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  • OLGA KEFALOGIANNIMinister of Tourism

    ANDREAS ANDREADISPresident of the Association

    of Greek Tourism Enterprises

    ANDONIS V. CAMBOURAKISPresident of the Rodos

    Hotel Association

    GEORGE A. TSAKIRISPresident of the Hellenic

    Chamber of Hotels

    PANOS LEIVADASSecretary General

    Greek National Tourism Organisation


    A N N U A L E D I T I O N F O R W T M 2 0 1 3 & C O N F E X 2 0 1 4

    Live the wedding of your dreams in Rodos

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  • TUI Hellas is a subsidiary of TUI Travel PLC, one of the worlds leading international leisure travel groups, operating in approximately 180 countries worldwide. It serves more than 30 million customers in

    over 31 source markets. Headquartered in the UK, the Group employs approximately 54,000 people and operates a pan-European airline group consisting of 141 aircraft.

    TUI Hellas has been operating in Greece for over 50 years and today is the leading tourism company in the country. It serves over 1,8 million customers from more than 20 source markets. It offers services across the entire value chain of tourism, such as transfers, excursions, services for international cruise operators, airline services, congresses & events as well as customized tailor made products, aiming at making travel experiences special.

    :LWK D FRPSOHWHQHWZRUNRI EUDQFKRIFHV HTXLSSHGZLWK WKH ODWHVWtechnology and with highly experienced and knowledgeable people, TUI Hellas provides upscale quality services, always with the TUI smile.

    TUI Hellas Making Travel Experiences Special


  • Olga Kefalogianni

    Minister of Tourism

    ay by day Greek tourism conquers the posi-

    tion it deserves on the international tourist

    map. We carry on with this attempt through

    initiatives, activities and co-coordinated

    actions with the various market bodies.

    We are focusing on infrastructure, on the qualitative upgrade,

    on the even higher-standard provision of services and on the

    development of special forms of tourism.

    We highlight the various areas of the country in collaboration with

    the decentralized administration and we keep in touch with all

    the big overseas markets, of course. Great Britain has always

    been one of the best supporters of Greek tourism. The British

    are among the top visitors of the country. They love Greece, they

    are aware of what it has to offer and I reckon that they notice the

    progress Greece is making, which gradually moves beyond the

    borders of tourism and extends in other fields as well. WTC is

    a major tourist event. We are participating as we do every year.

    We are in contact with all the tourism-related agents.

    This year, however, there is a difference. We have advanced

    significantly, we have gained the ground we lost and we are

    counting a significant increase in arrivals and revenue. We are

    certain that Greek tourism is moving on to another era. Today

    we are even more hard-working aiming at the improvement of

    the field and that of the Greek economy.

  • reece is one of the worlds most popular

    tourism destinations and its Brand Identity

    remains among the strongest in the world.

    Statistics so far, depicting the tourist flow

    towards Greece, prove that our competitive

    advantage, authenticity, is truly invincible.

    Greeces naturally blessed sceneries, in combination with mod-

    ern tourism infrastructure, attracted millions of tourists in 2013.

    A lot of loyal visitors choose Greece as their holiday destination,

    while new friends get enthusiastic and become repeaters.

    The Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Orga-

    nization do study all these positive trends that take place in a

    volatile economic situation evolving in Europe. Tourism is one

    of the most sensitive sectors, directly correlated with the major

    social and financial circumstances.

    With caution and thoughtfulness, a necessary strategy for the

    years to come is being built. We all have to be pro-active and use

    all our strengths and means to add value to the most exposed

    asset of the Greek Economy, Tourism.

    GNTOs participation in WTM 2013, in collaboration with our

    exceptional co-exhibitors from the Greek tourism private and

    public sector, aims to reinforce our reputation to the European

    and global market and sustain the competitiveness of Greeces

    Brand Name. Santorini, celebrating the Year of Gastrono-

    my and the Region of Attica, will be highlighted in this years

    GNTOs stand.

    As GNTOs Secretary General, I am committed to the common

    cause and I am honored to be part of a dynamic effort that aims

    to achieving these goals and upgrade both our Tourism product

    and our Brand Name.

    Secretary General Greek National Tourism Organisation

    Panos Leivadas

  • Georgios Tsakiris

    President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

    013 was an exceptional year for Greek Tourism.

    More than 17 million visitors spent their holidays

    in Greece. It is true that our country functioned more

    efficiently and consequently it is in a much bet-

    ter position this year than last year- in terms of

    tourism- as regards its international image as a

    tourist attraction. At the same time, everyone in Greece acknowl-

    edges that tourism is that sector of the economy and an activity

    that can support the national economy and pull the country out

    of the crisis, which will have a particularly positive effect on the

    tourist product provided.

    This year Greece offered its visitors significant experiences

    through several different enriched products, which made their

    stay in the country enjoyable.

    At the same time, our country, in an international tourist envi-

    ronment of tough competition, offers a particularly upgraded

    product in terms of services and hotel infrastructure, in an atmo-

    sphere of certainty for the safe and unhindered completion of

    our visitors holidays..

    Bearing this in mind, I consider this year to have been an excep-

    tionally successful tourist year, which creates well-founded hope

    to all of us for the continuation of a good course in 2014 as well.

    We expect to be offering our services to even more visitors with

    the same consistency and steady quality.

  • President of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises

    Andreas Andreadis

    year ago, our country, then trapped in a dual

    pre-election process, was essentially fin-

    ished as part of the Euro zone. The markets

    considered Grexit a given fact, the Greek

    people looked on in horror, expecting the

    worst, the global community had isolated us, and tourist reserva-

    tions had frozen. Riot images were bombarding the international

    media and Greece had a severe image crisis to deal with. Today,

    the landscape has changed. The 2013 tourism season will appar-

    ently break all the records reaching 17.5 million international visi-

    tors and 11.5 billion international receipts.

    It is a fact that the tourism sector is growing faster than the rest

    of the Greek economy. According to the World Travel and Tourism

    Council, for the last decade we are traveling with an increase of

    4,4%, as far as the tourism GVA is concerned, when the total Greek

    GVA is increased by 3,9% the same period. Our direct contribution to

    GDP is 8% and if we add the indirect contribution, during 2012, tour-

    ism sector contributed to a total 16.5% at GDP and 18.5% to employ-

    ment. Following McKinseys Greece 10 years ahead report, by

    2021, Greece may grow by 59%, adding 49 billion in todays GVA.

    Tourism sector will contribute with 37% of that growth giving 18

    billion to the total.

    These figures and estimations are making us optimistic that our

    sector has a great future ahead of us. A future that should have a

    clear vision and a thorough designed strategy. The key objective

    remains to be able to respond to the necessary levels of safety,

    sanitation and services, in order to lay the groundwork for con-

    tinuous progress.

  • ear Visitor and Friend,

    Greek tourism has its queen and that is Rho-


    We have been welcoming millions of visitors

    from all over the world on this unique island for

    many years.

    Our number one visitors are our friends from the United Kingdom and

    they give us the opportunity to give then a warm welcome, to know them

    in person so well that they call us by our first name.

    The queen of Greek tourism and the United Kingdom have built a relation-

    ship of trust. Because they all know that their holidays in Rhodes is for us

    a personal bet that we wish to win every year, every single day.

    Every visitor is also a unique friend and we work all year round to make sure

    we give him what he desires: the experience of enjoying the queen!

    The magical scenery, the crystal-blue waters of the Aegean, our rich cul-

    tural heritage, the ultramodern tourist and hotel facilities and the experi-

    enced people and professionals in the field, can guarantee that your stay

    is going to be truly special and unforgettable.

    All this is a really remarkable and economical quality-price relation that

    makes the beauty and luxury