Mykonos, which hosts exhibitionsof Greek and foreign artists to this day.AHMOTKHHNAKOOHKHMYKONOYMAPA IIAIlHMUNICIPALART GALLERYOF MYKONOSMARIA IGLESIT: +30 22890 27190F: +30 22890 27192e-mail: [email protected] 2846 00 MJrovoKDEPPAM2, Panachrantou str.846 00 Mykonoswww.h2concept.grTAXIMATOGIANNI STR.MATOGIANNI STR.KALOGERA STR. KALOGERA STR.BANKMUNI CI PALART GALLERYM Y K O N O S